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  1. cbacon

    iTunes on PC

    Paying for digital music (in non CD form) is ridiculous. Might as well just buy the album
  2. cbacon

    How many people ...

    Who played?
  3. cbacon

    How many people ...

  4. cbacon

    Greatest wrestling quotes ever?

    Wow, I remember that . Why were they breaking kayfabe again? Hahahahha. Oh man, I need a clip of that One of my all-time favourites: VINCE: "Bret Hart...you gotta be terribly frustrated...extremely frustrated over what has just happend" *Bret pushes Vince to the floor* BRET: "Frustrated isn't the god damn word for it! This is BULLSHIT! You screwed me, everybody screwed me! And nobody does a god damn thing about it! Nobody cares, nobody in the building cares, nobody in the dressing room cares, so much god damn injustice around here i've had it up to here! Everybody knows it, I know it, everybody knows it , I should be the World Wrestling Federation champion ! Everybody just keeps turning a blind eye, you keep turning a blind eye to it, i've got that Gorilla Monsoon - he turns a blind eye to it ! Everyone in that god damn dressing room knows i'm the best there is, the best there was , and the best there ever will be! And if you don't like it, tough shit! - Bret Hart after losing to Sid in a cage match on RAW, March 1997 Testify Bret.
  5. cbacon

    Stu Hart dies

    I thought Stampede was still running today. Dosen't Harry Smith and other Hart family members wrestle there?
  6. cbacon

    Stu Hart dies

    when/where was that picture taken?
  7. cbacon

    I just saw Radiohead live.........

    unfortunately no, we arrived too late. Damn GO trains I tells ya
  8. cbacon

    I just saw Radiohead live.........

    Fan-fucking-tastic. The stage, lighting, band enthusiasim and crowd interaction was unbelievable. 23 brilliant songs, and there's a dozen more they could have played. Near the end of the set I was worrying that they wern't going to play Karma Police since they didn't at one of the MSG shows. Thankfully they did, with everyone singing "For a minute there, I lost myself" at the end. Beautiful. It was painful sitting in the 200 level though, wishing we were on the floor. My friend got some decent pictures and some short video clips though. They NEED to release a live DVD to recreate such an experience. They played most of HTTT, which I didn't mind, cause i've probably listened to that more than OK Computer, and all of the songs were pulled off incredibly. Glad to see you had an equally awesome time Curry Setlist: The Gloaming There There 2+2=5 Backdrifts WIEAYB My Iron Lung Myxomatosis Paranoid Android Sail to the moon Kid A Scatterbrain Climbing up the walls Like Spinning Plates Idioteque Go to sleep Fake Plastic Trees Sit down. Stand Up ENCORE 1 You And Whose Army? National Anthem Punch Up How to disappear completely ENCORE 2 Karma Police Everything in it's right place
  9. cbacon

    WWE Tries To Resign RVD

    This shouldn't be some sort of compensation since RVD should be well past the IC division. If they wanted to appease him, he should be in the main event mix and given more match time. If not, then he'd be better suited in TNA. He'd have a better role TNA, but we won;t see him as often till TNA get a TV deal so i'd rather have him sign with Vince and see where it goes from there
  10. cbacon

    Flair DVD Matches Announced

    How/When/Where DID Flair regain the title from Savage?
  11. cbacon

    What WWE Pay Per Views have you Skipped?

    All except: Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Vengeance and Summerslam. Oh, and I guess parts of Backlash. I only actually ordered WrestleMania though, like I do every year.
  12. cbacon

    What were some concert events you attended

    You forgot Tea Party! The best show's i've seen have been this year actually: Oct 1 2003: Hawksley Workman. My first time seeing Hawksley live and surely not my last after that show. It was perhaps the most unique performances i've ever seen. Hawksley's eccentric stage presence made the show all the more better and he really seemed touch from the crowd response. Sep 26 2003: Holly McNarland. 4th Holly show, but this was a live DVD shoot, as was evident by her incredible performance including her cover of "In The Air Tonight" which is probably my favourite cover song of all time. The camera panned on us several times so I definetly got some decent airtime on that DVD Sep 17 2003: Fuel. I didn't hear about the show till the day of. Really bad promotion job, but I guess it made the show all the more better due to the intimate feel. Awesome performance 1999-2003: All ten Matthew Good/Matthew Good Band shows. Natually, he's my favourite artist and he never fails to dissapoint. 1996: Bryan Adams. My first concert so it has sentimental value. He played his old stuff so it was an awesome show overall. Oh, and tonight i'll be seeing Radiohead!
  13. cbacon

    Two questions about Austin

    If Trips never turned we never would have got Jericho/Benoit vs. Austin/HHH
  14. cbacon

    Stuff from Observer

    If it's Orton/HHH at WrestleMania, i'm selling my tickets
  15. Does anyone remember what Cornette specifically said in regards to WCW and the nWo during his shoot on RAW in 97 (or maybe it was 96)? Edit: this should be in Old School. Sorry.
  16. cbacon

    The Playlist Connection

    Excellent. I have them somewhere in my demo section, but haven't really given them a lesson yet. Hey, where are your seats for tomorrow's Radiohead show? I'll be there too
  17. cbacon

    Flair DVD Matches Announced

    Considering its a 3 disc set, there's still a possibility of Flair/Savage and others being on there
  18. cbacon

    When did WWE...

    [mr burns]Excellent [/mr burns]
  19. cbacon

    When did WWE...

    Ahh man, I was looking forward to watching that again when I picked up the DVD somtime this month
  20. cbacon

    Flair DVD Matches Announced

    Flair and Vader eh? Who was the face?
  21. cbacon

    Jarrett attacks Hogan in Japan

    I was under the impression that there was legit heat between Hogan/Jarrett from the WCW days. And how does Russo fit into the equation? Was BATB 2000 a work?
  22. cbacon

    Transformers Season 3

    Anyone planning to pick this up? I still have to get both parts of Season 2 (why are they seperate parts anway?). IIRC, Season 3 leads up to the movie correct?
  23. cbacon

    Worst. Band. EVER. Thread

    Simple Plan.
  24. cbacon

    The Playlist Connection

    Indeed. The demo's are really hit or miss. I still have to get around to burning and listening to all of them though . I really dig Last of the Ghetto Astronauts (the song) and The Bombmaker though