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    Does Sensei John Kreese Lose?

    I considered making "Does Kotzenjunge Lose?" after he got demodded back in spring '05. I opted against it, as his renown far exceeded mine at the time and it might have been a bump in the road in my quest to become board-popular. I know Pat took that stuff seriously, modding in shifts and all. That was both admirable and sad at the same time. Sadmirable, as it were. He was just the kind of professional mod Matt Young wanted, but I don't see the easygoing, drug-addled Kotz wearing a tie.
  2. BUTT

    Peace out EGM

    Well perhaps this was KRAYZIE TAWK because of course they're all dead! 1up Yours, my favorite, dead. Retronauts, good for a listen when it was about games I liked, dead. 1up FM, sometimes good, sometimes not. Dead!
  3. Just because one rapster has the guts to Just Say No doesn't make him a dickhead.
  4. BUTT

    So I've been sober for 3 days.

    Hey EHME, tell us about selling Chad Kroeger coke.
  5. I once pretended to be a fictitious girl named Miranda on AIM. She was a hot Juggalette. I almost gay-cybered with one of my friends, but I couldn't go through with it.
  6. http://forums.thesmartmarks.com/index.php?...ban+agnes\ No, this predates it.
  7. http://forums.thesmartmarks.com/index.php?...86&hl=agnes This may be where Ban Agnes originated.
  8. Has Agnes always been like that? For years I was only aware of him as the lesser of the two board Angles and from the "Ban Agnes" rallying cry. But this year, my God, this man exploded. EX-PLO-DED
  9. EDIT: Sorry folks, I do what Bob says. No links here!
  10. Not really. I found a newspaper article where you talk about how you only wear shorts.
  11. Nah, I don't stalk female posters. Only Barron and maybe Mole when I was collecting info to prove he was Andy O.
  12. I didn't even know who Leena was six years ago! Is this about us going to the same college? I wanted to see if Kutztown had ever been mentioned on this board, so I did a search on it. Besides one reference to Bill Demott there was you saying you went there. Which probably wasn't true, anyway. Aren't you from Arizona? This is why I shouldn't tell things to Dan.
  13. I know what Barron was going for in Group 1 Line 6 but I'm just going to pretend he was calling a fellow poster "Brooklyn Zoo Zoo."
  14. Agnes - I like Venkman but Agnes has made so many great posts that have flown under the radar. I don't see him winning this round, but dammit I'll give him the nod. Smitty - That one-word thing really took Dandy's stock down. Sorry Inc - Pushed for me to be invited somewhere, plus HarleyQuinn started that whole draft thing, and well you know you know EHME - I saw EHME's late friend's dad mentioned in Bret Hart's autobiography. He put a curse on the Dynamite Kid. The Dynamite Kid was a bad man, so I support such supernatural chicanery. Byron - I hear he's smarter than the rest of us Cheech - Don't know the other guy Slayer - I like Slayer but I don't think he likes me Ortonsault - This guy added me as a board friend. Voting against him would be a betrayal. K-Tic - The hardest boarder of them all. Will win this whole thing. Snuffbox - I really don't know broward. Sorry Spaceman Spiff - Other guy's a little too smug in the facial region Burning PSS - "Star Ocean 3" once questioned why so many Canadian posters have "Canadian" in their usernames. I question this too. Mellow - Had a good year. What's UYI do but post about GNR? Obi Chris Kenobi - Bored is a big-time sports guy, right? Well I don't post in Sports. Edwin - Lol Fazzle - B.I.G. post got this one cinched. I like Andrew but gosh darn does he take his games too seriously. That TMNT game on Wii is going to be great KOAB - KOAB is great. I fear he'll OD soon, but he's still a great poster. I hope he finishes the Secret Life season before he checks into rehab. Smartly Pretty - Another Maffer, I believe. Has been at TSM since he was like 12 or 13, which is astounding. Barron - My love of Barron has been well-documented. This guy is the true treasure of the board, always taking shit for who he is and never once caring. Plus Smues warned me for bumpin' a thread BOO to him (no urns) Mattdotcom - This guy is really one to watch. He's hit quite a few out of the park during 2008. The Deon thread and the sitcom/weed thread showcase his best moments Kamala - Good dude Pbone - Not the last time someone will vote for him amirite Luke-o - Still makes me laugh whenever I see that goofy British smile. He's so happy-go-lucky Agent - I've never figured out why alfdogg is such a target of ridicule. But he must deserve it, right? TSM just doesn't pick on undeserving people! Kreese - I have to vote for myself. This is a tough one. I need all the support I can get. The early goings favor me, Spoon still has a lot of cachet. I haven't forgotten "Does Sensei John Kreese Lose?", and while I carry no grudge, it's time for Fluffy to get his comeuppance. If only were this to be contested in the Scott Keith region, it would all come full circle! Cyber Mark - Like I said about the Canucks Treble - Maybe this race will be a "tie." LOLOLOLOL Lushus - Don't know the other guy Milky - vs Hawk 34. Easiest race in the thread 909 - He's a little too proud of his mod powers, but he also didn't play the Shaq Card in a Chinese Democracy thread VX - Scroty is a Meltzerknocker GTD - Why not
  15. If I had known Spoon would be pitted against me I would've pushed for ChrisMWaters to get that one-vote spot.
  16. BUTT

    More Middle East turmoil

    Haha, Byron the Bulb is fixin' to join the PLO.
  17. I wonder who'd win a fight between Obi Chris Kenobi and Anakin Flair.
  18. Get off your fat fuck of an ass and go do something with your life.
  19. BUTT

    Pictures I Like

    Well if the Dave Meltzer of twenty years ago is shown to be holding them up at a pro wrestling event, then dammit they must be real. I'll send you a link whenever I can find the uncensored photos.
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    That thing's been hanging out of his pants leg since the moment he got on staff,
  21. BUTT


  22. BUTT

    More Middle East turmoil

    Good move. Israel has to be there for the rapture IMO.
  23. BUTT

    Hey guys let's invite Shaq to post here

    I think YOU lied to us!
  24. BUTT

    The Battle of The Songs

    Erm, "Toxic" was #3 on their '04 singles list (ahead of both M.I.A. and LCD Soundsystem!!) and they also published a whole column extolling the virtues of the much-maligned Blackout. Perhaps you should do some research before making wild accusations?? Just a thought. I should have known not to trust their painfully weak search feature.