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    This is from her interview with gov. officials. Just read it all the way through, hilarious.





    Q Can I just go back to the demographics? One of your

    sources of revenue are toys?


    A Uh-huh.


    Q Can you describe what kind of?


    A It is mostly collectibles, action figures. And I

    don't know if any of the men around this table admit to

    having any. But it is really -- it is more in the

    collectible side where guys keep the toys and they keep them

    in their boxes and then they increase in value and things

    such as that. They're not as much, you know, play toys as

    more collectible items.


    Q And who is the target audience for those items?


    A Well, collectibles are a much older demographic. I

    mean, they are probably -- I mean, they are more grown men.

    I mean, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s even. Have you seen the

    40-Year-Old Virgin with that man that has all the toys? I mean, that is kind of -- that's our audience.






    TNA's target audience is 40-year-old virgins.


  2. Anybody else think John Travolta is gonna re-think his religious beliefs now that his son kicked it? On that note, do Scientologists believe in the afterlife?



    Considering it's very possible Scientology caused his son's death it's possible. But, it's more likely he'll just move even deeper into the scientology insanity to try and justify it.


    Who needs medicine and science right? Who needs seizure medications?



    Here's the last video of his son, yeah, he looks like someone who probably could've used some medical help. Not the excercise and vitamins allowed by his parents, and their cult freak religion.


  3. U.S. government senator Henry Waxman issued a letter to the Officer of the National Drug Control Policy dated today with a recommendation that pro wrestling organizations, namely WWE and TNA, have not effectively dealt with pro wrestling's steroids issue.


    After conducting interviews with WWE's Vince and Stephanie McMahon and TNA's Dixie Carter, Waxman concluded: "the information provided during interviews indicate that steroid use is pervasive in professional wrestling and that the organizations involved have not taken adequate steps to address this problem."


    The letter reveals that during WWE's first year of steroid testing under the new Wellness Policy, 40 percent of wrestlers tested positive for steroid use "even after being warned in advance that they were going to be tested."


    Subsequently, regular exemptions were made to lax the policy. Dr. David Black, the independent third party hired to administer the drug testing policy, became fed up with the program and WWE's handling of it.


    Waxman quoted Dr. Black that "it was becoming difficult to deal with talent who were being suspended" and he was "unaccustomed to programs that suspend and you're not suspended," referring to WWE amending the policy that a violation of the policy would lead to certain suspensions, but not from PPV and live TV.


    Related to TNA, the letter from Mr. Waxman states that when TNA installed its drug testing policy 12 months ago, 15 out of 60 wrestlers tested positive for steroid use and an additional 11 wrestlers tested positive for other drugs.


    Waxman concludes: "The evidence obtained by the Oversight Committee indicates that illegal use of steroids and other drugs in professional wrestling is a serious problem that the wrestling organizations are not effectively addressing."


    He recommends the National Drug Control division "examine steroid use in professional wrestling and take appropriate steps to address this problem."




    I must have missed it, is Black gone from WWE? After that quote he will be gone if he isn't already.


    Note from Venkman - Here's the link to all of the interview documents and what have ye: http://oversight.house.gov/story.asp?ID=2298

  4. I don't really care about whether Bradley is good guy or not, only if he produces. What does worry me is his injury history, essentially he's never been healthy. Last year he DH'd for most of the year, and he still got hurt a few times. Now, he'll have to play outfield with the Cubs since they have Lee at first. Plus, those cold april and may days in chicago are going to be hell with his past hamstring and muscle problems. I really would've went after Dunn, who really kills the ball in wrigley.

  5. This was really a year of transition for me. I graduated from college and was planning on going to law school in the Fall. But as it approached I really began to question if it was what I wanted to do with my life, so I put it on hold. This has caused some problems with my dad, he really wanted me to go. I got a job at UC as a Financial Coordinator in the Registrars office, it's okay, but I'm really just using it until I decide what I want to do. It's funny, my dad went straight from college to law school to his job, and has been at the same place ever since. When I was little I always figured that would be me. Now I'm 23 and have no fucking clue what I want to do with my life. Over the summer I got shin splints (that really sucked), and I now live in Kentucky because we decided to move closer to my girlfriends job. I've put out a shit-ton of resumes for jobs I really don't want, and I have an interview on the 5th for a job that would pay well, but I would hate it, and would have to work a shit ton of hours.


