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  1. Vern Gagne

    Any Psych fans?

    I watched it. Nice to see Shawn interested in a case again. I don't like what they've done with the character this half of the season.
  2. Vern Gagne

    WWE Hall of Fame Candidates 2008

    Have Tazz induct him, assuming he's a Giant fan.
  3. Vern Gagne

    WWE General Discussion - February 2008

    Which makes you wonder... Where do you think WM 25 will be? I know a lot of people are saying Glendale, Arizona, but does anyone think it might happen somewhere else? Vegas and Dallas are the other popular predictions. I don't know if the new Dallas Stadium will be ready for next years Wrestlemania.
  4. A very good point guard who had his best years with Denver. What is the best fight (boxing) that never took place?
  5. Vern Gagne

    Please Pray For My Little Sister

    My prayers to you and your family.
  6. Vern Gagne

    WWE Hall of Fame Candidates 2008

    Ric Flair Ricky Steamboat Rocky Johnson Peter Maivia Freebirds Gordon Solie Mae Young Lawrence Taylor-if they put a celebrity in.
  7. Vern Gagne

    WWE Hall of Fame Candidates 2008

    Shouldn't Flair not be eligible until he "retires"? Which won't be until after WM.
  8. Vern Gagne

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2008

    The Jacobites select SP-Felix Hernandez
  9. Vern Gagne

    My Sports DVDs Update

    It was the twentieth anniversary of the the 1987 World Series.That would be guess why it was released first.
  10. Vern Gagne

    MLB Off-season Thread

    That's 40 votes for Romney.
  11. Vern Gagne

    NFL Offseason Thread

    Apparently he had to wait until Andre Tippett made it. He'll make it next year.
  12. The Milwaukee Bucks of the 80s. Los Angeles Phoenix. It's stupid but different. Best Super Bowl performance from a player on a losing team?
  13. Vern Gagne

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    Why was Stan Verrett apologizing at the end of Sportscenter?
  14. I think the tourney will expand to 68 teams. With three play-in games being added. Allowing three more at-large teams.
  15. Vern Gagne

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    Cocaine and steroids also factor in.
  16. Vern Gagne

    The Simpsons Question

    Mmmmm.....the land of chocolate!
  17. Vern Gagne

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    According to IMDB he is.
  18. Vern Gagne

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    The way Mark Henry gets his ass kicked by the top faces, he's no in position to be the elimination chamber. When do the Hall of Fame announcements start? I couldn't remember if it was after the RR or after NWO.
  19. Vern Gagne

    Heath Ledger dead

    You must have missed the issues where Batman chaperoned Robin at the prom. Not a comic book fan.
  20. What goes around comes around. Who is the greatest defensive player in NFL history?
  21. Vern Gagne

    Heath Ledger dead

    I think it's strange seeing Batman with a bouquet of flowers.
  22. Vern Gagne

    Favorite Fives

    Idea stolen from the Music Folder. Our five favorite of anything food related. My 5 favorite fruits 1.Blueberries 2.Rasberries 3.Navel Oranges 4.Grapes 5.Colorado Peaches My 5 favorite vegetables 1.Carrots 2.Green Beans 3.Corn 4.Celery 5.Lettuce
  23. Vern Gagne

    TSM Death Pool - 2008

    Christian Brando?
  24. Vern Gagne

    The Simpsons Question

    Woman: [over intercom] George Carlin on three. Krusty: [answers it] Yeah?...Lawsuit? Oh, come on. My "Seven Words You Can't Say on TV" bit was _entirely_ different from _your_ "Seven Words You Can't Say on TV" bit. ...So I'm a thief, am I? Well, excuuuse me! [to his accountant] Give him ten grand. Woman: Steve Martin on four. Krusty: Ten grand.
  25. Vern Gagne

    The Simpsons Question

    Homer the Clown is a great episode. Bill: Let me get this straight: you took all the money you made franchising your name and bet it against the Harlem Globetrotters? Krusty: Oh, I thought the Generals were due! [TV shows a Globetrotter spinning the ball as Generals watch] He's spinning the ball on his finger! Just take it, take the ball. [the Globetrotter kicks it into the net behind him] That game was fixed. They were using a freakin' ladder, for gods' sakes.