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    HD DVD/Blu-Ray

    I was looking at getting an upconverting DVD player since I got a 26" Vizio for my dorm room. Is it that much of a difference? And you need the HDMI cables to get the full effect, right. That adds another $80 or so.
  2. Hank Kingsley

    The Primetime Emmy Awards

    Extras really is fantastic. I haven't seen Season 2 yet, but jesus, the Les Dennis episode always kills me.
  3. Hank Kingsley

    The Office, Season 3

    Well, this was definitely more Rainn's year than John's. Voters missed the boat nominating John last year. Plus, he submitted "Business School," which was funny, but probably not the best choice. I love the writing nominations, too.
  4. Hank Kingsley

    The Primetime Emmy Awards

    I don't watch any TV Dramas, but I think every TV critic in America is going to storm the academy for not nominating Friday Night Lights. Very pleasantly surprised to see "Extras" love, with Gervais for actor, along with a writing nom and directing nom. And how about that comedy writing category? One for Extras, two for The Office, two for 30 Rock. Can't go wrong with that. Most excited for Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson, naturally. For variety show: especially after last night, it would be a CRIME for The Colbert Report to not win. Watch as Tony Bennett takes it.
  5. Hank Kingsley

    The Office, Season 3

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Congratulations to the Office crew for cleaning up in Emmy nominations: * Comedy Series: The Office * Lead Actor In A Comedy Series: Steve Carell * Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series: Rainn Wilson * Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series: Jenna Fischer * Directing For A Comedy Series: Ken Kwapis, Gay Witch Hunt * Writing For A Comedy Series: Greg Daniels, Gay Witch Hunt * Writing For A Comedy Series: Michael Schur, The Negotiation * Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series: Dean Holland, Dave Rogers * Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (half-hour) And Animation: John Cook, Peter J, Benjamin Patrick, The Coup
  6. Hank Kingsley

    The Office, Season 3

    They un-detate his capa.
  7. Hank Kingsley

    What did you eat today?

    Oh man, I love oat nut bread.
  8. Hank Kingsley

    Eating at Applebees for the first time in four years.

    I do like their honey barbecue boneless wings. Everything else is average.
  9. Hank Kingsley

    The Office, Season 3

    More of Ryan. Excellent. I'm actually working hard to get him to do standup at my school in the Spring, so hopefully I'll get to meet him. Interesting to read about Roy's departure, especially considering there was an interview with Mindy Kaling about a week ago where she said in the episode she was writing (the sixth of the season) there was the return of a character we thought we'd seen the last of. I figured Roy, but maybe it's Amy Adams or something. And Bob, instead of fighting the Creed thing, just think of a good season 3 quote to sub-headline the Season 4 thread. Preferably an Ed Helms line.
  10. Hank Kingsley

    The Office, Season 3

    This is also on Office Tally, regarding Season 4: So the first four episodes are hour-longs, and I assume they would leave the last hour-long for the season finale. Odd choice, I expected them to spread them out across the season. Maybe they're still considering the show going 60 minutes full time (for season 5) and this is a test.
  11. Hank Kingsley

    The king of grocery stores

    I got the best fucking Margherita pizza at Wild Oats the other day. Yeah, man.
  12. Hank Kingsley

    Rush Hour 3

    Yeah, didn't he get some insane, higher-than-Tom-Cruise salary for this?
  13. Hank Kingsley


    And Michael Cera plays Evan, as in Evan Goldberg, the other writer. I'm pretty sure it's based on their experiences. Apparently they wrote their earliest draft a long time ago and over the years just kept making it better.
  14. Hank Kingsley


    I hate you, Bob. One more month for me.
  15. Hank Kingsley

    Help Chris Become A Better Person...

    oh, and call it Double Jeopardy solidarity if you wanna, but Joe is right about "Way I Are." Fuckin' great song. When you hear top 40 songs nonstop at frat parties, you develop a sort of strange bond with them.
  16. Hank Kingsley

    Help Chris Become A Better Person...

    Oh, is this where all the retirees hang out? Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic (though you've probably heard of them since Neko Case is in the band) Old 97's - Alive and Wired (a live album but a good intro to the band, since it's 30 songs for $10 on iTunes. Amazing deal) How are all you guys, anyway.
  17. Hank Kingsley

    Albums Listened to Today

  18. Hank Kingsley


    and HEY HEY I'M A COLLEGE...
  19. Hank Kingsley

    Book recommendations

    Just the structure, with only a last initial given instead of a full name, jumped out at me. Then again maybe it's just a European style that I never picked up on, I don't know.
  20. Hank Kingsley

    Book recommendations

    Finished Nabokov's Invitation to a Beheading earlier this week. Bought it blindly based on my love for Pale Fire and the description, which compared itself to the surreal landscapes of Kafka's "The Trial." Oddly enough, despite a similar style, Nabokov had no access to Kafka's works throughout his writing this book, which makes some of the similarities (names: Nabokov's Cicinnatus C./Kafka's Josef K.) all the more interesting. It follows Cicinnatus, in prision for an absurd crime, who experiences absurd and dreamlike events as fluidly as he does his life. It's anchored by his idealistic journal writings, which eventually play a huge part during his execution. Highly recommended.
  21. Hank Kingsley

    Since when did clothes shopping...

    There's this place called Buckle that sells Affliction shirts. I thought about it for like 4 seconds, but then a) saw the $46 price b) saw a bro walking in wearing one and decided against it. Got this really neat Obey shirt for $30, though. That's about as much as I'll pay for a t-shirt.
  22. Hank Kingsley

    The Office, Season 3

    You may have seen the site before, but definitely check out http://www.officetally.com now if you haven't. The webmaster just posted part 2 of her amazing Q&A with writer Michael Schur (The Negotiation, Traveling Salesmen/The Return, The Job, etc.). Part 1 can be found a few posts down. The site is really informative and posts news as soon as it comes out.
  23. Yeah, I really wanted to like it, but it was just painfully unfunny.
  24. License to Wed: yes it is THAT BAD. Brian Baumgartner saying a (bleeped) "motherfucker" during the outtakes in the credits was the funniest part of the movie.
  25. Hank Kingsley


    The pink donuts are fucking delicious.