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  1. cbacon

    Title changes at house shows

    In moderation yes, say 3 or 4 times a year
  2. cbacon

    Long Term Mania Booking...

    Austin/Bret was actually the planned ME for WMXIV before the Screwjob
  3. $250- Kane $200 - Shane $200 - Eddie Guerrero
  4. cbacon

    WrestleMania XX Tickets

    From 411: The internet presale for Wrestlemania tickets is scheduled for 09.26. Out of the 18,000 or so tickets for the event at MSG in New York, most will be put up for sale as part of this presale, with only a few left for the official onsale for phone and ticket locations. Shit, i was hoping i;d have more time to save up. Does anyone have any idea how the presale will work? I;m assuming there'll be a password, but how are those made available?
  5. cbacon

    WrestleMania XIX.....

    No roster split? Thats inexcusable
  6. So where does Ultimo go from here? Dark matches and Velocity till his contract expires?
  7. cbacon

    The One and Only When Do You Begin School Thread

    Starting 2nd year at the University of Toronto (Mississauga Campus) on either September 8th or 9th. I still don't know...
  8. cbacon

    Converting streaming audio into mp3?

    Success! Thanks alot BravesFan!
  9. Theres a song on pickthehits.com that i want to convert into mp3. It's streaming audio using Windows Media Player. I'd like to get it before they take it off...
  10. cbacon

    Converting streaming audio into mp3?

    I tried using River Past Audio but whenever i finished recording and played it back in WinAmp, there'd be no sound. Do you have any idea what the problem may be?
  11. cbacon

    Most overrated band?

    The Hip are highly overrated in Canada. They are praised as the be all and end all of all rock bands, but i find they're music bland and Gord Downie's voice to be irritating.
  12. cbacon

    Favourite male singers.

    Favourite would be Matthew Good. Other notables include: Hawksley Workman Gregg Alexander (New Radicals) Todd Kerns (Static in Stereo, Age of Electric) Jeff Martin (Tea Party) John Rzeznik ( Goo Goo Dolls) Sammy Hagar (Van Halen) Freddie Mercury (Queen)
  13. cbacon

    Power outages reported in Northeast

    The power was off from 4-1 am here in Mississauga (Ontario). Spent most of the night in candlelight playing scrabble with some friends
  14. cbacon

    Two Hit Wonders?

    Sad because both singles were great , and the album was even better. The lead singer released a new track on pickthehits.com though, so im hoping something surfaces in the new year
  15. cbacon

    Wrestlemania XX Ticket Prices

    Eeeep. Well, looks like the nosebleeds for me then. Which will end up being around $75 Canadian. Argh. I'd be willing to pay $200 , my friend on the other hand wouldn't ....
  16. cbacon

    New SmackDown Here Comes The Pain pics

    Yeah, the Torrie pic does look out of place. They really ought to take advantange of the WCW licensing with these games, i.e. Nitro and PPV sets, past gimmicks, logos in CAW etc And the Bra and Panty match feature is very lame to say the least