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  1. Henry Spencer

    Talk About Power-Pop

    Teenage Fanclub, you guys. I'll upload some songs later tonight when I get home, but about half of Bandwagonesque is brilliant.
  2. Henry Spencer

    Stone Temple Pilots

    They were one of the better big nineties alternative rock bands, in terms of having a good run of single at the very least. I'd take them in a second over Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, or Alice In Chains. Big Bang Baby does kinda suck, though.
  3. Henry Spencer

    Desert Island Draft Thread

    Dammit, I wanted to use my next turn to pop the Can cherry. Luckily, I wasn't going to choose Tago Mago, so all is not lost.
  4. Henry Spencer

    4,000 dead Americans

    So, wait, are you still deadly serious, or just the regular kind now? I want to know whether I can stop cowering when my doorbell rings, for fear of Marney's hulking, blacksuited government contacts (she works for the government, don't you know) stopping by to rub me out for even viewing this thread.
  5. Henry Spencer

    The Bruiser Brody Thread

    Where's that picture of Brody as a little kid? That's probably what endeared him to me the most.
  6. Henry Spencer

    Albums Listened to Today

    Yeah, I feel fairly dumb now, too.
  7. Henry Spencer

    Albums Listened to Today

    I browsed this site thinking I might see the image on one of their t-shirts, but alas.
  8. Henry Spencer

    Albums Listened to Today

    No idea. It looks like it could be a Dario Argento movie poster.
  9. Henry Spencer

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    High Fidelity is what got me to like Walking On Sunshine. I didn't realize it until seeing Jack Black cavort about to it, but that horn part is extremely catchy.
  10. Henry Spencer

    When will TSM be deleted?

    The folder subtitle for the Chocolate Socket seems to have migrated here from the super secret jerkoff board. Am I to take this as evidence that Milky's modship has been reenstated?
  11. Henry Spencer

    Your Five Favorite Anything

    Fugazi - Target The Mekons - Club Mekon Silver Jews - The Wild Kindness Serge Gainsbourg - Joanna The Byrds - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
  12. Henry Spencer

    Albums Listened to Today

    That Cancer album is pretty generic, unremarkable death metal with a distractingly thin sound, but the cover is great.
  13. Henry Spencer

    What are you listening to right now?

    Okkervil River - Westfall This is pretty unimpressive. Is their newer material any better/more distinctive?
  14. Henry Spencer

    Desert Island Draft Thread

    I think it's my turn again, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna read the first page of this thread to find out. If it's not my turn, and somebody was gonna take this album, my apologies. Galaxie 500 - On Fire Maybe this is a superfluous choice, as I already grabbed that third Velvet Underground album, and these guys' entire sound was basically lifted from that album. However, this one is gorgeous enough on its own that I decided I needed to have it as well. A great album to drift off to sleep to while staring at the sun and going blind. Activities I imagine will be in quite high supply on a desert island.
  15. Henry Spencer

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Every Little Star is even better, but I find it hard to seperate the songs from their images in the movie. Same thing with In Dreams, the Roy Orbison song from Blue Velvet. One of my favorite songs ever, but more than partially, I must admit, because it reminds me of the incredible scene in the film it accompanies. David Lynch uses pop music to better effect than any other director I can think of.
  16. Henry Spencer

    Let's pour one out for Agent's mod status

    I still picture Agent looking like Kerry King from Slayer, but I've seen enough pictures of Milky that I actually visualize him when I read his posts. Usually the one where he's wearing the Britney Spears t-shirt. Before our exchange of PMs on Monday, I had received a grand total of five (5) in my entire boarding career. Thank you for making me feel loved again.
  17. Henry Spencer

    Top 10 Favorite Musicians of All Time

    Brian Eno, too.
  18. Henry Spencer

    Top 10 Favorite Musicians of All Time

    Ooo, Tom Waits, now there's a grievous omission from my list.
  19. Henry Spencer

    Top 10 Favorite Musicians of All Time

    Hmm... Robert Pollard Leonard Cohen Ian MacKaye Nick Cave Jaki Liebezeit Morrissey Ray Davies Ennio Morricone Greg Ginn MF Doom Just off the top of my head.
  20. Henry Spencer

    Desert Island Draft Thread

    Fugazi - Red Medicine This is, to my ears, the ultimate Fugazi album. The slower, more atmospheric moments such as Fell, Destroyed and Latest Disgrace are genuinely creepy, and really effective, and show an evolution from their earlier, punkier days. Not to say that they still don't rock on this album (witness Bed For The Scraping or Target), but even when they do, there's a precision to it, a sense of control over their own sound that I don't get from a lot of other albums. I'd be willing to stack the guitar work of the MacKaye/Picciotto alliance against any two-guitar team in rock history, Sonic Youth and Television be damned.
  21. Henry Spencer

    Does anyone here -play- music?

    I can kind of play a variety of instruments, but really what I do is play short little bursts of what I'm capable of, record them, and piece them together on the computer. Very punk rock of me, I know.
  22. Henry Spencer

    Lyrics and Things

    Seriously? I think This Year's Model and Imperial Bedroom are head and shoulders above any other studio album he's released.
  23. Henry Spencer

    Lyrics and Things

    I was trying to find a transcript of Casey Kasem's tirade about the "fucking dead dog song", but now there's a post between mine and King Kamala's. So fuck it, if you want to read it, find it yourself.
  24. Henry Spencer

    The OaO Gwar Thread

    Gwar were completely upstaged by El Duce when they appeared on Jerry Springer. They seemed almost apologetic about their schtick. Lame.
  25. Henry Spencer

    The OaO Gwar Thread

    I'm not very good at it. Hey, I just remembered that I kinda liked that one Gwar song that was on Beavis & Butthead. It had a catchy horn section.