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  1. I was hoping HBK vs Taker was closed Mania


    It might (Even I'll admit it's the biggest match on the show), but a World Title match should always close Wrestlemania.


    Why does it even matter at this point. Neither title means anything at this point, plus the main event at Mania has been above the title matches before (VIII and XI). HBK/Taker should absolutely close.

  2. This comes back on the air in early april. Rumors/Possible spoilers:


    Garrity has cancer.


    Franco believes 9/11 is a conspiracy.


    Some broad is writing a book on 9/11 and is interviewing the guys about it.


    Michael J Fox, in a wheelchair, is dating Janet.


    Lou has no mustache.


    Tommy sponsors a young kid in AA, but starts to drink again himself


    Lou's prositute girl from season 2 comes back


    Tolan and Leary said this season is supposed to be more like seasons 1 and 2, focusing on the guys in the firehouse instead of Tommy banging everyone.