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    Smackdown Shut Your Mouth CAW thread

    How about Micheal Shane and Paul London?
  2. Dr. Zoidberg

    Shane, Terry and Jeff

    Wait, Funk turned down the Foley show? I thought he and Mick were best friends and shit. Holy god, could Funk actually be retiring? Isn't this a sign of the apocalypse? When Terry Funk turns down wrestling? Yes, I know that was horribly unfunny...I don't care...I'm tired
  3. Dr. Zoidberg

    BOoking for HeldDOWN

    Ok, I am TERRIBLY sorry for not having anything done for the previous two hD's, but I have a good reason: I have been in Mexico since Wednesday, and since the resort I was at had no computers...yeah...word THIS WEEK: Ragdoll and Melanie return from their celebration Vacation! And Josie, finally getting the strength to leave K-Money's hospital bedside, talks of her future husbands condition. Confrontation? BET ON IT! WHOO!