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    Top 10 Favorite Musicians of All Time

    Bad day. Straw. Camel's back. Dig? EDIT: That, and I hate rap in general. Part of it comes from everything I'm exposed to daily from it being utter shit, and another part of it comes from everybody that I've been told "is good" that I haven't just discovered on my own is just a whitey-hating Malcolm X wannabe.
  2. Corey_Lazarus

    Top 10 Favorite Musicians of All Time

    Hahaha are you serious about this? "Nerdcore" rap is the worst shit ever. Sorry, but I'm not from "da hood, y0." I don't care for ugly faces and big fat asses, I don't want to "get crunk," and I don't do drugs. I believe in a hard day's work for my pay, I believe in mutual respect amongst my peers. I believe in talent above marketing. I'm familiar with Star Wars, indie horror/sci-fi, and punk rock. If rap is meant to be the "music of the people," why would I listen to a bunch of men who don't look, talk, or act like I do, let alone have entirely different belief systems, ramble on about topics I have little care for? The few rap artists I do listen to are either better-than-average at what they do (Ice Cube, Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Run-DMC) or have something about them that I can associate with. I'm a white nerd from the suburbs. So why the motherFUCK would I want to listen to a hundred thousand different people rhyming about how the "white man has got me down" (Immortal Technique, anyone?) or about "backin' dat azz up." MC Lars speaks to me. He, along with other rapcore artists, take rap music for what it was meant to be: fun. There's a quote from Run-DMC that I can't find, but the summation of it is that 80's MCs would do party-rap because they didn't want to be reminded about the world of shit that they lived in. Plus, how many rappers do you know could take the Scorpions' "Rock You Like A Hurricane" and sample it into a dance beat? How many could do rhymes about Edgar Allen Poe one minute, and then break into ones about depiction of Hell throughout literature? Shit, how many rappers actually even KNOW what the fuck Dante's Inferno actually is?
  3. Corey_Lazarus

    Top 10 Favorite Musicians of All Time

    Steve Harris (penned the best Iron Maiden songs, and the only original member left in the band) Bruce Dickinson (more for his solo output, especially Accident of Birth and Chemical Wedding) James Hetfield/Lars Ulrich (strictly for their 80's output) Rob Zombie (when he wrote for White Zombie the songs resulted in being their best, ie. Astro-Creep, and I still think Educated Horses is magnificent) Jeff Hanneman (wrote the best Slayer tunes, you can thank him for the bookends of Reign in Blood and most of their noteworthy tunes, and thank King for Diabolous and God Hates Us All) Jerry Only (Danzig may have been the base of the Misfits, but Jerry wrote the music, and Graves-era Misfits, when Jerry was writing pretty much everything, is waaaay better than solo Danzig) Tom Petty (only pop-y rock I can listen to) Dave Brockie (he has the "serious buffoonery" thing down perfectly, and it shows outside of Gwar with DBX as well) Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys are probably the best punk band of the 80's not called The Misfits) MC Lars (flat-out hilarity with a solid vocabulary and nice fucking samples and beats)
  4. Corey_Lazarus

    A thread of speculation.

    Oh, don't say that. Hitler was MUCH better than Phelps. He actually HELPED the people he ruled over, not just made them seem like assholes to the rest of the country.
  5. I was a fan of Hatchet. I liked even more for some reason after watching the making of. I'm psyched for the following sequels. Eh, I was kinda bored by it. I just dislike slasher flicks as a whole, though, save for FVJ and Kolobos and a handful of others. Was alright and all, but it lost my attention once the killings actually started. It would've helped greatly from some better pacing, like spreading the deaths out as opposed to just having them ALL in the span of 25 minutes.
  6. Corey_Lazarus

