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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    Time for some more crossover madness. DRI - "Suit and Tie Guy" Cro Mags - "We Gotta Know"
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    Recent Purchases

    Off iTunes... Demolition Hammer - Tortured Existence Demolition Hammer - Time Bomb I have been searching for an album by DH for years. YEARS. I found the Century Media 10-year anniversary 3-CD collection around '02 or so, and ".44 Calibre Brain Surgery" caught my ears immediately. You can check out the thread Taiga started regarding metal for their tune "Infectious Hospital Waste," or prolly d/l ".44 Calibre Brain Surgery" somewhere for free. They are what Cannibal Corpse would be if fronted by Steve Souza, pretty much. Lovely thrash with a solid technical side. I haven't given either a full listen yet, but I will over the course of the next week or so. I can't see myself not loving it entirely, considering the two full songs I've heard have been great.
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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    I'm down with the grind. It helps that my favored death metal bands have a lot of grindcore influence. I've been getting more into Pig Destroyer than ever before. Check out Amputated. They're so horrible that they're great. Ditto XXX Maniac. Oh shit, how could I forget?! You must listen to Skinless. Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead is probably my favorite death metal album released in the last 10 years. It's just so beautiful in its brutality and its groove.
  4. Corey_Lazarus

    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    Some more goodies: Brian Posen - "Metal By Numbers" Posehn is a stand-up comedian that is most recognizable for his roles on "Just Shoot Me" and "The Sarah Silverman Program." He's also a self-admitted metal nerd. This song, musically, is very tight, but lyrically it's so true and yet so hilarious. Posehn nails metal's goofier moments dead-on, and even slips in some jokes about fashioncore. Dying Fetus - "One Shot, One Kill" Ignore the vocals and focus on the song itself. That's how you can get into the growly stuff: by focusing on the music behind it. GWAR - "Bring Back the Bomb" If you don't like this, then there's something wrong with you. Send More Paramedics - "Zombie Crew" You will probably hate this, and I won't blame you. B'Hellmouth's vocals are terrible in just about every SMP tune, and there's nothing that decent about the band, but they're pretty fun if you can get into them.
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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    I would say stick with the ones I picked, because they're a little easier to get into than any other album of either band. Amongst... is Nile's shortest album, so if you can stand that then you can stand their longer songs (which they do have plenty of). And Stop At Nothing has my personal favorite Dying Fetus tune, "One Shot One Kill," so that's why I threw that there. Plus, I feel the production of it is at its best, and Gallagher's back-up vocals aren't annoying (for once) during that album.
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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    Re: difference between black and death metal For starters, you're not likely to hear real black or death metal on ANY radio station, save for maybe a metal show on a local public access or college station. Boston used to have "Nasty Habits" every Sunday night, 11p-2a, on WERS 89.9 FM, but that show lost funding and had to be cancelled. Even XM and Sirius have lame choices for metal, ESPECIALLY Sirius (every single band is metalcore, and then they'll randomly throw a Slayer or a Motörhead tune on). BLACK METAL The genre gets its name from the Venom album Black Metal, which many (falsely) claim to be the first black metal album and band. Venom, if anything, were the prototypical thrash metal band, featuring stripped-down chord progressions with a reliance on minor scales, overtly Satanic imagery, and a powerful stage show focusing around headbanging, spiked gaunts, and the raw power of the band themselves. Those more familiar with the style point to Bathory as the first black metal band, with its focus on primal ferocity and topics closer related to Asatru (the ancient Scandinavian Viking faith) than outright Satanism. Black metal has always carried with it an air of ambience, of drone, and the more "true" black metal bands will oftentimes change into techno/trance or pseudo-industrial forms of music to help create this inhuman, unearthly sound they yearn for. Musically, black metal is unlike any other form of metal. Many songs focus on powerchords played on the fifth string of the guitar (the A string) while vocalists screech out lyrics that range in topic from Asatru and the worship of Odin to outright Satanism to neo-Nazi propaganda to even more modern tales of warfare. Drumming is usually kept to either fast double-kick and unrepentant blast beats or a slower, more groove-oriented blues drumming style that is meant to change the pace dramatically, and thus throw the listener out of their comfort zone, creating a sense of surrealism. Bassists are almost unimportant in black metal as a whole, as the style is more driven by the guitars and the vocals, much as "traditional" metal is. And then there's the mindset behind black metal, or at least "true" black metal. Satan worship and/or an invoking of ancient regional faiths is the usual modus operandi of black metallers, and can either focus on individualism or fascism. Black metal is odd in that there's not one solid mindset in the style, and there is so much more thought put towards black metal than many other styles of music, yet most of the music churned out sounds so identical that it's hard to pinpoint which band is which. Very few bands of the subgenre stand