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  1. 1. Patrick Swayze-Best Bet

    2. Peter Falk

    3. Geezer Butler

    4. B.B. King

    5. Verne Gagne

    6. Diego Maradona

    7. Dick Van Dyke

    8. Jose Canseco

    9. Gary Busey

    10. Larry Hagman

    11. Ann B. Davis

    12. Barbara Bush

    13. Elizabeth Edwards

    14. Joan Jett

    15. Eleanor Mondale

    16. Farrah Fawcett-Majors-O’Neal-Varney

    17. Della Reese

    18. Jane Goodall

    19. Lauren Bacall

    20. Susan Atkins-Manson Family Member-Best Bet



    South Carolina at Vanderbilt



    Navy at Ball State



    Georgia Tech at Boston College

    BYU at Washington

    Cincinnati at Oklahoma

    Mississippi at Wake Forest

    Air Force at Wyoming

    West Virginia at East Carolina

    Texas A&M at New Mexico

    California at Washington State

    South Florida at UCF

    Northwestern at Duke

    Minnesota at Bowling Green

    Miami at Florida


    Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Cincinnati/Oklahoma game? 57


    Tiebreak #2: How many total yards (passing + rushing) will Florida's Tim Tebow have against Miami? 370


  3. I've got four guys on the DL. Two pitchers and two hitters. Carmona and Hernandez are supposed to be back soon. Zimmerman might be starting a rehab assignment soon.


    I'll take the SB from Taveras. My OF is still a problem area for me. I'm hoping Span stays on the roster when Cuddyer returns.


  4. If a player is dropped and picked up by another team, he still retains his original draft value because it is essentially like taking on that player’s contract through the remainder of the season. I’m not sure if I had that in the league rules or not, if not it was always assumed to be the standard. If it wasn’t, I’ll include it in the giant keeper section that will get added at the end of the month.


    Things would get quite ridiculous if they didn't keep that value. I can tell you for certain a lot of teams would try and clear players through waivers just to get rid of the original draft value when a guy is slumping. Hell, I would have done it with a ton of my slumping pitchers already. I know I could have snuck Ian Snell and Michael Cuddyer through waivers untouched early on.


    I'm thinking some changes for keepers should be considered. Like keeping only three or four from last years list.


    Are you proposing only keeping 3 to 4 keepers total or keeping only 3 to 4 keepers that you kept last year and then keeping 3 to 2 brand new keepers?


    By the way, everyone needs to check back on Thursday afternoon because I want to get the ball rolling with what we want to do on keeper year duration and get all that stuff hammered out by the end of June. I’ll draft up a couple of possible options from the preliminary discussions we discussed early on in the year. That way teams out of contention can start taking appropriate actions to get ready for next season.


    That's what I want the discussion to be about. If more people are against the idea that's fine. Just throwing an idea out for consideration.