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  1. Micah Owings had 4 scoreless innings today, God I'm so glad we got him from AZ.


    And Bailey's coming around, I expect to see Owings get the 5th spot, but Bailey won't be too far behind.

    Yeah, the Reds are in an unusual spot for them. They have: Harang, Volquez, Arroyo, Cueto, Owings and Bailey. With how both Bailey and Owings look it's going to be a very tough decision.

  2. Eleven pitches. My god. Will Cueto ever survive the strain?

    Tell that to a team and a GM that have a throwing plan established for their pitchers. For the record Reds pitchers in this part of spring training get taken out after 50 pitches. With each start after they add more pitches until they begin to level off near the end. They were allowing Cueto and Volquez to throw 10 more, but the DR were strictly told to take them out at 60. Alou said he wanted Cueto to get the win because he deserved it.


    Part of the problem with Cueto is the reds allowed him to pitch in the winter leagues because they didn't think he would be on the DR roster. So now he pitched more innings then he ever has last season, then pitched in the winter leagues, and now is pitching in the WBC. That is why the Reds didn't want him to go and tried to hold him back, and partly why Jocketty was so upset on the radio today (along with Alou breaking the deal).


    Jocketty said the plan was for Cueto to have a very light and easy spring training due to the amount of pitches he threw last year between the bigs and winterball. I guess that's not happening now.

  3. And the Reds are now reportedly very upset, as they had an agreement with the DR that Cueto and Volquez wouldn't go over 60 pitches due to potential arm strain. In his very first outing Cueto threw 71 pitces in a hot stressful environment. The reds beat writer said GM Walt Jocketty has already called the MLB office furious.

  4. Kelly Kelly sure gets around.


    Test, Batista, Jericho.............She'll screw any WWE Superstar, big and small!

    Mickie James: Kenny Dykstra, Cody Rhodes, John Cena


    You're not giving Mickie the credit she deserves


    Mickie James: Kenny Dykstra, Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Joey Mercury, geniusMoment, John Cena

  5. Have steroids made anyone else's arm implode?


    Steroids are the witchcraft of the 21st century. Guy is injury prone? Steroids. Guy stays healthy unusually long? Steroids. Guy has a great season? Steroids. Guy has a disappointing season? Must've stopped taking steroids. Kills his wife and son? Steroids.



    Maybe you should implement a steriod word filter.

  6. Dusty Baker isn't a good manager, his thoughts on OBP and clogging up the bases are horrible. But, I really don't blame him for Wood and Prior. I believe that Wood was destined to continually have some injury troubles due to his motion, and Prior had some freak injuries that seemed to screw up his motion.

  7. The reports now state that he has a torn labrum. Cashman thinks rehab and rest will take care of the problem, but surgery would probably put him out for most of the season. This would be similar to the injury suffered by Mike Lowell last season and he's still not 100%. Not a good day for A-Rod.

    Yeah, here's what I heard



    UPDATE, 3:51 p.m.: Surgery, if needed, would knock him out four months.


    The cyst was large and the hope was having it drained will lessen the stiffness Rodriguez felt.


    They’re going to cut down on his time in spring training in the hopes he can get through the season.


    This is a similar injury to what Mike Lowell and Chase Utley had. Cashman refused to say what degree the tear was.



    UPDATE, 4:07 p.m.: Cashman just said A-Rod will need the surgery at some point. The tear won’t just heal.


    They’re hoping he can get through the season then have it. So this could be an issue all year.



  8. Honestly, there is either no point to it, or it's very bad for individual baseball teams. Those are the 2 options as: 1.) Players treat it like Spring Training (just getting their bodies in shape, pitchers working on pitches, throwing with no stress or 2.) Players actually play at a higher lever (meaning pitchers put more stress on their arms, players run the bases harder etc..)



    In option 1 playing the whole thing is bullshit, as no one is playing hard. In option 2 you really could hurt teams as players could very well end up hurting themselves in games that are played with a different level of intensity then normal spring training games. If there is another option I'd be open to it, but I don't see any. Also, the fact that teams can't force players not to participate is bullshit, if I owned a team and one of my stars got hurt in this my first call would be to my lawyer, whose first call would be to Bud Selig.

  9. Not good, hell get Crispin Glover to drop some LSD and come out as Rubin Farr, maybe that would make the show watchable.

    His drug filled letterman appearance was one of the things that got letterman some early press: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxozBPWpfYU...feature=related


    He would probably come on if you let him sing his hit single "Clowny Clown Clown"



    I do miss the old days when Glover decided not to do the other Back to the Future movies, instead making the LSD classic Rubin and Ed.

  10. Milton Bradley is already hurt.

    On some 35 degree windy night in April at Wrigley I fully expect Milton's hamstrings to just snap off his bones. You'll see them flipping around in the outfield grass while the grounds crew try and round them up.

  11. Here's a question. Does Conan even NEED Richter there now?


    From the reading of it, it just says announcer and in comedy bits, which isn't a problem. Somebody's got to fill Joel's role. Having him on the couch? Seems like it'd be a backwards move to me. I'll admit to being a late bloomer to the show so I'm not hugely familiar with Richter, but Conan's more than entertaining enough not to need a 'sidekick' anymore. Plus he's got the band to bounce stuff off live.


    EDIT: I mean, I understand why he'd want Richter on the show and I'm not saying he shouldn't be. I just think Conan would be better solo now than with someone next to him/across from him.


  12. Ugh, an article came out in cincy today about how the Dominican team is going to use Edinson Volquez and Cueto as two of their top three starters. Hopefully they lose in the first round. Nothing like having your potential number 2 and 3 starters miss a potential freaking month of spring training. I hate the WBC, what horrible idea, and what a horrible time to do it.

  13. N.L. WEST

    San Francisco: 85 (Randy Johnson will do better than expected)

    Los Angeles: 82

    Arizona: 74

    Colorado: 68

    San Diego: 50



    Chicago: 95

    St. Louis: 85

    Houston: 72

    Milwaukee: 70

    Cincinnati: 64

    Pittsburgh: 60 (Poor Pittsburgh - The Rooneys should buy you.)


    N.L. EAST

    Philadelphia: 98

    New York: 88

    Florida: 80

    Atlanta: 70 (Bobby Cox retires after this year.)

    Washington: 59


    A.L. WEST

    Oakland: 85

    Los Angeles: 81

    Texas: 74

    Seattle: 65



    Minnesota: 84

    Chicago: 80

    Detroit: 75

    Cleveland: 70

    Kansas City: 61



    A.L. EAST

    Tampa Bay: 96

    Boston: 95

    New York: 86 (Joe Girardi gets fired and replaced with Billy Martin again.)

    Toronto: 75

    Baltimore: 65



    My totals probably don't add up.

    Wow, nothing personal but your totals are way off, especially in the NL. That many teams can't lose that many games as in each game there is a winner and a loser, the totals have to add up, and those are way way way off. You have 4 teams in the NL central losing 90+ games, two losing about a 100 each, that alone is almost impossible considering how often teams play each other. Nothing personal but do you watch baseball?