out besides the mainstream ones (Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, and few others), which leads to the more elitist of metalheads to stand by black metal moreso than other subgenres (specifically thrash and -core) as it is a style almost guaranteed to remain underground if all "rules" of it are kept straight. Yeah, it's really hard to actually describe black metal without sounding like either a contradictory buffoon or a holier-than-thou douche, but once you actually "get it," then it becomes clear. RECOMMENDATIONS: Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Bathory - Bathory, Burzum - Det Som Engang Var, Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk DEATH METAL The subgenre gets its name from word-of-mouth essentially, though there was an album released in the mid-80's entitled Death Metal (it might be by Possessed, and early pioneer of death metal, but I'm not sure on that one). Musically, death metal is much closer to thrash metal than would expect, but if giving a listen to older death metal albums (Morbid Angel's Altars of Madness, Death's Leprosy, Possessed's Seven Churches, and Cannibal Corpse's Eaten Back to Life) it becomes more apparent that Slayer's Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss albums are almost more death metal than they are thrash metal, thus bridging the gap. Death metal is, then, a more extreme form of thrash metal, focusing on even faster drumming, more technical riffing, and a lighter reliance on vocal clarity (the growling is a pivotal part of the style that stems from hardcore and grindcore, which rejected "traditional singing" in favor of what they viewed as their own style). Lyrical topics focus primarily on the occult or graphic depiction of brutal murder and torture, although the lyrical content is not set in stone and can be focused on anything the lyricist chooses. A reliance on minor scales is more dominant in death metal than it is in black or thrash metal, and the initial rejection of melody was intentional so as to create a more dominating, more "in your face," a much "heavier" sound. Guitars are often either downtuned (Drop D is a favored tuning, as are C-standard and even Drop A at times) or just overly distorted, and the bass is focused upon much more greatly than in black or power metal. The drumming is usually more varied than in black metal, with blasts giving way to blues-y grooves or military marching, and, in some cases, tribal beats (specifically early Sepultura and Nile) or jazz improv. Death metal is also a much wider style than black metal is, allowing crossover attempts while still being able to be called death metal. If this were not the case, then the Gothenburg scene would have crumbled under the weight of elitists. Death metal's ideals focus primarily on the realization that we all are going to die. Initially, the philosophy of the scene was that once you embrace your inevitable fate that you could finally live your life the way you feel it should be lived, which allows for facets of any and all religions and spiritualism to filter in so long as the ultimate knowledge, that we die, is still focused. Death metal is not true death metal unless there is that element of nihilism there, which is why many bands labelled "death metal" by the media are rejected entirely by the true scene. For some fans, mono- or polytheistic faiths are considered right for them, and others can reject any and all idea of a supreme being. It's the individual that matters, not their belief, which is how bands like Deicide (which literally means "the murder of God") can even exist, considering frontman Glen Benton (who has an inverted cross burned into his forehead) and guitarist Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse, ex-Nevermore) get along when the former is a well-known atheist and the latter is a devout Christian. Other styles of death metal include brutal death, deathgrind, melodic death, Gothenburg (a specific style of melodic death that originated in Gothenburg, Sweden), deathcore (death metal meets hardcore, how original), and progressive death. There are even more styles, but most of them sound the same, and these, at least, sound a little bit different. RECOMMENDATIONS: Cannibal Corpse - Tomb of the Mutilated, Death - The Sounds of Perseverance, Dying Fetus - Stop At Nothing, Nile - Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka, Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness, In Flames - Jester Race
  7. Corey_Lazarus

    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    Actually, he sneers. There's a difference. Singing is matching your vocal tone with that of the music. Sneering is not giving a fuck and just getting the words out. Hrmmm...how to put this, uhhh...shit, it's hard to actually say the differences between death and black metal, considering everything about them is different. The music, the lyrical content, the stage shows, the philosophy...FUCK...I'm glad you started the other thread. It gives more room.
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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    How could I be so fucking stupid?! I forgot two of my favorites... The band that made crossover (hardcore punk + heavy metal, even moreso than thrash metal was) famous, Stormtroopers of Death with "March of the SOD" lead directly into "Sgt. D and the SOD" from their Speak English Or LIVE (AKA Live at Budokan) home video. Summer's End - "Haunting Hallowed Graves" One of the many bands I got into just before they broke up (see: Stuck Mojo, Strapping Young Lad, Send More Paramedics, Crimson Spectre). It might be a bit too screamy for ya, but the music itself is pretty fucking tight. This is one of those bands where if they worked a little harder to get recognized, you'd probably be seeing them on major tours with Killswitch Engage and shit.
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    Heavy Metal and subgenre description

