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  1. It is arguable that Jericho is the most over of the group, all in all. You make it sound like that someone is way more over than he is. Who?
  2. CanadianChick

    Triple H as world champ

    Well, the Angle feuds helped Edge. He moved up the card alot. He went from Regal to Angle, which is a huge jump. And Angle, um, got a nice hair cut. Win-win!
  3. CanadianChick

    I need your help

    Torturous Heaven.
  4. CanadianChick

    The Dames saved the board thread

    You have way too much time on your hands.
  5. CanadianChick

    New Shopzone Items

    I'd wear the Matt shirt if it wasn't purple. Hell, I'm a girl, and I wouldn't wear that shirt because of it's colour.
  6. CanadianChick

    New Shopzone Items

    Why purple? I remember they made an Edge shirt purple a while ago too. Who would wear a purple wrestling shirt?