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  1. Corey_Lazarus

    Things that Amuse or Please You

    This adorable short metal chick with just the right amount of curves that knows my band's singer. She was wearing self-made booty shorts and a Misfits half-shirt...I think I nutted myself.
  2. Corey_Lazarus


    Death Magnetic is pretty fucking awesome. Better than Exodus' Atrocity Exhibition - Exhibit A, and Slayer's Christ Illusion. I don't care if people think "The Day That Never Comes" is lame, because that song is growing on me so fast and I'm starting to love it. Welcome back, Metallica. I've missed you so.
  3. Corey_Lazarus

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    The thing that got me was when we said you needed to use more psychology and less flashy highspots...when most of his matches have been flashy highspots (albeit not of the flippity-flop variety). Either way, I can agree with him one 2 points: 1) Yes, younger wrestlers need to learn better psychology. 2) Yes, Kurt Angle's matches are exciting, especially with the right opponent.
  4. Corey_Lazarus

    Oasis: clutching to relevance till their knuckles turn white

    Nah, I'd say Danzig getting knocked out is a bit more enjoyable than a Gallagher, given it took MUCH longer for him to run his mouth before anything happened.
  5. Corey_Lazarus

    The Dark Knight

    Regarding Bane...do you include Azrael as possibly a more vicious version of Bale's Batman (which could lead to in-fighting between them while both trying to take down Bane), or do you just play it straight with Bane being entirely the focus?
  6. Corey_Lazarus


    I need to get Fear of a Blank Planet. Based on Ellis's novel Lunar Park, so I feel the need to.
  7. Corey_Lazarus

    Recent Purchases

    That's how I got into Zombie Apocalypse, the much better version of Shai Hulud (all of the same tricks, but shorter songs so they don't get as played out).
  8. Corey_Lazarus

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    You should kidnap that bitch and then make her wake up in a jewelry factory in Attleboro, MA.
  9. Corey_Lazarus

    WWE Unforgiven 2008

    I agree with you until here. Punk received Orton's Concussion Kick, which has been put over as a CAREET THREATENING MOVE. It put Michaels on the shelf for months. It knocked SUPERMAN CENA out cold. It's been Orton's "no bullshit" move for the last couple of years. So Punk taking it and then either returning for the match, or just turning right around and just showing minor effects? That takes away a lot of the move's credibility, which given how Orton's been booked with it would be detrimental to Orton's return. It'd be similar to when Hogan took Vader's powerbomb and stood right back up. Jericho had time to recover, and given the WWE's explanation of brutal battles (see: anytime somebody practically died in the undercard and made it back out for main event interference) a little bit of time to recover and then get a cheap win is better than immediately no-selling an oddly protected "finisher."
  10. Corey_Lazarus

    How many old timers are still around?

    Since EZBoard, just took the 416 off my SN.
  11. Corey_Lazarus

    2008: The Year in Music

    I'd say my AotY thus far has been Zimmers Hole's When You Were Shouting at the Devil...We Were in League with Satan. Just balls-out old-school metal with tongue firmly planted in cheek.
  12. Corey_Lazarus

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Yes, Mik. There's just something about her white trashiness that makes her music oddly listenable. Sad thing, Agent? I'm starting to dig doom a bit more. I used to dig it a lot, but then it all died for me when I started getting more into death. Doom and black, though...those are starting to lure me in.
  13. Corey_Lazarus

    Recent Purchases

    Agent, for unleashing Acid Bath upon us all, you are a deity.
  14. Corey_Lazarus

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Oh hell yeah. Skeletonwitch is pretty nice. IIRC, toured a bit with Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, too. Agree on the current generation of metal bands: they just seem to get it. Even shyte like Job For A Cowboy, with their Skinless-lite death/grind, is better than a lot of what passed for "metal" about 10 years ago. Downside, though? It's mostly retreads. The current thrash scene is at its best since the glory days of the Bay Area (Gama Bomb, Bonded By Blood, Evile, Municipal Waste, and Toxic Holocaust stand out the best), and Engorged and Cannabis Corpse are solid old-school death metal acts, but...there's not a whole ton of innovation like what was happening with black and death metal a while back.
  15. Corey_Lazarus


    Metropolis Pt. II: Scenes From a Memory is a masterpiece. That's all I have to add.
  16. Corey_Lazarus

    Things that Amuse or Please You

    The fact that I couldn't think of that song, but instantly started humming the old "Weinerville" one (mid-90's Nickelodeon uber alles), amused me.
  17. Corey_Lazarus

    Wrestling RPG

    There were two similar things advertised in PWI. One was the IWA (Imaginary Wrestling Federation), which was a strat-based mail-in RPG that costed a minimum of $5 or so a cycle (which was about 3 weeks) where you created a character and gave them a moveset from the IWA's list, each of which had a varying point value. The only way to win was to out-score the opponent, though if you chose a move that could lead to a disqualification (manager interference, refusing to rope break, hidden spike, lowblow, etc.) in your arsenal there's the possibility that you could lose via DQ. It was alright, but it's basically just an e-fed that's played by mail and costs money. The other was a card/die game called Champions of the Galaxy. It was alright, but nothing really worth playing. It began and ended my card game/RPG phase, though I did create a character or two to put into my deck.
  18. Corey_Lazarus

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    I now want a burger. Wendy's getting rid of the Spicy Baconator pisses me off. Best fast food burger I've ever had, and they get the fuck rid of it. Why? Jalapeno's cost too much, you fuckers?!
  19. Corey_Lazarus

    Things that Amuse or Please You

    ...I think I may be voting Republican this year...
  20. Corey_Lazarus

    F4W/WON WWE Notes - Summarized notes, radio notes, etc.

    Dibiase retiring 'Taker could prove interesting, given the connection ("my father brought you into the WWE, now I'm going to take you out of it"), but I think Rhodes is the better of the two, at least work-wise. Interesting that Vince doesn't want Foley in the LoWM game.
  21. Corey_Lazarus

    Most Dastardly Heel Acts

    Dudley Boyz. Beulah. 3D. Dreamer handcuffed to the ropes across the ring, Sandman and Spike disabled, and New Jack nowhere to be found. Seeing this clip, over and over, is what made me an ECW fan.
  22. Corey_Lazarus

    Foley to TNA????

    Well, remember the shape he got himself in for the feud with Orton in '04. By his own account, he got himself into the best shape he'd been in since before "retiring." He wasn't even in too bad of shape during the Edge/ECW angle, truth be told. With TNA's more relaxed schedule, and considering he'll likely get more promo time than most others (considering he's one of the biggest names to sign to TNA to date, and he's well-known as a great talker), I'd say he'll prolly stick mostly to wrestling on PPV, and maybe doing a brawl here and there on Impact in between. I'm actually excited for this. I haven't been excited about watching TNA since the Joe/Styles/Daniels feud.
  23. Corey_Lazarus

    Comparing The Brian Kendrick to Mitch Hedberg

    TBK once was in a movie with Peter Frampton, but was not familiar with his body of work. When you are around a rock legend, but are not familiar with their body of work, you have to struggle to find things to talk about. So TBK found himself going "hey, Peter Frampton...DO YOU LIKE TOAST TOO?! Why yes, as do I. It is warm and crispy, and a perfect place for jelly to lay." TBK then told Peter Frampton to get the fuck away from him, because he doesn't have shit to say to him.
  24. Kat Dennings melts my heart.
  25. Corey_Lazarus

    House Season 5

    It's either going to be a great season, or the worst. There's really no middle road. After the ending of Season 4, this one needs to have some earth-shattering shit, or it's going to be a letdown.