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  1. jimmy no nose

    Fantasy Football

    I missed 4 rounds of the draft and ended up with Duce Staley as my top RB, hopefully he starts playing again soon.
  2. jimmy no nose

    Fantasy Football

    Almost forgot the draft was tomorrow. Hopefully I'll make it for the live draft but just in case I've got a lot of pre-ranking to do tonight.
  3. jimmy no nose

    Were you to take a drug test right now...

    I'd pass I think I might have accidentally voted no though.
  4. jimmy no nose

    Sample of Macho Man's Rap

    I thought there was an article before that was saying he was going to be a legitimate rapper and his first song is about Hulk Hogan not agreeing to fight him for charity. This is awesome though. The best part is where he says "I'm gonna kick you in the BUTT and wash your mouth out with soap"
  5. jimmy no nose


    I havent seen the show yet, all I've seen is on Jimmy Kimmel when they showed her asking if her tuna she was eating was chicken or fish because it said "Chicken of the sea". Nick just laughed at her. Then I saw a commercial today when she says "The only time I'd ever shoot you is if you cheated on me, and if you did I'd shoot your <beep> off."
  6. jimmy no nose

    Bettis = El Benched

    Fu at starter wouldnt be a wise choice at all, he's been injured about 50 times in the last 3 years and he's even injured right now. Bettis as the short yardage back and Veron Haynes as the third down back is the way to go. Fu fills in for whoever gets injured.
  7. jimmy no nose

    Michael Vick fractures fibula

  8. jimmy no nose

    Michael Vick fractures fibula

    You shouldn't be picking ANY quarterback in the first round. There is too much depth and in most leagues you only have to start 1. If you're in a big league you might have to if you have a late pick in the first round to make sure all the good ones arent gone by your next pick. Vick isnt a good QB to take in that situation though. I got him in I think the third or fourth round last year and he'd only put up between 15 and 20 points a week while most guys would be putting up well into the 20s and sometimes even in the 30s.
  9. jimmy no nose

    After putting out the worst baseball game...

  10. jimmy no nose

    Shortlist Music Prize

    Moistboyz III and Mit Gas both made the list. I am pleased. The Beck album was alright as was the Mars Volta and Turbonegro's newest one was decent.
  11. jimmy no nose

    This week in DVDs

    All DVDs have a place for a booklet in the case, but not all of them have a booklet. I'm not sure if that one should, but I'd assume it doesnt if you bought a brand new copy that didnt have one.
  12. jimmy no nose

    Just how bad will Jersey Girl be next year?

    Yeah I heard about that and what the fuck happened to his whole Jason Lee as Fletch thing? He was quoted as saying "if (Jason Lee) is not the next Irwin Fletcher then I'm not directing the next Fletch" He says similar stuff to that for a good 2 years then today he puts out a list of 5 guys none of whom are Jason Lee. The other movie has the best name ever. And back to Jersey Girl the movie mainly deals with Affleck's relationship with his daughter after her mother/his wife's death. Her dying is a big part of the plot and she was never supposed to be the star of the movie until all the attention was put on the Affleck Lopez relationship and Miramax thought it would sell.
  13. jimmy no nose

    Password Asking

    Interestingly now that it's out of your sig I got the password promt and I had never gotten it before.
  14. jimmy no nose

    Have you see these videos from HCTP yet?

    I'm not that impressed, hopefully it will play better this time around. The sound effects aren't something to worry about you're just hearing more than you would because they don't have any game music yet. It shouldnt sound too bad when the music is added.
  15. jimmy no nose

    I can order, and have shipped to you any game...

    Nice idea Downhome, and thanks for the offer. I'm also interested in Raw 2 and ESPN 2K4. This sounds perfect to me because I was interested in the game but wasnt sure if I should put down the whole $50 on it. I may or may not be able to use Pay Pal, I haven't used it before, but it is possible for me to set up an account. Otherwise I could pay you by money order or whatever. Is it alright if I don't do it right away?
  16. jimmy no nose

    FUCK! What's happening?

    My friend just described this to me this afternoon, I'll have to give him that link that was posted. I'm sure he'd like to thank you for that.
  17. jimmy no nose

    This week in DVDs

    What I might end up picking up tomorrow is the Bloodhound Gang DVD "One Fierce Beer Run" I'm kind of scared though based on what I've read.