    The way I see it, if you're not okay listening to the growly/grunty stuff, then maybe metal isn't for you. Bay Area legends Exodus with the song "Altered Boy" off of their 2006 album Shovel Headed Kill Machine. Of all of the older thrash metal bands (Metallica, Anthrax, Testament, Slayer, Megadeth, Sepultura, etc.), these are probably the only guys who can still go like they used to be able to. Shit, I actually think they're better NOW than they were during their "prime." Demolition Hammer with "Infectious Hospital Waste." Sadly, this band broke up after one of the members died back in the early 90's, which is a pity because if they stayed together for just a little longer they'd probably be legendary. This is also the band's only official music video. British thrash metallers Evile, winner of Terrorizer magazine's 2006 Best Unsigned Act. The video is made by a third party, but the song is fucking tight. "We Who Are About To Die." Speaking of tight... Municipal Waste's "Unleash the Bastards." These guys are the KINGS of thrash these days, and for good reason: even if you think the music is basic (which it is), their live shows are one giant fucking party. The band with rip beer bongs with people, and the singer with throw a boogie board out into the crowd and jump on it mid-song. And since you're from Mass, here are some bands you need to check out ASAP if you haven't already: Unearth - "Giles" Shadows Fall - "Of One Blood" (from their second, and best, album; live recording, so sound might be fucked) Legendary Boston thrashers WARGASM with their one and only video, "Dreadnaught Day"
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    Who were champions

    Started really actually WATCHING in October '97, so here's what I remember... WWF WWF Champion - Bret Hart WWF Intercontinental - Owen Hart WWF European - Triple H WWF Tag Team - Uhhh...New Age Outlaws? Either them or maybe the Road Warriors? WCW WCW World Heavyweight - Hogan US Heavyweight - Curt Hennig TV - Either Disco Inferno or Perry Saturn Cruiserweight - I do believe Eddie Guerrero, although it may have been Rey Mysterio Jr. Tag Team - Outsiders
  11. Corey_Lazarus

    Top 50 Stars of the Last 50 Years

    I'd say American wrestling fans are familiar with the lucha libre style moreso than any of the lucha promotions. Still, Guerrero is important, as he and Mysterio are the two biggest hispanic stars of the last 10-15 years.
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    Will Nelson make me gay

    Those are supposed to make him LESS gay?
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    Gas Price Check...

    When I left for Florida on 4/17 gas prices in my town were, on average, $3.23. When I got back home on 4/26? $3.53. Man, I drive all the time, too.
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    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    I always figured it was blueberry AND raspberry flavoring together. Those are just US-issue paratrooper boots with swastikas for inner treads. I have an 11-eyelet pair just like them on right now, minus the swastikas and logo.
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    Recent Purchases

    Exodus - Tempo of the Damned The album that brought Exodus back to life. And it's exactly how it should sound: gritty, fast, heavy, with just enough melody to catch your attention. Souza's vocals never take the same form they did for Fabulous Disaster, but that works out to the album's advantage, as it sounds as though Souza tries harder to keep up with the pace of the songs than ever before. The lyrics are your typical thrash fare, poking fun at religion and trying to sound political while being more or less adolescent in world views. The best line of the album comes from the fourth song, "Shroud of Urine," and that line is "You're cruci-fucked / And you're outta luck." The album also has a decent running time, somewhere around 40-45 minutes, which would be greatly expanded upon with the next two Exodus albums (which, by the way, are superior to this one, albeit just a little) Shovel Headed Kill Machine and The Atrocity Exhibition - Exhibit A, but the one flaw I see is that each song bleeds into the next, which is a flaw in thrash metal itself. That said, the return album for one of thrash metal's godfathers has blown every album released from the mid-90's onward by the "Big 4" of thrash - Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, and Slayer - away entirely. The only band I would say that has been doing thrash metal better than Exodus in the new millenium would be Municipal Waste, whose style borrows heavily from the very scene that Exodus helped maked famous. A worthwhile pick-up for fans of the Bay Area legends, and any fan of heavy music in general. D.I. - On the Western Front A legendar SoCal punk act, D.I.'s On the Western Front was released in 2007 after being hinted at and hyped since 2003 or so. I actually remember wanting to get the album specifically due to how good DI's set during the Fiend Fest '03 tour (supporting for The Dickies, The Damned, and The Misfits), especially since they hyped the song "OC's Burning" during their set, and it stood out as easily the most memorable song of the evening (even more so than the set performed by Jerry, Marky, and Dez). The album is, unfortunately, generic punk. And, oddly, this works to its advantage, as today is a day in which "punk rock" has meant lame haircuts, hipster posturing, and naming bands just to get a form of street cred. The first half of this album is perfect: the title track gets the flow going, "OC's Burning" steals the show at the second track with a diatribe of how Orange County went from suburban paradise to shithole in the span of a decade (at least through the eyes of frontman Casey Royer), "Gutters of Paradise" is as catchy a punk tune can be while still remaining somewhat gritty, and "Prison Riot" and "Punk Rock Suicide" are both solid enough songs to keep the blood flowing. That isn't to say that the second half of the album drops off, it's just that no other song comes close to matching the feel of the first three. Overall, I'd say it's worth a pick-up if you like older punk bands, or even just bands out of the SoCal scene.
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    Total Non-Stop Action

