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  1. Angle-plex

    Resident Evil 5

    The camera when you are aiming your gun sucks ass. I can't see anything to the left of my guy. I don't remember RE4 being like that.
  2. Angle-plex


    You can't beat that, you can't feed a kid in africa for that.
  3. Angle-plex

    The current economy

    Relally, though, a bag of 8 frozen chicken breasts is like 5.99. The bad stuff IS the expensive stuff, at least at the grocery store. I pay maybe 50 a week in groceries and I'm bulking up, but I spend it on the right foods. My roomate spends almost 100 every week because he needs to buy beer, two packages of oreos, doritos, ect.
  4. Angle-plex

    Sonic and the Black Knight trailer

    Sonic teams up with Martin Lawrence.
  5. Angle-plex

    Bob Holly Tribute

    What songs will make you think of Bob Holly?
  6. Angle-plex

    So I've been sober for 3 days.

    One time I was hammered and went to take a piss in the corner of a backyard at a party. I walked over there and saw a girl talking on the phone. I said hi and decided to just unzip and piss right in front of her. She said something like "Dude, I'm standing right here" and apparently all I kept saying was "Just imagine it's someone attractive peeing. Imagine it's George Clooney peeing". This is a blur to me but I think she walked away at that point. She probably liked me.
  7. Angle-plex

    Caught Jerking

    I've got caught multiple times. I've blocked most of them out of my memory though, although horrible images will occasionally pop up in my mind. One I get a hard on, I don't know, all caring and thought toward getting caught goes out the window. I don't think rationally. Plus my door never had a lock when I lived with my parents. I blame my parents, mostly though. My mom would just walk into the bathroom when I was taking a shower or into my room at like 10pm to put clothes away. You don't do that when you have a teenage boy. The only time I think would be my fault was when i jerked it at like 11 in the morning in my room with the door wide open and my dad walked in. That was just poor planning on my part.
  8. Angle-plex

    Hangover Food

    Once you start drinking enough, you'll start to get hangovers, which in turn will turn you off of drinking all the time. So drinking more will mean no alcohol poisoning.
  9. Angle-plex

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Sounds like my sunday school.
  10. Angle-plex

    Hangover Food

    Everyone I've met who says that does not drink nearly enough to get hungover.
  11. No way that site would turn him down after seeing his e-fed experience.
  12. Angle-plex

    WWF Royal Rumble 1998

    In 2009, Rock would have tossed Austin out via dubious means and Austin would have won the shot at No Way Out. Austin winning was predictable, but sometimes a surprise is not worth messing with the momentum the "story" has.
  13. Angle-plex

    A Small History of My Declined Interest

    Oh god don't fucking tease me.
  14. Angle-plex

    TSM Profile: "Macho Man" Randy Savage

    Who were you refering to here? I suppose Savage, Hogan and Rude?
  15. Angle-plex

    A Small History of My Declined Interest

    I do. Have you seen his pecs?
  16. Angle-plex

    Calgary is hardcore!

    Should have raped her.
  17. Angle-plex

    WWF Royal Rumble 1998

    Huge pop for Austin.
  18. Angle-plex

    Attitude Era Timeline in your opinion?

    WM 14 to WM X7 to be easy.
  19. Angle-plex

    Hangover Food

    Milk is my game. I usually don't have to stomach for greasy foods or anything, but Milk gives me calories, nutrition, and hydration to start my day of torture every Saturday.
  20. Angle-plex

    WWE Night of Champions 2008

    Yeah. Cena/Hunter was pretty good but that was it.
  21. Angle-plex

    So I've been sober for 3 days.

    I pissed in my pantry this weekend and I didn't even have anywhere close to 9 beers in an hour, let alone 10 rum and cokes. Perhaps I'm not as big of an alcoholic as I think.
  22. Angle-plex

    So I've been sober for 3 days.

    Power hour makes you feel good? Isn't that 9 beers in an hour? I'd be toast.
  23. Angle-plex

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    I really liked the ending. It was ambiguis (sp?), but that's what made it good. Basically saying, .
  24. Angle-plex

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    Saw this. Don't know how I feel about the ending or what to make of it, but it was awesome besides that.