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  1. jester

    Kurt Angle released!

    There were some rumblings that he was pulling politics here and there as I recall, but he never really caught major heat on this board for it. Of course, when you've got HHH in the same company, it's hard to get your politicking to stand out. I was thinking the same thing. Reading the stuff that came from the Observer I was thinking...is this the same guy who everyone loved for never getting involved with politics and never complaining and still being one of the best and most over guys in the business.
  2. jester

    Carlito Unhappy With Push

    Also keep in mind that if Carlito does what he's told and doesn't get over (which he won't by being a poor man's Rock), they'll consider it his fault. He's right to want a better gimmick.
  3. jester

    Ultimate Put Over.....

    The only reason to bring back Hogan is if they can somehow make Austin vs. Hogan happen. I think everyone wants to see this match, even smarks (even if they are only interested the huge avalanche of politicking it would create). Otherwise, Hogan's only other use is burying people. And since there are other people on the roster that can do that, it doesn't really count.
  4. jester

    Kurt Angle released!

    Although it seems like WWE did the only thing they could do, I have a really bad feeling about this. You can put me in the "Kurt hasn't learned his lesson yet" camp.
  5. I do believe good writing/booking is essential. At the very least, it can't hurt and is part of the formula. Yes, there was lots of cracked-fueled story lines in WWE in 97/98, but remember, they were only one part of the wrestling boom. WCW hadn't fucked themselves totally by that point, and they had just about everything they needed to keep it going. It's one of the reasons their collapse is so tragic. They had a bunch of old guys that were made more interesting by... good booking and a kickass storyline to follow. They had some very promising up and comers. They had good booking and storylines. They had punch-stomp events, and they had cruisers tearing up the ring. How did it all fall apart? Shitty booking. Shittier storylines. Old guys squashing the new guys. Raw is nowhere near this level yet, and hopefully never will be. But anybody backstage at WWE who knows how WCW really fell apart should be pulling a few alarms right now.
  6. jester

    WWE News and Notes - 8/21-23

    Actually, knowing WWE, which can't figure out if they're pushing Orton or not, don't be surprised if Orton jobs for Trish.
  7. jester

    JBL's Wagon comment about Eddie

    No kidding. Where could JBL have possibly gotten the idea that it was okay to mock Eddie? WWE: everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others.
  8. 1. A couple of hot new characters who are not clones of the Rock or Steve Austin. 2. Good storyline and booking for the majority of the company, not just one or two feuds. 3. Stop allowing senior citizens to tap dance all over the young 'uns. 4. Allow different styles of wrestling suited to the wrestlers, not just punch punch punch spinebuster stomp stomp stomp. 5. Talent used for what they're good at. Talkers only talk, not wrestle. Workers only work, not talk, so they get talkers as managers. Nobody is forced to use a style that completely exposes their abilities. 6. Working with mainsteam media, not against it. 7. Legit competition sure wouldn't hurt.
  9. jester

    Chris Masters

    Masters was probably hired only because of his look. Now that it's gone, it doesn't necessarily have to be a career killer. A skilled and creative writing and booking team could give him something meaningful to do. Oh. Right. He's fucked.
  10. jester

    WWE announces 2006 DVDs

    "I respect you, booker man!"
  11. I've always wondered about this. Orton is a legend killer who hasn't killed any legends. Legend Killer is a good gimmick. They really ought to let someone use it sometime.
  12. I think Orton will be required to sell way too much for Lawler. Or he might barely squeeze out a cheap DQ win, because they have to protect the retired fatboy announcer. What should happen is that Orton should slap Lawler all over the ring right from the bell as Lawler gets no offense, and then for a finale Orton assrapes Lawler while giving the Memphis crowd the finger. Then we don't see Lawler for a month as he recovers from injury. But I think we'll get 60% Lawler offense, mad Orton cheating for a DQ, and then Lawler bitches about it for the rest of the night.
  13. jester

    Jeff Hardy re-signed by WWE

    That's actually a good idea, of course it's far too late now. Amazing, when an angle is fucked up, it gets even more fucked up, even after it's dead.
  14. jester

    Hogan out of summerslam?

    Perhaps if he'd learned that lesson 10 years earlier, there would still be a WCW.
  15. jester

    The OAO RAW for 7/31/06

    HBK kept his fist on the target area a lot longer than necessary on that ballshot. Just sayin'.
  16. jester

    The OAO RAW for 7/31/06

    The good news for Shane is he's bound to inherit some of his father's money. The bad news is that he's bound to inherit all of his looks. Has he started walking like a sodomized mallard yet?
  17. jester

    The OAO RAW for 7/31/06

    HHH threatening to get his lawyer on this. DX is so rebellious and edgy.
  18. jester

    The OAO RAW for 7/31/06

    I think the one on the end in the pleated skirt is actually disappointed not to be eliminated. She looks bored out of her skull. Or maybe she's just reflecting the audience.
  19. jester

    The OAO RAW for 7/31/06

    Come on, one of the Spirit Squad puts up a decent fight against another wrestler? That Highlander is totally buried. REAL wrestlers can fight 532 members of the Spirit Squad simultaneously.
  20. jester

    The OAO RAW for 7/31/06

    Where's our weekly dose of "DX faces Spirit Squad and a Special Guest Jobber in a Handicap Match"?
  21. Juvenile, yes, but that's the way it is. Those that don't want to be part of it should get out and get a 9-5 job. Everybody starting out knows it. Kid Kash bas been in wrestling at least a decade, I'm sure one of you can give the exact year. Those that don't follow it get hazed more than usual, made into locker room/road outcasts, or these days, fined or suspended. Anyone fortunate enough to make it to Stanford should fall in line with whatever's asked or expected, except for the obvious exceptions (Pat Patterson type stuff). Bullshit. People trying to make a living shouldn't have to put up with that kind of crap. It doesn't fly in the real world and it shouldn't fly in "Stanford" either. They'll be lucky if someone doesn't go full-on postal in the locker room one day. Amen. This is a publically traded company. And if it wants to be taken seriously, then the backstage has to grow up.
  22. I liked Jazz, despite the fact that she spent more time rehabbing than Mark Henry. And Gail Kim was starting to get interesting and better, so they fired her.
  23. You know, the heels in this match are about 1000 times more colourful and interesting than the faces.
  24. Whereas with Mick Foley, if you buy him lunch at Taco Bell he'll make an appearance and job to anybody you point at.