    Dream matches

    How can that be possible? He's had the most good-great matches of any pro wrestler on the planet the last three years. Royal Rumble 07 vs. Umaga is one of the top 10 matches I've ever seen. Period. Not to mention vs. Lashley(which I adored), vs. HBK for an hour on Raw, vs. Orton at SS and NWO, vs. Edge at SS and Unforgiven, vs. HHH at WM22 If you haven't seen any of these, check them out. He doesn't do as well on TV because he doesn't have time to play to his strengths(long term selling, storytelling, comeback spots,etc.). Each of those matches, save for vs. Orton from SSlam, I found to be incredibly dull. Not offensively bad, but not particularly decent, either. They were "there," and, IMO, totally undeserving of being the main event. I don't know exactly what it is about Cena I dislike as far as ringwork goes, but everything he does either comes off entirely business-exposing or sloppy. Here's a guy with the look and the charisma, but with talent that has only decreased since his initial solid heel run in '03. It's just so by-the-numbers, and it doesn't help that he just shakes off a lot of limbwork for the sake of nailing a couple of highspots.
  7. Corey_Lazarus

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    I'm still hoping for another Def Jam game. The third one that came out with the first wave of PS3 games sucked, I heard, but Vendetta and FFNY are fucking nice, especially FFNY. I'd like to see controls like that for an actual wrestling game, one where the in-ring style affects how your grappling system works.
  8. Ah, The Great Outdoors. It was interesting to see Aykroyd as a full-on prick rather than an overgrown child. Just rented: Hatchet I Am Legend I've heard mixed things about Legend, mainly about the ending. A lot of my friends have seen it and said that the ending was iffy, and when I guessed it (having read the book and seen both Omega Man and Last Man on Earth), they said it was different. So I'm wondering how they changed it. I know the overall story's been tweaked a bit, but I do hope they keep the same feel of isolation that the book had. Hatchet is an underground sensation, and it features a lot of references to older slasher flicks and local Mass shit (namely the Newbury Comics logo being displayed throughout the movie). I'm REALLY hyped for this one, as it's been a while since I've seen some good indie horror (outside of Murder Party, but that was more of a dark comedy than horror).
  9. Corey_Lazarus

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Nah, I be rhythm guitar. It's a little harder to hear me since there's two guitarists, but I'm the rougher mix of the two (and, IIRC, the louder in this mix). Once we have "Rival Pain" and "Dead Wrong" up it'll be easier to tell my guitar apart from the other instruments. I actually have a Maiden-like lead in "Rival Pain," and "Dead Wrong" has me carrying the rhythm towards the end as the other guitarist does some lead stuff over the end riffs. But thank you, sir.
  10. Corey_Lazarus

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    So my band finally has a song up on our MySpace. Head to http://www.myspace.com/excyde and give "Burning" a listen. Sounds very Mass Metal-ish (duh!), but this was an early song that the drummer and bassist wrote before I joined the band. So give it the proverbial spin and tell me how much you hate it (or, if you're luke-o, how much you love it).
  11. Corey_Lazarus

    Dream matches

    Yeah, but RVD/Goldberg wouldn't really be a dream match because they have entirely different styles. RVD is more aerial flippy-floppy, and Goldberg was a straightforward powerhouse. RVD would make Goldberg look like a million bucks, but the match would be shit due to Goldberg not wanting to sell anything of RVD's. Re: Cena I MUST be in the minority of the IWC now, because I haven't enjoyed a single Cena match since Vengeance '03 (which still remains as the ONLY Cena match I like), outside of Cena/Orton SSlam '07 due to the heat Orton was getting just by locking Cena in a headlock.
  12. Corey_Lazarus

    TSM TNA Townhall:The Weekly PPVs

    Sabin's debut is still a huge markout moment. Fuck, even ICP's debut was entertaining, and their last match in TNA (on the X-Cup Mexico vs. Britain show) was actually a nice brawl that saw Monty Brown return.
  13. Corey_Lazarus

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    The album's not due out 'til either this summer or early next year. Your coworker/friend is either listening to Holocaust (whose singer sounds nearly identical to Hetfield, and the music is incredibly similar) or Evile (whose attitude and song structures borrow more from 80's Sepultura, but can be confused for Kill 'Em All's heavier songs).
  14. Corey_Lazarus

    What are you listening to right now?

