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  1. The Angle being smaller thing is, IMO, the positive finally showing of him leaving the E. The guy is still a fantasitc worker and he doesn't have to be larger than life to pull it off. If he was near death when he gut cut by WWE then we can only look at his TNA run as a success. He's healthier. He's still performing at a top level. And he looks nowhere near death or the destruction that he was rumored to be at. Let's not forget...this was a guy who we read was so far gone that him signing with TNA was a legit shocker. He's OBVIOUSLY changed up his game in the last few years...and like TNA or not...this guy is good. Read into his shrinking what you want...but I think it's good on him.

  2. "Regarding the World X Cup, not much has been talked about regarding it. It’s a major headache because it requires working with international groups, and it’s not an if, but how often there will be communication issues, mistrust, double-crossing and screw-ups. Last year, there was an agreement that to make the thing become bigger, that CMLL would host the entire tournament which would then be aired on Impact as well, to give it a different look. Given that CMLL used no TNA wrestlers on its PPV over the weekend, who knows where the relations between the two companies stand? Plus, TNA’s style would be more conducive these days to AAA, but there is the Konnan factor that would hold up any working relationship there. "


    Maybe I'm imagining things...but I thought they did the X Cup every 2 years... Which means it wouldn't come up again until mid-2010.

  3. I've got a couple of thoughts...firstly...how can they ever prove who downloaded tracks? Several people use my computer...so there's your reasonable doubt right there.


    Secondly...once you buy the album legally aren't you allowed to back up the files any way you want to? So screw their 150 dollars a track...if they come after you go buy the album for 12 bucks and tell them to go fuck themselves.

  4. I had to take my car in for an inspection/oil change/new side mirror/tires/brakes on Tuesday Morning and I was stuck there for 3 and a half hours. I played peggle on my phone the entire time and it flew by.

  5. It's back in the Xbox marketplace too. It'll have to wait until after I get back from the Sabres game tonight...but having the day free did allow me to beat the 1000 points out of Legends of Mania already.

  6. This is such an odd little piece here. It's like he was asked a question he wasn't prepared for so he decided to use his answer to push the WWE is PG angle. He isn't wrong...what with Joe walking around with knives and hanging people upside down and beating the shit out of them...but you get the impression that he doesn't actually know that those things are happening and just that they are TV-14. The ratings thing is what it is. But that fraction has gotten a little smaller with Smackdown getting a 1.9 and ECW doing around the same numbers as TNA. They do only pull a third of the Raw audience though.


    The most interesting part has to be him saying that TNA has to adapt to the times and be PG... Basically flat out saying that if they want to succeed they need to be more like WWE...which is what everyone else in the world thinks is TNAs biggest problem.


    Interesting stuff.

  7. They don't need 4 preseason games. Two of them are treated as jokes anyway. Especially the last one. If you need 3 quarters of garbage time against other garbage players to choose between the last 3 guys on the roster who won't even make the active gameday roster, and the 3 that wont...you aren't a very good coach.