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    WWE Raw - February 16, 2009

    JBL vs Taker vs HBK. I'm calling it
  2. BUTT

    Does Criticism Belong in Music?

    They change ratings and reviews sometimes too. Back in 2001 I was enjoying an ironic fandom of Vanilla Ice's Limp Bizkit imitations, and I distinctly remember that the AMG review of his album Bipolar, after ripping it to shreds of course, stated that "the sad thing is, Vanilla Ice is still better than most of the nu-metal bands on the radio today." You won't find that line if you read the review right now, however. They took it out, I guess because they thought it would wreck their credibility if they suggested anyone, even Puddle of Mudd or Trapt or Adema or Taproot, were worse than Rob Van Winkle. They also downgraded their St. Anger star rating.
  3. BUTT

    TSM posters who look like things

    I sure hope you didn't do a Google image search on "Moron" to come up with my pic!
  4. BUTT

    Let's Talk About...Dusty Rhodes' WWF stint

    Akeem The African Dream was intended to be a parody of Dusty, at least mildly.
  5. Oh man, are we finally going to see Pat Spoon in a thong? I have waited many a moon (no pun intended!) for this.
  6. BUTT

    Does Criticism Belong in Music?

    The thing you have to realize about Allmusic (and I don't take it seriously at all, mind you) is that Erlewine seems to be trying to approach music from the position of a populist critic - the Roger Ebert of music criticism, as it were. Therefore his reviews are less focused on where an album fits into the canon of great musical triumphs and more on just if an album succeeds at what its creators intended for it to be. Also, you can't take those star ratings seriously. Read the reviews of the two Use Your Illusion albums and see Steve Tom pretty well SON them, but they still both got 4.5 stars. And also, Paris Hilton's album is better than Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.
  7. BUTT

    TSM posters who look like things

    Whose foundation are you going to shake today, pbone.
  8. BUTT

    Your guilty pleasure of the moment

    I'm also a fan of Paris Hilton's 2006 semi-hit-but-would-have-been-bigger-if-it-had-been-performed-by-a-less-loathsome-personality, "Stars Are Blind."
  9. BUTT

    Your guilty pleasure of the moment

    Those girls don't believe in evolution. Just like Ron Paul. "Acoustic Hearts of Winter" my BUTT. The Veronicas are tons better. This was on P FORK's top 100 of '08 list, so I want to hate it, but it's just so good!
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    13 year old Father.

    If only some prerequisite certification system were in place...
  12. BUTT

    TNA PPV's getting only 14,000 buys

    The 14,000 figure comes from Dave on yesterday's Observer Radio.
  13. BUTT

    Suggest Word Filters

    Wrestling = gay sex MMA = gayer sex
  14. BUTT

    Axl speaks to Billboard

    He'll have a prior engagement in prison.
  15. BUTT

    2 months until Leena buys TSM

    Not really. I can keep a secret IRL. Not so much with regards to board drama.
  16. BUTT

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    I do recall there being talk about that but I believe that Sable was slotted to be the focal point. I could be wrong though. I almost added Sable to the equation but I couldn't recall the timeline of her release. So I think you're right. I remember there being talk of a 30-minute all-women syndicated show. Those plans may have changed due to UPN coming along begging for a two-hour primetime show but I don't know if you could call the planned Divas show the original plan for Smackdown.
  17. BUTT

    2 months until Leena buys TSM

    Cheech, how have you seen Dan's BUTT?
  18. BUTT

    2 months until Leena buys TSM

    Amalgamated Leena: I will not ban any of them. However, if anyone does a childish stunt like mocking a poster in their username like CWM is, they will be banned permanently. I don't know yet. I'll be asking Venk and Czech if they wish to return, and maybe more later. Mike will be unbanned, along with anyone who wasn't a spammer. This opens up problems, but the entire history of TSM has had admins banning/unbanning people simply based on "Do I like you or not?". Just to give you a preview of things to come.
  19. BUTT

    Does Criticism Belong in Music?

    It got a rating and no review. If it was really any good my man Steve-Tom would have cared enough to write a couple of 'graphs about it.
  20. BUTT

    Does Criticism Belong in Music?

    Robyn? Nice taste, Perez Hilton.
  21. BUTT

    DJ Khaled commits suicide

    He prefers his hip-hop personalities to be audacious black stereotypes. He has no room for Palestinians in the rap game.
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    No offense "Brother Mouzone" but after the likes of Banders Kennany and Eddie Winslow made their marks on TSM, doing a tough angry black guy gimmick on TSM is like a metal band in the post-Spinal Tap '80s actually introducing amps which go to 11.