    Pantera - "Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath)"
  15. Corey_Lazarus

    Book recommendations

    I just started reading the bit about Day of the Dead in Kim Paffenroth's Gospel of the Living Dead. It's just one big analysis of Romero's original Dead trilogy (Night, Dawn, and Day), and most of it says nothing new to fans of the series, although his analysis is quite spot on. He also takes the time to talk about post-Romero zombie films, specifically Dawn '04 and Shaun of the Dead, though those are only side-notes inserted mid-sentence to further emphasize his points regarding the original Romero works. I'm in the mood to re-read World War Z again, though. I turned two friends of mine onto it, so whenever we hang out we inevitably end up talking about it, so I'd like to have the material fresh in my mind again, especially since the film version is due out sometime this year (though nothing new has been posted on its imdb.com page for quite some time, now).
  16. Corey_Lazarus

    What are you listening to right now?

    Dave Brockie Experience - "March of the Faggot Soldiers"
  17. Whatever you say, AIDS monkey. I lasted through the first 15-20 minutes or so, and barely cracked a smile once. Is there better gags later than that, because the only part I found even remotely funny was when Samberg ran into the woods to dance to lame 80's inspirational rock. THAT was funny. Samberg wanting to fight his step-father and putting on a fake mustache to do so? Not funny. If the movie were carried by Bill Hader it might have had a chance, or any number of the Apatow crew, but Samberg? The dude is just not entertaining.
  18. Corey_Lazarus

    What is the best match in TNA history?

    Maybe I should reply to this myself, eh? 1. What is, in your opinion, the best match that TNA has produced thus far? Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles for the X-Division title, TNA Turning Point '05. 2. What makes it better than everything else you've seen from TNA? A sense of real, true drama. The fans were entirely torn between the two competitors, as AJ Styles has been the face of TNA since its inception, the number one reason TNA fans watched, and Samoa Joe had been on a role since debuting a few months prior, especially after the Unbreakable Triple Threat match two months earlier stole the show and set a new standard. This match is just beautiful. Joe's brutal treatment of Styles makes Joe seem like a true monster, and Styles consistently getting back to his feet following every attack of Joe's put him over (even more than his three years prior with TNA) as somebody who will not just lie down when he's in a fight, especially for the title HE made worth something (the X-Division title). The end sequence was perfect, as Styles had been coming back and reversed (IIRC) a Muscle Buster attempt into a roll-up, but Joe then pulled Styles down into the Coquina Clutch. AJ, refusing to let Joe decisively beat him again, would not tap out, nor would he yell "I quit," and passed out in the hold, allowing Joe to win but without the satisfaction of knowing that he pushed Styles beyond his limit. 3. How does it stack up against other great matches you've seen from different companies? It's not as great as the best match I've ever seen from RoH (Danielson/McGuinness from Driven), nor is it as emotionally satisfying as Ric Flair's retirement match this past WrestleMania or Benoit's win at WM20, but it is solid enough to justify it stacking up against the bulk of the WWF/WWE's "greatest" matches. There is emotion, there is solid wrestling, and Styles sells his ass off to make Joe look like more of an unstoppable monster than he has ever since the 3-way feud between Joe, Styles, and Daniels ended. 4. Does any grouping of workers (not including those in said match) under TNA contract now make you think that another match of this calibre could be produced anytime soon? Honestly? No. The closest grouping I could think of would be Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, but like the question states these matches are thrown out due to Joe's involvement. The best chance at having a better match than this in TNA anytime soon would be to have a rematch with AJ ditching his chickenshit heel schtick (however great he may be at it) and going back to being the standard-bearer of the X-Division. 5. How would you rate this match on the IWC star scale? The PCN 1-10 factor? On the star scale, I'd give it a solid ****1/4. The work was solid throughout, phenomenal at times, but a few minor slip-up's and pacing issues keep it from being a perfect 5. On the PCN scale, I would say I enjoy it about 9.25/10, as it's quite a thrilling match, and Styles continuing to get back to his feet and fight back despite being entirely outmatched by Joe adds an element of surprise and intrigue, especially since Styles was not one to lose on a regular basis.
  19. Corey_Lazarus

