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  1. Henry Spencer

    Sara Bareilles melts my ice-cold heart.

    I had no idea who this person was beyond what was featured in this thread until this morning, when I saw her in a Tivo commercial. She's cute.
  2. Henry Spencer

    2008: The Year in Music

    I really like this.
  3. Henry Spencer

    So, hey, cockfags.

    I don't think I understand a single post in this thread.
  4. Henry Spencer

    2008: The Year in Music

    I would take your word on that Magnetic Fields album, but you didn't like i, which was excellent, so you are not to be trusted in these matters. I didn't even know it leaked yet. Send me a copy.
  5. Henry Spencer

    Let's discuss Can.

    You Doo Right and Bel Air are the best of the Can epics.
  6. Henry Spencer

    What are you listening to right now?

    Witch - Black Saint
  7. Henry Spencer

    Ambient music.

    Black Moth Super Rainbow play a whimsical, Flaming Lips-esque variation on ambient music in the Aphex Twin/Boards Of Canada vein. Really, though, the only ambient releases I really like are those only slightly related to the genre. Like, I love In A Silent Way and Future Days, but wouldn't really consider either to be ambient as such.
  8. Henry Spencer

    Let's discuss Can.

    I can't get into Soon Over Babaluma. Damo's vocals are so integral to my understanding and appreciation of the band that their absense is glaring. I only recently was able to warm up to Monster Movie, so maybe I need to sit on SOB a little longer. But anyways, Future Days is their best album.
  9. Henry Spencer

    Ike Turner Dead

    Can I rip off the Dynamite Kid and be a genius, too?
  10. Henry Spencer

    Led Zeppelin played tonight

  11. Henry Spencer

    Led Zeppelin played tonight

    Steve Miller and Bachman Turner Overdrive are both far more loathsome classic rock radio staples than the Eagles or Skynyrd.
  12. Henry Spencer

    Ike Turner Dead

    The Ike & Tina version of Proud Mary blows the original right back to its good job in the city. Incidentally, snuffbox is probably the most musically ignorant regular poster in this folder.
  13. Henry Spencer

    Foxboro Hot Tubs

    Didn't Green Day do this already some seven to ten years ago under the name the Network, with stupid looking socks on their heads?
  14. Henry Spencer

    Albums Listened to Today

  15. Henry Spencer

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Wha? Surely these are the words of a man who is only familiar with Newman's Disney soundtrack work. Get 12 Songs and Sail Away and familiarize yourself.
  16. Henry Spencer

    Book recommendations

    I didn't have nearly the attention span to get through War & Peace the first time I tried, but I'll third the Karenina love. I just finished rereading The Fall by Camus, an old favorite of mine. Now, I'm torn between Knut Hamsun's Victoria and Phillip K. Dick's Flow My Tears The Policeman Said.
  17. Henry Spencer

    Albums Listened to Today

  18. Henry Spencer

    Kinetic's Pursuit of Perfection

    Shave your neck stubble.
  19. Henry Spencer

    Anticipation '08

    i is a great album, ignore this.
  20. Henry Spencer

    Anticipation '08

    Bauhaus are breaking up (again), but are releasing one final studio album before they do. I don't hold high hopes for it, but I'll listen anyways. Bauhaus and I go pretty far back. Besides that, I'm looking the most forward to the new Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, album, Dig Lazarus Dig!!!, which should come out in March. Also, 2008 is supposed to see new released by Morrissey, the Silver Jews, the Magnetic Fields, and Antony & the Johnsons, all of which I shall be picking up.
  21. Henry Spencer

    Albums Listened to Today

  22. Henry Spencer

    Right Said Thread/I'm Board Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di

    We read the lyrics to Drops Of Jupiter in an English class once as an example of really horrendous modern poetry. We basically just spent an hour and a half tearing the song to bits. That same professor also included Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis by Tom Waits into our poetry curriculum. Entertaining class.
  23. Henry Spencer

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    I would give that "honor" to 311 or Third Eye Blind first.
  24. Henry Spencer

    Winamp 5.5 can go fuck itself.

    Oh, and I have no idea who Neil Hamburger is, but the Wikipedia article I just read about him makes it sound like the most intolerable hipster shit ever.
  25. Henry Spencer

    Winamp 5.5 can go fuck itself.

    I enjoy Hot Rats and Absolutely Free the most from what little Zappa I've heard.