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    My Conversation With Mike

    McM cOmPuT: Nope, They were a month past the payment date. McM cOmPuT: Granted, it did come up in conversation, but no actions were ever made or asking for my address to mail a check. --------------------------------------------------- February 10, 2009 MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:13:12 PM): Mike check your PM box at TSM February 11, 2009 MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (11:21:02 AM): check your PM box at TSM McM cOmPuT (7:15:47 PM): Whats up? MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:16:48 PM): couple questions. when is this year's payment due? and 2. Leena's saying she's buying TSM...that's bs right? McM cOmPuT (7:17:52 PM): Leena nor anyone else has talked to me in ages about anything board related like that. McM cOmPuT (7:18:19 PM): There really isn't a yearly payment, there are monthly payments i pay currently. McM cOmPuT (7:18:31 PM): Are you referring to the payment last year to cover cost for a year? MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:18:37 PM): that's what we thought but I thought i'd make sure. the tsmers are asking me if she's lying and i didn't have an answer MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:18:41 PM): yes that's what i mean MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:24:29 PM): also the site address or something supposedly comes up for renewal on april 12thish? MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:49:28 PM): Is this a bad time for you to talk about it? We could do this sometime tomorrow or on the board MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (9:52:00 PM): I gotta go to bed in an hour or so, so if you can't talk now, maybe you can tomorrow? or post in the staff folder at tsm. We need to know when the payment is due, and have a link to your paypal or something like that to transfer the money to you. also we'd like to know the deal with the site address expiring on april 12th? McM cOmPuT (11:28:31 PM): back now MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (11:29:31 PM): I'm Asleep McM cOmPuT (11:29:31 PM): I was on mobile wireless earlier and it was slow since I was on the road. MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (11:30:44 PM): okay cool MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (11:32:07 PM): so when would you like to be paid by? MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (11:50:31 PM): I've got to go to bed soon it's almost midnight here. If you can't talk soon I'll have to catch you tomorrow or on the board February 12, 2009 MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (10:23:17 AM): I'm now around if you are available to talk February 13, 2009 MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (3:12:11 PM): are you going to be able to talk about tsm today? MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (7:49:50 PM): Mike I made a thread in Staff (Hot Chicks Room) with our concerns/questions listed for you to respond to. McM cOmPuT (8:23:38 PM): here MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:24:42 PM): Hi, so I've got a couple things I need to ask you. When do you need the payment by? and can you set up a paypal deal for people to pay you McM cOmPuT (8:25:34 PM): Ya, I have a TSM paypal acct still somewhere. McM cOmPuT (8:27:07 PM): There are some updates for the forum software I need to do at somepoint... MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:27:13 PM): okay cool McM cOmPuT (8:27:32 PM): not sure when I will get time, but I will try and give you guys a heads up. MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:27:47 PM): there's a couple people myself included that can only do money orders so we need an address to send those to McM cOmPuT (8:28:40 PM): Thats fine, MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:29:15 PM): and the domain name expires on april 12th we just want to make sure you knew about that because Leena claims she's going to buy the name McM cOmPuT (8:29:29 PM): haha McM cOmPuT (8:29:32 PM): she won't McM cOmPuT (8:29:43 PM): Godaddy floods me with emails prior to domains expiring, McM cOmPuT (8:29:54 PM): I won't forget. smile.gif MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:29:56 PM): she's obsessed. she has the entire Pit and some tsmers convinced she's already bought tsm MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:29:58 PM): okay awesome McM cOmPuT (8:30:11 PM): haha MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:30:54 PM): that's pretty much it. whenever you get around to providing the paypal link and an address things will be all taken care of McM cOmPuT (8:32:36 PM): k, I will put both on that thread. MYSTERIOUSONEWDI (8:32:47 PM): thanks alot McM cOmPuT (8:32:48 PM): I will have to figure out what paypal addy i setup a while back
  2. cobainwasmurdered

    Magazine Subscriptions

    She's provided in her will to get me a year's subscription. It's really puzzling. I must have mentioned something about it to her to get her fixated on it. She was 99 and pretty weird/outofit
  3. cobainwasmurdered