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    So it was like that move Brian Adams used to do when he was in Kronik, aye? Or am I the only one that remember Kronik?
  20. Corey_Lazarus

    Box Office Report 4/04-4/06

    Anything Lawrence Fishburne is in that doesn't involve him on a haunted spaceship has me staying away from it, so 'nuff said there.
  21. Then don't fucking do it. I can see re-doing horror and sci-fi films, because those CAN be re-done and re-visioned, but not a classic comedy. What the FUCK. At least change the name of it. Though I suppose they'd have to, because I've never heard of any "urban" youth with English names like Bill S. Prestion Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan. It'll be changed to Cici n' Anferney B Rydin' Drrty Thru Tyme, Y'all. EDIT: Also... Over the last 3 weeks, I've seen 3 movies that have changed my life. Murder Party taught me that horror and dark comedy mend together perfectly so long as a chick is dressed like some weird Ziggy Stardust-meets-one of the Blade Runner chicks and a guy is dressed as a member of the Baseball Furies from The Warriors. Bee Movie taught me that Dreamworks owns Pixar in the actual script department, as Seinfeld made me laugh for the first time in YEARS. And Hot Rod taught me that Andy Samberg (Sanberg?) deserves to die a horrible, excruciatinly painful death for unleashing that pile of steaming shit onto the world.
  22. Corey_Lazarus

    Who Are the Legends of the Wrestling Industry?

    Uhhh...yeah, Michaels is a legend. A legend, at least my definition of it, is anybody whose contributions to their field are appreciated and/or felt for years to come. Michaels and Hart helped pave the way for smaller, more athletic workers to make it big on a national stage, and brought a more athletic feel to the way matches worked. But then again, I'd consider half of the old ECW roster legends because they all helped changed the industry in the mid-to-late 90's, so what the fuck do I know, right?
  23. Corey_Lazarus

    Let Me Tell You Bout the Birds and the Bees

    It seems as though the bulk of my friends are beginning to settle down early as well. We're all early to mid 20's, the youngest being 20 and the oldest turned 24 a few months ago. Most of us either live with our girlfriends, are thinking about marriage, or are just flat-out single. It's weird. My theory is that due to the excessive partying of teenagers these days that more and more young adults are feeling older at younger ages (a common phrase is "I feel middle-aged and I'm only {insert age}" amongst my crew), so maybe that could be why people are seemingly settling down earlier. Beats me, though.
  24. Corey_Lazarus

    Where Do You Get the Bulk of Your Music?

    Newbury Comics or online shops. I hate downloading songs, legally (iTunes or otherwise) or illegally, because the bulk of the bands I listen to are either self-releasing their works or on small enough labels that provide good enough music for me to support everything corporate about it. There's only been three full albums I've ever downloaded (Gwar's Ragnarok and America Must Be Destroyed; Send More Paramedics's A Feast For The Fallen) entirely, but that's because the albums were nigh impossible to find online. I think the major factor is that while downloading can seem cool, it helps immensely to see the album art, the label the band/artist is on (particular if they're signed to a niche label), and have the possibility to look through the billfold and view the artwork. Bands and labels put forth an effort to press the discs, record the music, and put together the artwork for the album, and so I feel as though it's my duty that if I'm going to listen to it I should pay for it. That and I need a hard copy of my music. I've had computers die on me before, or have music files get erased accidentally, so having a hard copy at my disposal is helpful. Yes, I know I could always burn a copy, but plenty of bands include "hidden tracks" between songs that are harder to burn than just "drag and drop" CD editing software.
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    The OaO Gwar Thread

    Re: Gwar on Springer I don't think Gwar were upstaged at all. Duce appeared and was an uncharismatic douche, thus not putting over that most of what was said was a joke. Unless it was all meant to be taken seriously, meaning I'm glad he was hit by a fucking train. On the contrary, Oderus, Beefcake, and Slymenstra all came up and perfectly put over that Gwar was, is, and always will be a joke at the expense of the world around it. It also helped that Brockie has near-perfect delivery of every line and rolls with the punches so damn perfectly that it's hard not to love him.