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  1. geniusMoment

    MLB Divisional Playoffs, NL Edition

    Cubs have 6 outs left. Ugh, I really wanted to see what the atmosphere would be like for a World Series in Wrigley. I thought this was the year
  2. geniusMoment

    MLB Divisional Playoffs, NL Edition

    Huge at bat there, Soriano had a chance to tie it up, or bring the cubs close and instead swung at the first pitch and popped out.
  3. geniusMoment

    EliteXC: Heat

    Kimbo's 34, he's already on the downside. He doesn't have the years it would take to learn how to truly be a great MMA fighter. His best bet to make money is fight a bunch of cans to build up his aura, which is augmented by his look. But, even that will be hard. Honestly, it looked like he was crying after the fight, probably not because of physical pain but because he knows that for all intents and purposes it's over.
  4. geniusMoment

    Raven files a lawsuit against the WWE

    Then stop using running a promotion as your credentials to knowing everything about the way the industry is run. If you're not willing to let the people you're talking down to verify those credentials then it is very annoying. I really don't understand how you can't see that.
  5. geniusMoment

    Raven files a lawsuit against the WWE

    It's obvious you've never had a promotion and are full of shit. This is why Tzar needs to mod up here, as he actually has balls and would force this asshole to either name his promotion or stop talking made up shit about it ruining threads. And Noah, don't constantly bring up you're a promoter and run a promotion, and then refuse to name the promotion. I know you're stupid, but anyone can see through it.
  6. geniusMoment

    Raven files a lawsuit against the WWE

    What was the name of your promotion again?
  7. geniusMoment

    MLB Divisional Playoffs, NL Edition

    Wow, it's silent in chicago.
  8. geniusMoment

    MLB Divisional Playoffs, NL Edition

    Bye Brewers, it's all over.
  9. geniusMoment

    Mom sucks baby's wee wee

    One, girls aren't funny. Two, the mugshot is in the link.
  10. geniusMoment

    Pictures I Like

    Honestly, any of them would do
  11. geniusMoment

    This Week In Baseball: 9/22-9/30

    I really would like to see Griffey get a ring, that makes this tolerable. But Ozzie and AJ really stop me from rooting for the team.
  12. geniusMoment

    SHoot interview mp3's

    I know the FORMUM MONITOR, I'll get him for you. A word of warning though, he doesn't play nice, last time I messed with him I couldn't sit for a week. He'll be here shortly.
  13. geniusMoment

    This Week In Baseball: 9/22-9/30

    Why are you worried about pissing anyone off? Who gives a fuck? You run the damn thing
  14. geniusMoment

    So I'm going to RAW next Monday...

    Bring a sign that's perfectly acceptable on one side, leave the back blank. During the middle of the show walk right in front of the hard camera, take out the big permanent marker you brought, and write on the blank side: Benoit didn't do it, I DID. Hold said sign up, watch hilarity insue.
  15. geniusMoment

    Rocky. (Deon, MVP, Douchebag)

    You should've made him prove how much he loves TSM by paying the server bill for Oct.
  16. geniusMoment

    HCG diet

  17. geniusMoment

    This Week in Baseball 9/15 - 9/21

    Even though it has been a lost season for cincy just a quick note on Jay Bruce: The last 10 players to hit 21 or more HR at age 21 or younger? Jay Bruce - 2008 Miguel Cabrera - 2004 Albert Pujols - 2001 Andruw Jones - 1998 Alex Rodriguez -1996 Ken Griffey JR - 1990, 1991 Juan Gonzalez - 1991 Ruben Sierra - 1987 Daryl Strawberry - 1983 Cal Ripken Jr - 1982 I'm not sure it means much, but it probably bodes well for him being a decent player
  18. geniusMoment

    Post a Picture of Your Fridge

    Did you buy a house or condo? Because everyone I know (myself included) has appliances like fridges already included.
  19. geniusMoment

    WWE Raw - September 15, 2008

    2.7 ouch. If the numbers get much lower you'll really see panic.
  20. geniusMoment

    the most offensive two word combination

    That was a good Matt Young post. It's always good to see one's television. A window into the soul.
  21. geniusMoment

    Pictures I Like

  22. geniusMoment

    the most offensive two word combination

    Donovan Osborne
  23. geniusMoment

    Digger Smolken loves the 90s

    Do the Jurassic Park theme, you know the one they play as they are in the helicopter coming toward the island.
  24. geniusMoment

    Gas Price Check...

    Goddamn oil companies. Oil is going down but since it's the weekend gas prices go up. Went up from 3.62 to 3.76 from Thurs to Friday here.
  25. geniusMoment

    This Week in Baseball 9/1 - 9/7

    An immobile outfielder with an OPS of .680 (with the Sox) isn't really hard to find. You could probably find a AAA player to do that. Griffey is done, gone, toast. And I say that wishing him the best as he was my favorite player as a kid.