    Magazine Subscriptions

    My great aunt's last wish was for me to get a subscription to National Geographic. I don't really know why.
  4. cobainwasmurdered

    I miss Marvin

    If you actually knew what you're talking about you'd realize there is nothing stopping Marvin from posting.
  5. cobainwasmurdered

    American Hegemony

    When I saw that Cbacon had the last post in this thread before I opened it I felt like a little kid at christmas about to open his Big gift. After reading his post I feel like I opened it to find socks. pokadot socks. Where's the crazy?
  6. cobainwasmurdered

    DECLASSIFIED: Let's have a going-away party thread for Kotz

    From when he was a mod? I thought you wanted good stuff.
  7. cobainwasmurdered

    More Gay Marriage?

    This is stupid. I find the idea of my parents, old people, fat people, and courtney love having sex repulsive. But I don't consider that a viable reason for banning them from doing it. Something being gross should have no bearing whatsoever on it's legality. It just sounds like little kids talking about coodies. This is clearly not true as there are substantial groups of people who find the idea of homosexuality to be evil. Hypocritical. This is obviously intended to be a positive representation of homosexuals but it's just as stupid and stereotypical as the others blindly bashing religon. Broad generalizations don't help an argument. Well, I also get mad when gays compare their "struggle" to those of blacks and Mexicans. Fucking please. Just because homosexuals were never slaves doesn't mean you can't draw a very clear parallel to the struggles of minorities. Homosexual acts have been outlawed and homosexuals have faced serious legal consequences including the death penalty in some countries. There have been numerous murders and beatings done because the victims were gay.
  8. cobainwasmurdered

    2009 TSM Worst Poster Tournament: Final Four

    Goldengreek Enigma Roho is bad and all but I don't see the big deal.
  9. cobainwasmurdered

    Dispatches from StormFront

    That's so last year.
  10. cobainwasmurdered

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    For that to be really effective you'd have to make sure no one knew it would happen.
  11. cobainwasmurdered

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    Like this, though I like the book version better where they include the swords of all his fallen enemies as well.
  12. cobainwasmurdered

    I've been drinking

    I will bet my entire life savings that AoO fails to zero YnA's post count.
  13. cobainwasmurdered

    Changes made by Barack Obama

    Prince Philip is awesome though. He just doesn't give a shit, I love him.
  14. cobainwasmurdered

    Puppy Fight I.

    More like Paul. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_recur...s#Paul_Krapence
  15. cobainwasmurdered

    Covering Coverage

    I lost brain cells listening to that.
  16. cobainwasmurdered

    Traveling to England

    Pretend to be Canadian.
  17. cobainwasmurdered

    2009 TSM Worst Poster Tournament: Not-So-Elite-Eight

    Definitely Not Hot Young Wang Region 1. Goldengreek Most Likely Homosexual Region 1. cabbageboy BUTT Fuck Stupid Region 7. DarKnight The "I Tried to Save Good Matchups Until the End and Now I Have a Fuck Load of Them" Region 2. Enigma
  18. cobainwasmurdered

    Puppy Fight I.

    Because the Gary Floyd Bug Jar was so scintillating.
  19. cobainwasmurdered

    2009 TSM Worst Poster Tournament: Sweet 16

    And you had an incredibly stupid and pathetic feud with Indie. You're like CJ Lite.
  20. cobainwasmurdered

    2009 TSM Worst Poster Tournament: Sweet 16

    Definitely Not Hot Young Wang Region 1. Goldengreek 6. Jericholic82 Most Likely Homosexual Region 1. cabbageboy 2. bob_barron BUTT Fuck Stupid Region 1. RoHo 7. DarKnight The "I Tried to Save Good Matchups Until the End and Now I Have a Fuck Load of Them" Region 8. Cartman 2. Enigma
  21. cobainwasmurdered

    Jericho and Kelly Kelly

    Now there's something to discuss.
  22. cobainwasmurdered

    I am an internet legend

    http://www.imreallybored.com/community/ind...;f=8&t=2717 Few posts in.
  23. cobainwasmurdered

    I am an internet legend

    They moved away.