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    It's not TV. It's HBO.
  2. The Ghost of bps21

    Bonaduce: Shaking the TNA Foundation

    It's also much different wrestling live than it is having the benefit of the editing machine making you look good... That being said Impact and Smackdown have the benefit of editing...and Bonaduces hardcore match with Dustin Diamond was better than some of the stuff on those shows this year. ... They need to bring in Knobbs to be in his corner.
  3. The Ghost of bps21

    Bonaduce: Shaking the TNA Foundation

    I think I read that he had. He was a real quick learner on that show and you could clearly see how much faster he was improving than everyone else. Bonaduce was a great character though. And this will get them a lot of airplay in Philly before the show. I wonder who draws the Bonaduce straw. I'll predict Bashir.
  4. The Ghost of bps21

    24 -- Season 7

    Yeah...when he got up and took off running I gasped and got a little sad. This season started kind of slow...but it's been really really good for several episodes now.
  5. The Ghost of bps21

    Bonaduce: Shaking the TNA Foundation

    Todd Bridges > Danny Bonaduce.
  6. The Ghost of bps21


    A friend of mine pointed this out to me too. I think my mind just kind of dismissed it because the movie is set in a time where the Towers would still be up.
  7. The Ghost of bps21

    How I Met Your Mother

    That's because the show is funny. Laugh tracks only don't completely suck when they're laughing at something funny.
  8. The Ghost of bps21


    It's a complaint based mainly on the decision to make so many previous things so graphic and violent beforehand. It makes the destruction of NYC look like the most harmless thing that happened in the film.
  9. The Ghost of bps21

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    "integrity or loyalty" That sure sounds like our Lita.
  10. The Ghost of bps21

    WWE Raw - March 9, 2009

    Among the many, many...many questions running in my head during that segment... who were all of these random people just hanging out in Randy Orton's house?
  11. The Ghost of bps21

    ECW Spoilers for 3/10

    They pop up to argue that it's a world title just like the other two all the time.
  12. The Ghost of bps21

    ECW Spoilers for 3/10

    I think that Christian has as good a shot as any at getting the MITB. Either him of MVP. Anyway...does anyone still want to argue that the ECW title means something?
  13. The Ghost of bps21


    Is TSM lent over?
  14. The Ghost of bps21


    I was talking to a friend of mine about it and I landed right near where Special K did. They got so much of it right...that as a fan of the book I was thrilled often. But the ending (which is my favorite part of the story by a mile) didn't work. I think it's equal parts the bloodless destruction of New York leaving me feeling like they were standing around debating nothing of particular importance, and part that Ozymandias is such a weak looking motherfucker. It's the only extended time that his performance really had to carry anything...and it sank like a stone.
  15. The Ghost of bps21

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Did they ever make a movie out of maus? That would probably still be closer now that I think about it...nevermind.
  16. The Ghost of bps21

    Weekend Box Office Report

    I'm trying to think if there are worse comparison's that I can come up with and I've landed on..mean girls. The only movie I can think of that is less like comparable to Watchmen than League of Extraordinary Gentleman...is mean girls.
  17. The Ghost of bps21

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    Packing up his guns and planning his assault on the people he chose in the death pool to try and repeat.
  18. The Ghost of bps21

    The WKO 100 is Finally in!

    Now that you bring it up...Angle had a really good year with matches against Nagata on Global Impact, Christian at the first 2 ppvs, Joe at Lockdown, Jarrett at BFG, Styles a couple times and Abyss...where he had really good and different matches with all of them.
  19. The Ghost of bps21

    Cowboys release Terrell Owens

    Losman is gone. Gone. Gone. Not coming back. Gone. Edwards is still the starter and has now found himself in a catch 22 of sorts. He's got two good recievers and no line...and one of those recievers has thrown better QBs under the bus. It should be quite the interesting 3rd year for the kid.
  20. The Ghost of bps21


    I just saw it...I ended up enjoying it pretty well. I didn't mind that they chaged the ending at all...but I hated the bloodless destruction of new york. After how graphic parts of the movie were, the lack of gore in that part made the ending feel anti-climactic.
  21. The Ghost of bps21

    Heel Characters That You Agreed With?

    The Truth was right in his first major Promo that led to his title reign in early TNA. He was also right when he would bad mouth the X division while he was champion for being pushed as the best, when he was the champion. He was pretty much always right...and it lead to him being a face as a result.
  22. The Ghost of bps21

    Impact spoilers for Feb. 26 and March 5, 2009

    The thing is, I think they peaked with their Angle/Sting build two weeks ago with the empty arena fight, and were left to try and fill 3 more weeks. Also, despite this show having some pretty big matches made on it (Sting/Angle, Joe returning to face Steiner, AJ/Booker) one of their couple "big" ppvs is coming up right after it. They're keeping the JJ/Angle feud going to then...and they're probably plating some kind of seeds with the Foley/Sting stuff. Basically they already pulled the Sting/Angle rabbit out of the hat and keeping the kids interested when the rabbit's already hopping around on stage is a problem.
  23. The Ghost of bps21


    I'm seeing this tomorrow because I had to work tonight...but holy shit has this movie polarized the people that I know. It's not even divided between those who read the source material and those who haven't. I had people from both sides that thought it was amazing, and others that thought it was the worst thing they ever watched. At least when it was Sin City it was split between the two groups...but I have no idea on earth what to expect...although were I a guessing man, since so many people that I talked to were passionately split one way or the other...I'll probably just find it decent. Because I am a boring person.
  24. The Ghost of bps21

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    I've been really looking forward to Curb returning (since season 6 was so fucking good) and this news only excites me more. Season 6 had the fortune of David sitting back and waiting to do it until he found an idea he was really into...and season 7 has the same benefit. It sucks that we have to wait longer betwen seasons...but the quality has been extraordinary.
  25. The Ghost of bps21

    Impact spoilers for Feb. 26 and March 5, 2009

    It seems clear that Dutch is just happy to be drawing a check at this point, as the storylines don't have any of his prints on them anymore (the slow burns with obvious twists that they do anyway). Dutch is a kind of slow boring booker...Russo is obviously a too fast frantic mess... Jarrett should really know better though. The problem with the group isn't that they can't come up with a good idea...it's that when they get one it's like they're racing to see how fast they can kill it. And also they come up with some really bad ideas (Abyss's last year comes to mind immediately).