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  1. cbacon

    Official Preview...

    Oh, ok. I was referring to this picture as it seems Raven has been completely shaven:
  2. cbacon

    Official Preview...

    Has the show already been taped? Cause im looking at pictures on the TNA site, which appears to show the end result of the hair vs. hair match
  3. cbacon

    Family Guy: The Movie!

    FOX has put up the site Stewie for Governor And there's an indepth interview with Seth regarding the movie on Cinescape.com The signs are all there! I smell season renewal
  4. cbacon

    TNA fails to impress

    I loved the Raven/Douglas stuff. The Gathering vs. New Church angle is the only angle i've really been interested in since in a LONG time. It's a shame Alexis will be leaving soon
  5. cbacon

    Hawksley Workman

    Did anyone pick up his new album today? Or know who he is even? He's somehwhat big here in Canada and has a decent following in Europe. One of the most unique and talented artists i've heard, as is reflected in the new album. The sound ranges from clever pop-rock anthems, the U2-esque first single "Anger as Beauty" and he even mixes in a bit of hip-hop in "Smoke Baby". This has the potential to unseat Matt Good's "Avalanche" as album of the year. We'll see Hawksley Workman
  6. cbacon

    The One and Only Smackdown! HCTP Thread

    Wow. That last Goldberg pic is pretty damn realistic
  7. cbacon

    Vote for Andrew W.K. at MTV.com

    MTV have playlists?
  8. cbacon

    nWo DVD Extras

    It's worth it for nostalgia purposes. Especially the hidden easter egg promos
  9. cbacon

    The NWO in 2002

    WWF/nWo vs. WCW. Damn, it practically writes itself
  10. cbacon

    SmackDown House Show

    .....the hell???
  11. cbacon

    PWI 500 2003

    I haven't picked up a copy of PWI in years. I think i;ll get this issue at work today for kicks
  12. cbacon

    WWE House Show Card...

    Ahhhhh where's Ultimo?
  13. cbacon


  14. cbacon

    Most overrated band?

    Inspired by a thread about the Hip on another board. Gotta go with the Hip though on this one, i dont see the appeal at all
  15. cbacon

    WrestleMania XIX.....

    Only 5 arenas? and 45 Wrestlers? And ghey storyline modes? Jeez, you'd think with these next-generation consoles they'd be making improvements in these areas instead of taking steps backwards. I;ll rent this one and consider buying SD5 should i have a PS2 then
  16. cbacon

    Wm XX Pre- Sale ticket info

    Question: If i have an account with ticketmaster.ca (Canadian version) will it still work for ordering tickets off ticketmaster.com?
  17. cbacon

    Wm XX Pre- Sale ticket info

    It should be posted here.....i mean the more Smarks at WrestleMania the better...... right?
  18. cbacon

    Reading & Leeds festival....

    England has emo kids?
  19. Good idea in theory, but you can't have a 30 man rumble with just RAW guys.
  20. Shiiiiiiit i purchased a shirt before reading that the seller would only ship to US ( I live in Canada)
  21. [Mr. Burns voice] Excellent. [/Mr. Burns] What i don't understand is why so many people bet on Jericho going over, i mean i would have loved to have seen it, but was there some other sort of logic behind this besides wishful thinking?