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    Agnes HAS COME BACK!!!

    Thank you for reading! Now some of you may be asking yourselves: Why is Agnes coming back to post again? Well, the answer is simple. It's because I love The SmartMarks, and it hurts me to see it in it's current state. I think I can fix this board's problems. Now, as one of the board's most popular members, I have decided that I will, one at a time, take each and every one of you and PERSONALLY make you all better posters. During which time, I will ask you to study and analyze my posts so that you can all be as good of posters as I am (I know this is a lot to ask). Now, the first lucky poster that I have personally chosen to be my lackey is none other than: CWM! That's right! CWM! Now I do realize that by attaching myself to CWM, my popularity on this board may be dragged down a bit, but I'm willing to sacrafice that for the good of the board. And CWM, not to worry. I know that in time, if you study my posts and do everything I ask of you, you will make a fine apprentice. You're welcome!
  2. Angle-plex

    Did pbone post kiddie porn?

    This thread is useless without pics.
  3. Angle-plex

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    Especially if she's bleeding.
  4. Angle-plex

    Santa' shooting kills at least 6 in LA

    Is this worse than coal on the santa scale? Coal has always been the ultimate bad gift for bad kids but I think shot in the face might be a new trend starting next year.
  5. Angle-plex

    Gran Torino

    It's very little like Dirty Harry, actually, although I could see why the trailer would make you think that. The gang and him protecting the family isn't really the main story of the movie.
  6. Angle-plex

    Gran Torino

    This was awesome. Better than I expected. A little forced maybe but Eastwood is still the man.
  7. Angle-plex

    How am I trolling?

    a nigger got shot, guys. why all the fighting?
  8. How can I manipulate girls into having sex with me? What is your general mindset throughout the day dealing with people? I'm interested in the inner workings.
  9. If I was a loser, what advice would you have. (P.S. I am a loser)
  10. Angle-plex

    The Hangover Thread

    Yeah, mine wasn't that bad today either. Of course I'm halfway through a bottle of wine right now.
  11. Angle-plex

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    He got laid was the gist (?) of his post.
  12. Angle-plex

    Christian Cage / WWE

    tomkos dark match
  13. Angle-plex

    The Hangover Thread

    I'm expecting a bad hangover tomorrow.
  14. Angle-plex

    Godzilla Attack Plan

    Shoot him in the dick.
  15. Angle-plex

    Disgusting things that come from your beautiful body

    My ass is hairy so I get pieces of shit stuck to it occasionally if I don't wipe well which leads to me walking funny, which leads to people thinking I'm gay. Little do they know I'm the straightest man alive, mother fucker.
  16. Angle-plex

    Favourite wrestling event

    Wrestlemania 14 followed by 17.
  17. Angle-plex

    WWF Chat Room Memories

    14/male/wanna cyber? In a related note some guy hit on my mom on the subway by telling her The Undertaker and Kane are real brothers and the whole storyline was real but they put their differences aside to make it a storyline in WWE.
  18. Angle-plex

    Victoria Retires

    She always looked like a guy to me. In the face anyways. Good wrestler though for a girl.
  19. Angle-plex

    WWE General Discussion - December 2008

    Looks like she got some plastic surgery on her face though. Look at those dick sucking lips!
  20. Angle-plex

    Office Christmas Parties

    Everyone I know calls it "Tonic", which is universal for coke, pepsi, ginger ale, ect.
  21. Angle-plex

    Fallout 3

    I have Jericho and Charon and they are great...except against deathclaws.
  22. Angle-plex

    Fallout 3

    Just ran into my first deathclaw...dogmeat got his head chopped off.
  23. Angle-plex

    Fallout 3

    I just raided the National Guard Armory and it said I completed "Follow in his footsteps" quest despite there being no relation.
  24. Angle-plex

    Fallout 3

    How the hell do I get to GRN building? I keep going through the metro and sewers and can't make my way there. I ended up in Georgetown.
  25. Angle-plex

    So I guess this is my goodby for a good while.

    Bunch of fags posting in this thread. Come on, thesmartmarks. You let me down.