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    The Vitamin X Question Of The Day

  2. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    30 Rock

    "Oh my God, you puked! Why wouldn't you warn me? I was staring at your mouth!"
  3. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    The Office Season 5

    What a weird turn of events...
  4. HollywoodSpikeJenkins


    So the little guy who got beat up in Little Giants is now on Scrubs. So is Jett Jackson. Awesome.
  5. HollywoodSpikeJenkins


    Why do I have a feeling things are going to be even more confusing now?
  6. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    I don't dislike Brown, but I don't really care much for him. He's put on some good performances post-TUF, but nothing that'll make me go out of my way to cheer for him over Rumble. Unless he started coming out to the Highlander theme music to really put over the Immortal stuff.
  7. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    Matt Brown's theme music should be the remix version of Benoit's theme that Edge and Christian did. Matt Brown is here and hes really mad, Matt Brown is here and hes really angry.
  8. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    Finally, they pick an opponent I wouldn't mind getting knocked out.
  9. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Wretling gimmicks in 2009

    I believe there are two sides to this argument. One is that wrestlers now-a-days aren't charismatic enough to use gimmicks properly and two, the writers don't know how to use a gimmick character properly. While most gimmicks and characters seem silly at first, if the wrestler can do it properly, it'll get over. It's always been said that the best gimmicks are just an extension of the wrestlers personality...but the problem with this is that now every wrestler is just themselves. Randy Orton is angry and sadistic, HHH is angry and sadistic, Edge is angry and sadistic, Kane is angry and sadistic, Matt Hardy is angry and sadistic. And it's even worse for faces because they seem so bland. Kofi Kingston smiles and jumps around a lot, Rey Mysterio smiles and jumps around a lot, CM Punk smiles and jumps around a lot, Fit Finlay smiles and dances around a lot. What separates these guys? But then the other side is the writers don't know how to use gimmick characters. What happened with Boogey Man? He got his character over because of his charisma, they used him on and off and finally released him. How about all the failed characters? Kizarny? Mordecai? The writers like to throw people out there, push them for two weeks and then cut their legs out from under them.
  10. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    ECW - March 24, 2009

    So the main event is the MITB guys just standing around, laughing at each other?
  11. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Gobstopper: The Movie

    Gob-Stopper: The Movie.
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    I hate Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. And I LOVE Dr. Pepper.
  13. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    I Love You, Man

    I didn't say it was his best film (you're right, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is better than this and was my favorite comedy of '08) just that it was his best film role. I'm going to go against the grain and say his best role overall was as the creepy, obsessive ex-boyfriend on Undeclared, though obviously Freaks & Geeks is a close second. How I Met Your Mother > Undeclared > Freaks & Geeks (well, his character anyway)
  14. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Weekend Box Office Report

    People, we live in a world where Bangkok Dangerous was the number one movie in America. Is it really a surprise anymore that Nicholas Cage can make a piece of shit movie and everyone go see it?
  15. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Let The Right One In

    I watched it with the dubbing and my issue was with the adult characters (mostly Oskar's parents) more than the kids. I'm going to rewatch it sometime this week with the subtitles. Best vampire movie I've seen in a while, but not the best horror movie. It doesn't even feel like a horror movie. But the pool scene was awesome.
  16. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    I Love You, Man

    Just got back from seeing it. It took awhile to get started, but once Segal came in, the comedy got going. Jon Favreau was a pleasant surprise and had a couple of good lines. A couple of jokes missed, though and when they missed, it was bad. And I wouldn't say this is Segal's best film when he led Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
  17. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Bobby Lashley makes MMA debut on December 13th...

    I didn't know that Lashley was a NAIA wrestler. That takes away a lot of the luster.
  18. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    Florian is going to have massive backing in the Northeast. I may try and get tickets for this.
  19. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

  20. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    2009 TSM Worst Poster Tournament: Not-So-Elite-Eight

    2. TaigaStar 1. cabbageboy 1. RoHo 8. Cartman
  21. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Traveling to England

    Some of the comments in this thread and that I've been finding on the net have me rethinking a couple of things about this trip. The friend that I'm going on the trip with wants to stay for 9-10 days, but I think I'm going to cut it down to 5-6.
  22. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    Has there been any info on the Create a Fighter mode?
  23. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Kane and MMA fighter in bar brawl?

    Sylvia would jab at Kane for 15 minutes.
  24. HollywoodSpikeJenkins


    Personally, I don't think he'll make it to the series finale. I expect him to be the next major character to die.
  25. HollywoodSpikeJenkins

    Kane and MMA fighter in bar brawl?

    Kane beat up a former UFC Heavyweight Champion? I can't wait for Brock Lesnar to return to challenge HHH.