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    The Primetime Emmy Awards

    They've finally released a list of the six episodes chosen by each show nominated for Best Series. The way this works is Each DVD contains two episodes (I would assume in the order they're listed), and every judge gets a random DVD from each series. I think the thing NBC's comedies ran into was that hour-long or supersized episodes had to count as two episodes since it's longer than the usual running time. Anyway:
  2. Hank Kingsley

    Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit

    "Roy Walker" is my favorite B&S song.
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    That's because they were behind on releasing the other seasons. They were doing the every-six-months schedule, and didn't release season one until they were I think finished with season 3.
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    Oh, cool to hear. I was disappointed with a lot of season six, especially compared to what I thought was a stellar season five. Six still had a lot of great episodes, though, with the finale, the Nurse Roberts episodes, and My Conventional Wisdom. I'm really hoping seven is one of the best, since they know they have 18 episodes left they can get creatively rejuvenated. I read an article from Variety awhile back that said after Scrubs, Bill Lawrence has already signed a contract for 3 years with ABC to develop other stuff, and may also continue web-based content like Nobody's Watching. And this was a spoiler from that E insider person.
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    I think there are still like 4 Scrubs fans on this board. So for them I present this, taken from tvshowsondvd.com Comes out October 30th, and in addition to the usual extras, includes a big Making Of The Musical episode. also, this new entry in the Scrubs production blog has pictures from filming the Season 7 premiere, which will be directed by Bill Lawrence.
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    Box Office Report...

    I thought some of the best parts of Hot Rod were the things The Lonely Island guys added in. Hoobastank, Cool Beans, the Footloose homage. The script itself had actually been around since 1999 so they did a lot of uncredited rewrites.
  8. Hank Kingsley

    Book recommendations

    I had a few Borders coupons, so I picked up McCarthy's The Road and one of David Mamet's newer plays, called Romance. The latter is of course a really quick read and I'm almost finished with it. It is hilarious. I would love to be in a production of it. It's set in a courtroom, with a judge drugged out on antihistamines, a Jewish defendant and his anti-Semitic attorney, a gay prosecutor, and a plan to ease Middle Eastern tensions.
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    Box Office Report...

    It was worth it to me.
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    Recent Purchases

    One of my favorite comedies in a long, long time has one of the most epic soundtracks ever. by Europe: Danger on the Track, Cherokee, Rock the Night, and Time Has Come. Yes. Four songs by Europe. also: "Never" by Moving Pictures (Footloose), "You're the Voice" by John Farnham, "Head Honcho" by Gown, "(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight," and two variations of the "Cool Beans" gag in the movie. It's super bad-ass.
  11. Is it confirmed that Maya Rudolph is gone from SNL? That would make the show 10x more enjoyable. Especially after seeing that awful National Anthem sketch on the rerun tonight.
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    Tiananmen Cock.
  13. Hank Kingsley

    The Office, Season 3

    The gang started shooting season 4 this week. The first hour-long is called "Fun Run" and was written by the man, Greg Daniels. There are spoilers (sorta) about the nature of the "fun run," which sounds like typical Michael blowing things out of proportion, and two on-location pictures at OfficeTally
  14. Hank Kingsley

    1000 Reasons why Late Night with Conan O'Brien

    358. Quackers, the shit-eating duck.
  15. Hank Kingsley

    Box Office Report...

    How could you expect anything less-bizarre from the people who brought you Laser Cats. And hell yes to Richardson. I bought that shirt he was wearing (charming/sexy/awesome checklist) as soon as I got home. Cool beans.
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    I read a rumor that the Walk Hard trailer will be premiered before Superbad. As if there wasn't enough incentive to see this movie. Amazing.
  17. Hank Kingsley

    Box Office Report...

    Balls of Fury looks retarded. Hot Rod was awesome, but I knew it wouldn't do well.
  18. THANK YOU! I feel the same way. It was fucking hilarious. Best soundtrack ever. Angry punch-dancing in the forest. And yeah, Chris Parnell's tattoo speech had me in tears. I can't wait to watch this over and over on DVD.
  19. Hank Kingsley

    Lindsay Lohan Booked On Suspicion of DUI

    imdb: serious business.
  20. Hank Kingsley

    Ground Zero Stuff

    Slaughter - "Fly to the Angels"
  21. Hahahaha. I remember when Todd hosted that Coming Attractions show.
  22. Hank Kingsley


    So I'm pretty new to Entourage, season 4 is the only season I've seen in full so far. I gotta ask, is every week's B-plot Turtle and Drama's Crazy Adventures? Not that I necessarily mind, but it just seems like they get into wacky trouble while Vinnie and E do business and Ari Gold is the most awesome motherfucker ever.
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    The Office, Season 3

  24. Hank Kingsley

    The Office, Season 3

    http://www.officetally.com/my-phone-call-with-jenna Gah. Words cannot express. And doing your first post-nomination interview with an Office fansite over magazines and news outlets? I love Jenna.
  25. Hank Kingsley

    The Primetime Emmy Awards

    I think they submitted the musical episode for consideration though, which is a love-it-or-hate-it. If they had sent one of the later episodes, either the Nurse Roberts ones or The Convention episode, they might've gotten the nod. And this means John C. McGinley has one more season to get at least a freakin' NOMINATION. Come on, talk about snubs.