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  1. Bart: You know, I used to think you were stuck in an emasculating, go-nowhere job.

    Homer: Heh heh…kids.

    Bart: But now? I want to follow in your footsteps.

    Homer: Do you want to change your name to Homer, Junior? The kids can call you HoJu!

    Bart: I’ll get back to you…


    Marge: Homer, there’s a family of possums in here!

    Homer: I call the big one “Bitey”.



    In my opinion the best episode of all time.

  2. - The Twins have signed Livan Hernandez to a one-year deal worth around $5 or $6 million, plus incentives. Livan is a decent innings eater, but since the team already has five starting pitchers better than him, I'm not sure how he fits in.


    Understandable idea, but they signed the wrong pitcher. Hernandez wasn't even decent in the National League anymore.

  3. I think maybe they were going for a laid back tropical kind of feel, since it's in Florida. That's the only thing I can think of.


    Honestly, I don't think it matters. The way things are playing out, this is going to be a fairly low key Wrestlemania, comparatively. I think they're saving the big hype and going all out for a big WM 25 in '09.


    Which makes you wonder...


    Where do you think WM 25 will be? I know a lot of people are saying Glendale, Arizona, but does anyone think it might happen somewhere else?


    Vegas and Dallas are the other popular predictions.



    I don't know if the new Dallas Stadium will be ready for next years Wrestlemania.