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  1. geniusMoment

    Major Shakeup In ROH

    It's kind of weird that Gentry, Feinstein and Gabe are all gone from ROH. You might as well call it something else at this point. I did lose some respect for Gabe when he claimed Rob has stepped down from both RF Video and ROH when to this day Rob still runs RF video. It's also amazing how virtually ever wrestler just appears on RF with known pedo Feinstein. Anything for a buck in wrestling I guess.
  2. I just can't stand Fox's whole production, highlighted by nepotism Buck and Tim. I haven't really watched much of Fox's coverage this year because it's so bad I can't enjoy the games. Unless the Cubs or Reds make the World Series I doubt I'll watch with those 2 in the booth. When Buck said he doesn't even really like baseball on ESPN radio, saying he'd rather watch reality tv, that was probably the last straw for me.
  3. geniusMoment

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    I get the rest, but who is the Avenger?
  4. geniusMoment

    Blood Banks That Give Money

    Yeah, you can still sell plasma. I believe you can do it up to twice a week, usually you get 40 bucks a pop for it. It's not at all like donating blood though, it's unbelivably draining and very painful. Some of my friends from college would do it when they really needed money. Afterward they'd go to a party and be able to get drunk off one or two beers because they were so weak.
  5. geniusMoment

    EliteXC has had its last show; promotion to fold

    So is Gina done then? She can't go to UFC
  6. geniusMoment

    Gas Price Check...

    2.61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, why are you paying 9/10 of a cent for gas for your bicycle? Shouldn't that sticker read 0.00 0/10
  7. geniusMoment

    I'm goign to a TNA house show

    You got good seats to TNA!!!!!!!! How is that possible, some people have all the luck I guess. TNA is the only company in wrestling history that has to paper the front fow of their ppvs.
  8. geniusMoment

    2008 ALCS: Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays

    I think all reasonable baseball fans can agree that this series is the first sign of another 100+ year World Series drought for Boston.
  9. geniusMoment

    Your city's most-loved team

    Judging by GABP whenever they come to town I'd say the Cubs.
  10. geniusMoment

    2008 NLCS: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Philadelphia Phillies

    So will Philly face TB or Boston in the series?
  11. geniusMoment

    Noah Fentz vs. The World

    I guess the question that comes to mind is if czech has finally eliminated root beer and gone strictly water/juice?
  12. geniusMoment

    The Ric Flair Highspots shoot interview...

    Nice, I'll be stoked when it appears on my screen via pwtorrents.
  13. geniusMoment

    WWE Raw - October 6, 2008

    3.0, damn kids getting ready for trick or treating.
  14. geniusMoment

    Noah Fentz vs. The World

    He likes DnD according to his pinball profile, it just keeps getting better.
  15. geniusMoment

    Noah Fentz vs. The World

    Fuck off you stupid piece of shit.
  16. geniusMoment

    Noah Fentz vs. The World

    So wait, is he Verne Gagne or not? Honestly, I can't imagine Verne saying that period line.
  17. geniusMoment

    Noah Fentz vs. The World

    Are you Verne Gagne? You're Verne Gagne aren't you? I knew it.
  18. geniusMoment

    The 2008 MLB Offseason Thread

    Protected First-Round Picks 1. Nationals (59-102) 2. Mariners (61-101) 3. Padres (63-99) 4. Pirates (67-95) 5. Orioles (68-93) 6. Giants (72-90) 7. Braves (72-90) 8. Reds (74-88) 9. Tigers (74-88) 10. Nationals (compensation for failure to sign 2008 first-rounder Aaron Crow) 11. Rockies (74-88) 12. Royals (75-87) 13. Athletics (75-86) 14. Rangers (79-83) 15. Indians (81-81) 16. Diamondbacks (82-80) Unprotected First-Round Picks 17. Dodgers (84-78) 18. Marlins (84-77) 19. Cardinals (86-76) 20. Blue Jays (86-76) 21. Astros (86-75) 22. Mariners (compensaton for failure to sign 2008 first-rounder Joshua Fields) 23. Twins (88-75) 24. White Sox (89-74) 25. Mets (89-73) 26. Yankees (89-73) 27. Brewers (90-72) 28. Phillies (92-70) 29. Red Sox (95-67) 30. Rays (97-65) 31. Yankees (compensation for failure to sign 2008 first-rounder Gerrit Cole) 32. Cubs (97-64) 33. Angels (100-62)
  19. geniusMoment

    WWE General Discussion - October 2008

    With Smackdown pulling a 1.9 this week I wonder if WWE is going into panic mode yet
  20. geniusMoment

    WWE SmackDown - October 3, 2008

    The final Smackdown number is 1.9. Horrible news according to Meltzer
  21. geniusMoment

    Noah Fentz vs. The World

    Honestly, he's worse then Deon. He really should just be gone, because if he keeps talking down to people because he ran a made up wrestling promotion that he refuses to name then problems will continually occur.
  22. geniusMoment

    MLB Divisional Playoffs, NL Edition

    And the NL central only gets 1 win in the postseason despite being the divison with 2 teams going in.
  23. geniusMoment

    MLB Divisional Playoffs, NL Edition

    and soriano ends it, at least it wasn't on the first pitch Honestly, I don't know if I have ever seen a team look less excited about being in the postseason then the Cubs this year. They had no fire at all.
  24. geniusMoment

    MLB Divisional Playoffs, NL Edition

    And here we go. One last chance
  25. geniusMoment

    MLB Divisional Playoffs, NL Edition

    That's 1, 3 more now