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    So what's been going on...

    I've heard of it. I'm still at Salem State, until May anyway. If they don't let me out of that place, I think I'll kill someone. They've fucked with me enough. At least you got to come back to Mass. You were in Kansas, right? yeah. My cousin goes to Salem State. In fact I was there the other night. I'll have to come pick you up so we can go down to Mr. malibu's house sometime.
  2. Angle-plex

    So what's been going on...

    You caught me. I have no friends. I'm going to Merrimack College actually. Eva~ heard of it?
  3. Angle-plex

    So what's been going on...

    Fucking. Uncalled. For. Actually I am doing quite well. I am attending College in North Andover, MA and have made lots of friends. I like to go bowling and kayaking. How are you Some?
  4. Angle-plex

    Webcast Stream Begging Thread

    < needs a webcast link. If not I'll just watch it on SCRAMBLEVISION~ for free. I'm not going all the way into Boston to watch it at Hooters.
  5. Angle-plex

    I have kidnapped Damien Gonzalez

    What the fuck are you bringing me into this for?
  6. ::Angle-Plex cuts into all TV stations to issue this important announcement:: To the Fans of the OaOasT, We at the OaOasT pride ourselves on developing talent while maintaining a sense of openness in the OaOasT locker-room. We would like to never confine any of our wrestlers to one level of the promotion. Several of our projects have worked. AngleSault brought Superstar to the next level, for example. That being said, tensions among the booking staff, The Superstar, and yours truely. I, Angle-Plex (Steve C.) arose recently with my return. I was absent for many months due to college commitments, and my coming back was supposed to serve as a way to bring The Superstar up in the fans eyes. I was supposed to return as a character I had created with Superstar, named "Big Poppa Poplex". Poplex's debut was great. Superstar and I started to book our own storyline which would eventually climax at Anglemania III with a baby on a pole match. The first four weeks of the feud went perfectly. However, then, one of the OAOAST competitors, Big Poppa (Stephen Joseph) Popick saw the storyline, was very offended, and immediatly took the storyline off of OAOAST TV. We, Superstar and I, made every attempt to gel Popick's complaints with our storyline plans, but quite simply, we felt that doing a pussified version of our storyline would dimish its prestige in front of our audience, and were unable to provide a definite time when Poplex would return to the OAOAST. This did not sit well with Superstar or I. Personal demons got the better of us one night, and we decided that he would no longer like to continue working with the OaOasT. We left immediatly. We realize the angle was offensive to many of the OAOAST viewers. We apologize for that, and have decided to never air footage of that night again concerning the angle. We did a retake using a stunt doubles for Poplex, Superstar and Schaeffer, and will include that in all future video libraries. Superstar and I were upset with the OAOAST after it had been edited, but like professionals we accepted it. Upon the conflicts ending, Superstar and I ended up in a physical confrontation with BPP (Stephen Popick) along our way out of the building. It appears that there was wmiscommunication between the OAOAST mods and the talent involved in the angle. We thank everyone for working through the angle and raising concerns afterwards, but in hindsight we truly wish the fans would have understood our plans as we had meant them. It is up to us and the locker-room to put this issue behind us and move toward a great Anglemania III with its terrific-looking Popick vs Dan Black. Schaeffer has also been placed as a manager to The Mexican Cowboy at house shows, and the live crowds have responded well. The OAOAST remain firmly behind it's talent and prides itself on having the healthiest locker-room in North America. We also pride ourselves on having the greatest fans, and for that reason, we will offer 75% of the revenue created from the Poplex storyline to the Popick family so that they can reviece psychiatric treatment for any emotional distress we may have caused. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Angle-Plex Former OaOasT Competitor ::cut back to regularly scheduled programs::
  7. Angle-plex

    If there's one thing I can do, it's...

    You've obviously never heard me sing.... Really though, I'm excellent at everything. I just said I wasn't good at everything for everyone else's amusement. ::looks around nervously::
  8. Angle-plex

    Feed back for the 3/4/04 HD~

    Perhaps. While we're on the subject, just for future reference, will the Poplex storyline be recognized by OAOAST history or is it one of those "it never happened" type things?
  9. Angle-plex

    If there's one thing I can do, it's...

    I'm not good at anything. I've been sitting here for five minutes trying to think of something that I was good at, and nothing is coming to me. I'd say I'm average at best at about everything. Ego boost my ass. ::cries::
  10. Thanks. That post added a lot to this thread. Marney deserves to be banned. The article 2 years in the making~! Wh00~!
  11. Angle-plex

    Feed back for the 3/4/04 HD~

    I thought that it lacked a certain something.
  12. I'm very bad at disguising my feelings. Very, very bad. Actually I can hide feelings like sadness pretty well, but anger is a whole different story...
  13. My prediction for the following days: Popick: ::OAOAST caves in and gives Popick back his mod power to prevent further drama::
  14. Angle-plex

    I'm sorry, but I just can't post here anymore.

    But you can't hear them because you're leaving If we all come clean I can find it in me to stay. I am a homosexual. Hear me roar.
  15. Just for the record I never claimed the Ejaculation Chamber was funny, just that it wasn't offensive....
  16. I'd just like to say that the only regret I have over this whole thing is using Popick's fiance's real name. Although I'm sure if we had used a different name Popick would have taken it as his fiance anyways and nothing would have changed.
  17. So who has copies of the match now? Superstar, Tony, Popick, Caboose and I? EDIT: And Caboose, why did you print off the match? Was it because it was the GREATEST MATCH EVER? [/overhype]
  18. Popick Pm'd me and asked me not to share the Ejaculation Chamber with anyone. Why I am listening to him I don't know, but I dont think I'll post it again, at least until this all passes over. Secondly, the "fiance" character wasn't even based on Popick's real fiance. I don't know thing one about his fiance, whether she's white, black, chinese, mexican or what. The only thing the two share in common that I know of is the name. The fiance character was a FICTIONAL character that was just used as a love interest to Poplex. EDIT: And for the record, I think all the Poplex stuff should be reposted in OAOAST's archives. Superstar and I took the time to write it, and if anyone had told us that we had crossed a line we wouldn't have wasted our time.
  19. The thing is is that it would never live up to the hype. The only thing it would do is make Popick look foolish for taking it so personally.
  20. I have copies but I don't think it's a good idea to post them... And while SOME may think the storyline was childish, I think SOME people overreacted big time and that's what really caused all of this. If certain people had just PM'd Superstar or I we would have stopped the "offensive" storyline in a second.
  21. No no no. The Ejaculation Chamber was just an Elimination Chamber, but we used "Ejaculation" because it fit the storyline better.
  22. Come on now guys. The EJACULATION Chamber is a serious issue and nobody should be making any jokes about it because it seems to be effecting people's real lives and everything. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
  23. Angle-plex

    Close this, Bitch.

    HORSE SHIT. Really now? Who was causing all the problems at this time last year? Superstar has caused drama, but he's not the only one. Caboose, CWM, Popick, Zsasz, MarioLogan, a bunch of other and I have also somehow been the cause of serious drama.
  24. Angle-plex

    Satan interupts Passion of TC screening

    The Passion of Treble Charged? Yeah...that'll put asses in the seats.
  25. Angle-plex

    OAOAPT and the e-fed drama.

    I can see how FrigidSoul went about it the wrong way, but I don't understand why everything was deleted. The folder wasn't hurting anybody and it actually stopped the OAOAST drama last night after it was opened.