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  1. jimmy no nose

    College Basketball: March '09

    I thought it was over when they waved off the bucket and UConn took the quick 4 point lead, but Syracuse fought back for a 2nd OT. Awesome.
  2. jimmy no nose

    College Basketball: March '09

    Wow...I can't even tell from the replay if Syracuse just won.
  3. jimmy no nose

    College Basketball: March '09

    Pitt can't play when Blair gets in foul trouble. Of their now 4 losses he's fouled out of 3 and was in foul trouble the whole game in the other. Traditionally the Big East is one of the more "let them play" conferences, so they could be in trouble in the tournament.
  4. jimmy no nose

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    I think we've found the weak link of the Dutch pitching staff. He might hit the pitch limit in the first inning at this rate. And of course he somehow escapes with 1 run allowed.
  5. jimmy no nose

    Reaper (CW)

    This might be my favorite show on TV. The only negative is that they tend to start stories then just kind of leave them for a few weeks. There's some stuff from mid-late season 1 that was never really touched on again.
  6. jimmy no nose

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    They'll probably fix it at some point, but as of right now Yahoo's box score for the game lists cleanup hitter/third baseman Yurendell De Caster as "Unknown". That probably says something about the level of upset that this happening twice is. http://sports.yahoo.com/wbc/boxscore;_ylt=...B?gid=290310110
  7. jimmy no nose

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    That was awesome. Too bad the 3 biggest game deciding plays were bad errors.
  8. jimmy no nose

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    MLB.com has the Joey Bats triple overruled and says error now. Please let them score on Marmol.
  9. jimmy no nose

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    I missed the entire game until just now, but wow. Does anybody have an answer for the feared Dutch pitching staff?
  10. jimmy no nose

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    This guy Gift Ngoepe for South Africa looks pretty good out there. He's smoked two triples and looked good moving over to cover first on that bunt. I just heard he's the first black African to sign with an American baseball team.
  11. jimmy no nose

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Netherlands and Italy both take the early 1 run leads. I'm sure one of these teams ends up getting blown out at some point, but I can't decide which. A few of my friends went and saw the Netherlands play the Pittsburgh Pirates B/C-team featuring 0 starters and thought there was no chance they won a game in this tournament.
  12. jimmy no nose

    Cowboys release Terrell Owens

    It could work I guess.
  13. jimmy no nose

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    CB is a really interesting position in free agency. After the Asomugha megadeal from the Raiders there were huge contracts to DeAngelo Hall, Kelvin Hayden, and Domonique Foxworth. Now Bryant McFadden is only getting offers of about $3-4 million a year after he was expected to be one of the more sought after free agent CBs. Leigh Bodden isn't getting much interest at all. For some reason this happens every year at that position more so than any other. All the money goes in the first 3 days then the offers drop off like crazy.
  14. jimmy no nose

    How I Met Your Mother

    Is that the first run of this episode? I watched it online a couple weeks ago and thought I missed it when it aired.
  15. jimmy no nose

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Tennessee gave former Tiffon Dragon Nate Washington $27 million over 6 years with $9 million guaranteed. Winning Super Bowls is awesome. So begins the Limas Sweed era in Pittsburgh.
  16. jimmy no nose

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    BJ Ryan also dropped out, but all the replacements have now been named. Fuentues is being replaced by John Grabow for the first round, then they'll reassess after that. Grabow may stay with the team or may go back to Pirates camp. Adam Dunn took the Hawpe spot. Joel Hanrahan and Heath Bell take the two closer spots.
  17. jimmy no nose

    NHL Discussion

    I've always preferred "Without Cheechoo". Quite an emotional number. Unfortunately they're missing the Anze Kopitar song: At one point the Kings agreed to play a video for it at one of their games, but then thought there would be legal issues.
  18. jimmy no nose

    Spring Training 2009

    Last year he signed a minor league deal with the Pirates and was told not to expect to make the team. He's a singles hitter who really can't play anywhere other than first base. Not exactly the most valuable guy out there, although at one point this offseason he was said to be looking for a starting job somewhere. No idea where he was expecting to go for that.
  19. jimmy no nose

    NHL Thread

    ESPN's hockey coverage is unparalleled. They have Sidney Crosby's goaltending stats up and they aren't impressive at all. In 60 games this year he's gone 23-56-79, saves 3% of the shots he faces, and gives up 65 goals per game. I don't know why they keep playing him. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=3933843
  20. jimmy no nose

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    I'd look out for South Africa. Not this time around, but maybe in the next WBC. Baseball has been exploding over there in recent years and will probably only continue if one of their players crack the majors at some point. I think right now they only have 6 or 7 guys in minor league systems over here though. The Netherlands and Italy have pretty highly regarded professional leagues, but I don't see them being competitive. I don't know what Australia has going for them. The organizers probably just wanted it to look like the game covered more of the globe than it actually does and there weren't a ton of options where people would at least know how to play.
  21. jimmy no nose

    Eastbound and Down

    I really enjoyed episode 2. For some reason I wasn't interested in the show at all last week so I missed the first one. They haven't added it to the On Demand section here either, although they added every other show from last week. I'll have to check it out online tomorrow.
  22. jimmy no nose

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    That speech was all kinds of awesome, but the highlight was definitely when he says the line about "banging a girl in the ass" and the camera cuts to Anne Hathaway. Definitely intentional.
  23. jimmy no nose

    Worst General Manager in any sport

    David Littlefield was pretty awful. He famously passed on BJ Upton (and a ton of other guys) to take "potential third starter" Bryan Bullington in his first draft, then decided to one-up himself by taking relief pitcher Daniel Moskos over Matt Weiters in his final draft. He left open spots on the 40 man roster then went crazy when the 5 Pirates prospects were taken with the first 6 picks of the Rule 5 draft. His big free agent signings were guys like Jody Gerut, Matt Lawton, Jeromy Burnitz, Joe Randa, and the infamous 1 month appearance by Raul Mondesi. His trading record includes the big Aramis Ramirez for Bobby Hill and Jose Hernandez deal, and the time he completely inexplicably decided to step in front of a Matt Morris to the Cardinals deal by offering to take on his entire contract when the Cardinals were offering to do something like 40%. There have also been reports that he managed to pass on deals that involved getting back Ryan Howard twice, once for Kip Wells and once for Kris Benson.
  24. jimmy no nose

    Spring Training 2009

    It's weird when things like this come out, because what is the team supposed to do? I know it makes him old for the league he was playing in, but he was still dominating in a league that was probably where he should be based on experience level. It's tough down there though, once the players reach 18 they're just about done if they don't end up lying about their ages. I'm not sure how common it is right now, but the Pirates have been bone testing their Latin American signings. They had one guy forced to give back his signing bonus last year. Ultimately that's probably where every team is going.
  25. jimmy no nose

    NBA All-Star Weekend

    I was disappointed that I missed the HORSE contest, but now that I got a chance to watch I realized I should have just skipped over it. Mayo was the only one who even tried somewhat interesting shots. Durant just hung around the 3 point line which was probably smart, but made for a terribly boring game.