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  1. BUTT

    Candy Manufacturer 3-Way Dance

    That's what it was always called all around the world. Worldwide branding NO LOGO and all that . Unacceptable. I'll consider it.
  2. BUTT

    In Dandy Veritas

    i hear that son
  3. BUTT

    Cuts are a comin!

    He was in the AWF in '94.
  4. BUTT

    Let's Talk About: Hair Metal

    Skid Row was definitely hair metal in the beginning. The first song on their debut album is like SHE'S GOT THE BIG GUNS, POINTED RIGHT AT MY HEART, BANG BANG SHOOTING LIKE A FIRING SQUAD. Slave to the Grind is much harder and doesn't belong in the hair metal genre.
  5. BUTT

    Let's Talk About: Hair Metal

    I don't see why hair metal is held to a different standard than, say, Britney or Backstreet Boys. They're just dumb pop songs no matter who sings them. Just because the dudes happen to play their own instruments doesn't mean you should expect any more authenticity from them. Once you can accept that, hipsters, you'll realize that hair metal ain't nothing to be afraid of. Poison is better than Motley Crue. "Cry Tough" and "So Tell Me Why" are their best singles even though nobody knows them. "Unskinny Bop" can suck it hard, though. Oh, man, and their cover of "Your Mama Don't Dance." Woof. More thoughts later!
  6. Venkman: Dr. V is a good guy and he has the implicit approval of Dave Meltzer, a man I respect and admire. Slayer makes false claims about my stealing other posters' gimmicks. Stephen wins. Kinetic: Both guys are great, but Kinetic posts better than anyone, anywhere, anytime. He's the man. KOAB: I like Agent, but KOAB just makes me laugh more. Will likely have an extended stay in jail or rehab soon so who knows about his prospects for the 2010 tournament? Treble: The further the guy who beat me can go in this tourney, the more validated I am as a poster. So it is written, and so it shall come to pass.
  7. She has jabbed at me! You tell your BFF Leelee that I was a big fan of her work until she revealed her hatred of me a while back. Don't make me into the offending party!
  8. Inc Slayer Kinetic Edwin KOAB Agent Me VX
  9. BUTT

    Cuts are a comin!

    oh no gavin spears
  10. I'm sorry EHME. I knew you'd be angry but it was Inc who suggested my initiation into the Super Secret Jerks. It sure made me feel like the prettiest girl at the promenade!
  11. Venkman Inc Byron Ortonsault Kinetic Matt Mellow Edwin KOAB Matt.com Bone Agent Me Treble Milk VX
  12. BUTT

    Best place to buy textbooks online?

    I first read this as "Best place to buy buttocks."
  13. I didn't start any actor's draft.
  14. BUTT

    Dumb Facebook/MySpace status updates...

    Sensei John Kreese is This thread fucking sucks. 1 minute ago - Comment
  15. He's a mod! Part of a mod's job is reading every post that passes through these hallowed internet halls.
  16. BUTT

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    I think San Andreas outsold SMB3.
  17. BUTT

    Barack Obama's Inauguration

    Barry Goldwater's on the right side of EVERY issue!
  18. BUTT

    Does Sensei John Kreese Lose?

    "Shifts" wasn't the right word. Matt Young said once that you were so dedicated that you would clear time in your schedule just to moderate.
  19. BUTT

    2009: The Year in Music

    This is really happening? Wasn't the second one supposed to be vastly inferior?
  20. BUTT

    Peace out EGM

    I loved GamePro when I was 10. Looking back, it wasn't great but it wasn't horrible either. Early GamePro was a total shill mag, but during the time I read it heavily, I think it was good. Now it's terrible. I try to convince myself it wasn't always bad. And I am convinced! Like cocaine, nostalgia's a helluva drug.
  21. Also, Leena's vote shouldn't count. Why Czech still likes her when she hates him I'll never know. Perhaps the same could be asked of many great men throughout history.
  22. BUTT

    Does Sensei John Kreese Lose?

    Oh my God
  23. If #16 defeated #1, wouldn't that be a story for the ages. And to think, I pushed so heavily for Kotz to be awarded a spot in the bracket. How ironic were that my own undoing!