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  1. Angle-plex

    The Hangover Thread

    Ouch. My head doesn't hurt so much but my stomach feel likes it can handle anything. I didn't even drink much yesterday.
  2. Angle-plex

    WWE Raw; 11-24-08

    goldust really needs his robe back.
  3. Angle-plex

    HOF 2008 #1 inductee should be

    The first HOF induction should be Santa?
  4. Angle-plex

    WWE General Discussion-November 2008

    These are the rumored wrestlemania plans going around, Meltz is being credited but who knows. --Steve Austin vs. John Cena --Edge vs. Jeff Hardy, WWE Title Match --Batista vs. Randy Orton, World Heavyweight Title Match --Triple H vs. Undertaker --Team WWE versus Team NFL
  5. Angle-plex


    Advanced is much funner than normal. Haven't tried expert yet. Versus mode is fun too but controlling the zombies gets some taking used to. I'll be getting drunk and played this all day on thanksgiving probably.
  6. Angle-plex

    Xbox LiveGamertags

    SteveC1085 is my tag, i've been playing nhl 09 and left 4 dead mostly lately. Usually my roommate on my tag though.
  7. Angle-plex

    Pictures I Like

    is that a women or a tranny in the wedding dress? I'm honestly not sure.
  8. Angle-plex

    Paging TSM Teachers....

    I could never be a teacher, because a high school teacher fucking his students is a fetish of mine. I suppose maybe the younger ages I could teach, but what is the cutoff, you know? I'm pretty sure I would fuck some seventh or eighth graders if I thought no one would find out.
  9. Angle-plex

    The Beer Thread.

    I might get hell for this, and I pride myself on not being a bud light/miller light/ect guy, but Schlitz is an amazingly drinkable beer, as long as it's real cold. I would never get it just for taste, but if I want to get wasted off beer, Schlitz is the way to go. It's cheap as hell, doesn't taste like piss and goes down real easy. Never had a bad hangover off of it either.
  10. Angle-plex

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    I think it's a rental, especially if you didnt like 08. I was going to buy it but my roommate rented it before it came out to buy. I played it twice in a week. Solid game, but basically a more polished version of 08. And with all the great games that have come out lately, this is far down the list for me.
  11. Angle-plex

    Aronofsky's "The Wrestler"

    Looks awesome. When is this going to be wide released? January?
  12. Angle-plex

    Let's Talk About...No Holds Barred

    I loved this movie as a kid, needs to be on DVD. I never got to see Santa with Muscles but I hear it makes NHB look like The Godfather.
  13. Angle-plex


    I see that dick every time I close my eyes.
  14. Angle-plex

    Xbox 360

    Anyone want to play Left 4 Dead my gamertag is SteveC1085.
  15. Angle-plex

    Xbox 360

    Left 4 Dead is definetly fun, hopefully they release some more levels though.
  16. The producer's cut is better but still not a good movie. I was dissapointed by it.
  17. Angle-plex

    Xbox 360

    Is left 4 dead worth the money? I just got Fallout 3 but thats not really a game I can play just for a quick fix, but L4D doesn't seem like it has much replay value.
  18. Angle-plex

    My good friend died last night.

    yeah he's so fucking obsessed with himself. how fat is the cock, Matt?
  19. Angle-plex

    My good friend died last night.

    What's Matt Young's favorite slurpee flavor?
  20. Angle-plex

    UFC 91: Couture vs Lesnar

    God bless God.
  21. Angle-plex

    Austrian Incestual Murderer Father of the year

    This is excellent.
  22. Angle-plex

    I got a new job

    Goddamnit NoCalMike how many times are you going to make me cum.
  23. Angle-plex

    WWE General Discussion-November 2008

    Fuck floor seats. Worst event I ever went to because I could barely see what was going on.
  24. Angle-plex

    Terrible Moments in TSM History

    Screw that, the Campaign 2008 thread was fucking riveting for all DRAGON DRAGON PUM p THE DRAGON! listed. Marvin's awful posts with PantherMatt7's gimmick of being better than everyone in the thread were the one-two punch of the year as far as I'm concerned.