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  1. The Czech Republic

    Dew Fuel??

    "immune system boosters" might be the funniest part of the Gay Fuel mystique.
  2. The Czech Republic

    What type of BBQ do you like the best???

    Charcoal, of course. I love grilling
  3. The Czech Republic

    Hey BITCH

    I remember Fridge was a captain in Gang Warz.
  4. The Czech Republic

    FUCK Zack Malibu, FUCK Czech Republic...

  5. The Czech Republic

    FUCK Zack Malibu, FUCK Czech Republic...

    Link, please!
  6. The Czech Republic

    We are all imbeciles.

    This thread is like porn for me.
  7. The Czech Republic

    MLB: Week 1 (4/2-4/9)

    Are you sure it's not just a support group for depressed men?
  8. The Czech Republic

    MLB: Week 1 (4/2-4/9)

    Hmph. Oh well, at least the Tribe won this time.
  9. The Czech Republic

    MLB: Week 1 (4/2-4/9)

    I would guess that's some of the "cardinal magic" that Czech was talking about a while ago. Or a fluke. Would be pretty nice if he could do that sort of thing the whole season. It's funny: if Marshall was starting for the Cardinals against the Cubs, we'd be clueless against him. This actually happened against that (is it Zach?) Duke kid that came up to Pittsburgh and shut the Cubs out. Well, here's where we should've put the bomb. blah, blah, froze when I read what Czech wrote, know people working at GABP, pray for the safety, blah
  10. The Czech Republic

    MLB: Week 1 (4/2-4/9)

    From the "lamb led to slaughter" department, 23-year-old rookie southpaw Sean Marshall gets to make his first start on the 9th against the Cardinals. If that's not a trial by fire, I dunno what is.
  11. The Czech Republic

    500,000 march in LA

    QFE. Cannot stress that one enough. The stock that people put into fucking AL FRANKEN's comments never fails to astound me. "so-and-so's a big fat liar...Al Franken said so! There's no liberal media bias, Al Franken said there's regular media and conservative media!" Since when did Stuart Smalley become the sole arbiter of journalistic integrity? Geez.
  12. The Czech Republic

    MLB: Week 1 (4/2-4/9)

    Yeah, I laughed, but you really shouldn't throw shit on the field, nor should you run on the field COUGH SOUTH SIDE TRASH COUGH.
  13. The Czech Republic

    Hey BITCH

    CWM sent me that e-fed thing.
  14. The Czech Republic

    Which skipper gets the boot first? '06 Edition

    EvanderHolyfieldsMissingEar got the boot first
  15. The Czech Republic

    MLB: Week 1 (4/2-4/9)

    Nomar Garciaparra is injured already?!??!?!? bahahahahahahaha ohhhhhhh man.
  16. The Czech Republic

    MLB: Week 1 (4/2-4/9)

    Just in case you forgot they're the Cubs, the Reds have tied the game 5-5.
  17. The Czech Republic

    MLB: Week 1 (4/2-4/9)

    Pierre triples, Walker doubles, Lee walks, Ramirez singles. It's all downhill from here. EDIT: Sac fly for Jones, error on Dunn, 2-0 Murton is playing great at the plate and in left, hitting a 3-run homer and robbing Kearns of a game-tying GS. Glad we picked him up. We'll get more out of him than Nomar. Who knew?
  18. The Czech Republic

    MLB: Week 1 (4/2-4/9)

    Dickie V on the Cubs: "They have to get back healthy Prior Wood."
  19. The Czech Republic

    3 White Lacrosse Players from Duke rape Black woman...

    Better check that "whore" definition. Anyway, I'm leaning toward the LAX players being guilty on this one, but they deserve a fair trial.
  20. The Czech Republic

    It's so hard to tell when Czech's displeased with something.

    slaps forehead not necessarily my own
  21. The Czech Republic

    Album of albums: Led Zeppelin

    I corrected it. I was thinking II and III came out in '69; rather, I and II did.
  22. The Czech Republic

    Album of albums: Led Zeppelin

    III was downplayed by critics when it debuted because it was more mystic and folksy when they were expecting horny and bluesy ("Since I've Been Loving You" notwithstanding). I'm pretty sure everyone had come around on it by the time Zeppelin was finished. Really, the first five albums are all great to me.
  23. The Czech Republic

    Good site for music torrents

    I've been buying more and more of my music lately, because it's good to actually own it rather than just have the MP3s. Plus, when my external hard drive got wiped out, I lost a lot of my illegitimately obtained stuff. So yeah, good to buy your music.
  24. The Czech Republic

    OAO WrestleMania 22 thread - 4/2/06

    Do you want another Chicago fire to start? Yes. Fuck Chicago. Hey, fuck you. The impression that I'm getting is that you guys are mad because they booed the designated faces, those STUPID SMARKS. Douchebags.
  25. The Czech Republic

    MLB: Week 1 (4/2-4/9)

    Okay, so apparently this is what I've got to choose from today. 1 p.m. games: Red Sox @ Rangers on ESPN2 Cubs @ Reds on WGN Nationals @ Mets on ESPN Pirates @ Brewers on FSN 3 p.m. Braves @ Dodgers on ESPN 6 p.m. Giants @ Padres on ESPN2 9 p.m. Yankees @ A's on ESPN2 So that's seven games for me. The rest are all local coverage, I guess.