    That should be a match on Impact: 6-man elimination, with the winner getting put into the final spot of the video game.
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    Stone Temple Pilots

    I just think everything they've done is terrible and annoying. Also... That doesn't mean anything. You may as well be bringing up Nickelback or something.
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    Post here if you dislike Will Ferrell...

    Yeah...how the fuck don't you like Major League? Shit, the comedies I watched when I was a kid were certifiable classics, like Major League, Airplane!, Naked Gun, and Porky's. I can't see how people can't love those movies.
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    Top 10 Favorite Musicians of All Time

    It's more about how many MCs even know who Edgar Allen Poe is.
  20. Yeah, I realize that this could be just a fluff topic, and if so, I have no problems with it being closed or merged with the "Random Thoughts" thread, but I think we can actually get a solid discussion going here. TNA has had a few really, really good matches in its nearly 6 years of being in business. From the amazing Lynn/Styles/Ki series to the XXX/AMW feud to the first showdown between Raven and Jeff Jarrett, all the way to the Joe/Styles/Daniels feud and the Angle/Joe series in late '06/early '07, and of course the Christian/Rhino matches. But what is, in your opinion, the BEST match in TNA history? What match has TNA produced that made you point at it and go "THIS is why I watch TNA"? It can either be the blowoff to a long feud or just a fantastic spotfest, a great brawl or a technical showcase. The only thing that matters is that you believe it to be the BEST that TNA has to offer. Below are some questions to guide you, but I know most replies will be just answering those questions. 1. What is, in your opinion, the best match that TNA has produced thus far? 2. What makes it better than everything else you've seen from TNA? 3. How does it stack up against other great matches you've seen from different companies? 4. Does any grouping of workers (not including those in said match) under TNA contract now make you think that another match of this calibre could be produced anytime soon? 5. How would you rate this match on the IWC star scale? The PCN 1-10 factor?
  21. Corey_Lazarus

    Top 10 Favorite Musicians of All Time

    The majority of the people I've met who actually follow that "ghetto" shit are fucking welfare leeches. Few actually understand what an education can bring, and it just seems to me that the bulk of rap glorifies "easy money" via drug deadling, theft, etc.
  22. Corey_Lazarus

    What is the best match in TNA history?

    So I take it you feel as though Styles is too spotty?
  23. Corey_Lazarus

    The Saints of Los Angeles

    Good. The less work for Bob Rock the better. I think an argument could easily be made that he ruined one of the greatest bands of the last 25 years (Metallica). I don't have anything to really contribute here other than a guy who works as a manager at the Wrentham Hot Topic Outlet looks just like Nikki Sixx. He kept talking to me earlier tonight when I went there to find a Danzig shirt about working with Thy Will Be Done (local band, pretty dece, getting a good amount of press now thanks to tours with Killswitch Engage and whatever piece of shit Jamey Josta's fronting now), so I think we know a lot of the same people in the local scene (well, he knows a lot of the same people the singer for my band does, but hey).
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    Post here if you dislike Will Ferrell...

    I didn't care for Punch Drunk Love as much as most did, if only because a lot of dialogue is a little too straightforward, especially towards the end. Click had me balling like a bitch by the end of it. It's especially touching if you have even the slightest bit of strain of a relationship with your father. The kind where you love each other, but don't necessarily show it, and don't talk much because you have things to do (ie. "go on auto-pilot"). And Ferrell should have just quit while he was ahead after Anchorman. Talladega Nights was good for only two reasons: Tom C. Reilly and Sascha Baron Cohen. They were the ONLY entertaining aspects of the movie. Blades of Glory was just overall awful, and Bewitched was saved only because I got drunk after watching it (and the dead-on Family Guy joke where Stewie travels across the country just to smack Ferrell and say "not funny" after watching it). After the Apatow crew broke with Knocked Up and Superbad, I think people are going to be wanting more that style of humor: raunchy to the extreme, but with a solid heart.
  25. Corey_Lazarus

    Total Non-Stop Action

    I still say the best SD game was SvR '06. The TNA game may prove fun, but it's going to have to do a whole lot of work to edge out Def Jam: FFNY as my favorite wrestling/fighting game in recent years.