    Some days I just want to hop in my car drive down to Florida and live a stress free life renting out beach chairs. Oh, and I'm posting here at about midnight on New Years eve. Yeah

  6. I'm not advocating a salary cap where all the teams are equal, and it's hard to create long standing great teams, like the NFL. But, there has to be something in the middle, something where the others teams have a chance to sign or resign more the their great players. Whether it be limiting the amount of Type A free agents a team can sign even more, or a different variation on revenue sharing, or losing even more draft picks when you sign Type A free agents. Honestly, if you limit the type A free agents to two the only team it would probably hurt on a consistant basis is the Yankees. In fact it may be the only team it would ever hurt.


    I like the system of losing your first round pick when you sign a Type A, I would advocate a system where once you no longer have a 1st or 2nd round pick to give then you just can't sign anymore Type A free agents.

  7. Well the Yankees DID need a first baseman. You know what's truly crazy? If 8 years, $170 million is accurate, they are actually saving money over their former first baseman.


    Wasn't Gumby's contract $160 over 8 years?

    Backloaded, so the last years of the contract were around $23 million a year.


    The Yankees lost Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreu, Mike Mussina this offseason, and maybe Andy Pettitte as well. I'm not going to begrudge them signing three free agents.


    You're crazy then, if you don't think there's something wrong with one team out of 30 or so signing perhaps the 3 biggest free agents in an offseason then I don't know what to say. This offseason the top free agents would probably be ranked as: 1. CC 2. Tex 3. Manny 4. Burnett. I don't care what they have coming off their books, for one team to do that is insane, and for someone to say otherwise is equally insane.



    One more thing, fuck the yankees

  8. This is pretty much the ultimate slap in the face to baseball fans. I don't think baseball needs a salary cap, but from now on you shouldn't be able to sign more then 2 Type A Free Agents in an offseason unless they're your own. This is just crazy. This means no Manny right, as this is their 3rd Type A

  9. Virtually every main event will involve some combination of: HBK, HHH, Undertaker, Cena, Batista, Edge and Orton


    Raw and Smackdown will keep the same boring and drab production values--same big screen since 97


    The same stale GM or owner leading a brand formula will stay around


    They'll play out the Austin-McMahon storyline again between two performers--ie the rebel face vs. the heel owner/GM (Cena will prob. be the face)


    HBK will do his "sad face" in every program he's in, and they'll all be similar, just slight variations on the HBK is broke or too old or about to retire or too injured


    Steph will allow the production team to finally shoot below her waist around Mania 25, when she loses most of the baby weight


    Raw ratings will hover between 3.5-2.9 throughout the year while buyrates continue a slow slide


    At this point next year CM Punk, Miz and Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Christian, Jericho, Kane, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy will make up the mid to upper mid card, same as always


    Nothing will really change, the business will stay the same, pretty much just do the same thing it's done since March of 2001


    TNA won't become major competition, but they won't go out of business either, they'll do 1.0-1.3 on a stable basis (no one will really know they exist)

  10. Michael Jackson in Need of New Lungs?


    (Dec. 22) -- Michael Jackson's biographer claims the King of Pop is waging the fight of his life against a genetic disease that has left him nearly blind and desperately in need of a lung transplant.


    Michael Jackson is reportedly in need of a lung transplant and has lost nearly all vision in his left eye according to his biographer, Ian Halperin. He says the King of Pop is suffering from an inherited condition called A1AD.

    According to author Ian Halperin (via The Sun), Jackson "needs a lung transplant, but may be too weak to go through with it." Jackson's biographer Halperin also claims that the pop legend "has emphysema and chronic gastrointestinal bleeding, which his doctors have had a lot of trouble stopping."

    Jackson, who turned 50 just a few months ago, is said to be barely able to speak.

    Halperin says Jackson is battling an inherited condition called A1AD -- alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency -- where those affected by it lack a protein that helps protect the lungs. Halperin says that due to the ailment, Jackson "can barely speak" and that the "vision in his left eye is 95 percent gone."

    And while the breathing woes are surely something to worry about, Halperin claims that "it's the bleeding that's the most problematic part. It could kill him."

    Jermaine Jackson, Michael's brother, even commented on the situation, telling The Sun that his little brother is "not doing so well right now. This isn't a good time."

    Halperin is a well respected and long-time investigative reporter. He made a name for himself by going undercover and posing as a model to report on the fashion industry in his book " Shut Up and Smile," and most recently skewered Hollywood in 'Hollywood Undercover: Revealing the Sordid Secrets of Tinseltown.'

  11. Wow, unless something major changes I think the Cubs win the NL Central by 10 plus games easy. If they get Peavy it will be just absolute domination over everyone in the central, complete destruction of their divison, something previously unseen in any sport ever. By mid August with Peavy they should be up by about 15 games or more