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  1. BUTT

    The Grammy's

    Wait, what did 50 Cent just do?
  2. BUTT

    Doing my duty as a Democrat, to try bringing down

    Edwards is EUROPEAN? My God, he couldn't even legally be president!
  3. BUTT

    COMPLETE Monday Night Wars Extras

    I don't know what HHH/HBK vs. LOD really has to do with the Monday Night Wars, but it was on the same night Bret Hart made his first WCW appearance (which would probably be a much better fit for this DVD than than DX/LOD).
  4. BUTT

    Propose class-action lawsuit over Jackson's boob

    "Serious injury"? Where do people come up with this stuff?
  5. BUTT

    Shawn Michaels 1994

    Actually, I believe it was in his contract that he got the summer off. Most people expected Michaels to leave WWF for WCW after WMX, but they managed to keep him by promising him the summer mostly off from wrestling.
  6. BUTT

    A few WCW PPVs

    Maybe Souled Out and SuperBrawl. Spring Stampede '98 was horrible.
  7. BUTT

    Lieberman Says He Has National Support

    I agree. A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my roommate about the 2000 election, and he said "I guarantee you if Al Gore was president it would be illegal to play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City". I tried explaining that they couldn't just do that, but he wouldn't listen. People have to realize that he's not just the "I hate video games" guy, but then again, he really isn't known for that much else.
  8. http://www.gamespydaily.com/news/fullstory.asp?id=5624 A two-screen handheld? I don't quite get it.
  9. BUTT

    Request: The SM Advance 4: SMB3 commercial

    http://www.classicgaming.com/tmk/mania/ads.shtml You can find it here, along with a bunch of other Mario ads.
  10. My God, what will Ann Coulter's next book be about?
  11. OK, I know that this is a little far ahead of time, but since the result of this year's election is pretty much a foregone conclusion, who do you guys think will be the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates in 2008? For the first time in a long time, there is no apparent successor to the presidency, since Cheney is obviously not going to be the nominee in 2008. This leads credence to the belief that Rudy Giuliani or will replace Cheney on the 2004 ballot. If Giuliani was the nominee in 2008, would he have a good chance of becoming president? Truthfully, I don't even know if Giuliani would want to be president, as I wouldn't be surpised if he would rather run for mayor of New York again. Then, on the Democratic side, who could the nominee be? I know everyone is expecting Hilary to run, but I'm not sure about that. I'm not a sexist or anything, and I'm sure Hilary wants to be president, but I really don't think a woman could be president, at least not in this day and age when politics are still very male-dominated. So who are your picks?
  12. BUTT

    Looking ahead..........

    I think there's a certain intangible quality that makes a candidate "presidential" in the eyes of the nation. I can't describe it, but there are very few who actually have it. Clinton had it, Bush has it, Gore had it (in my opinion), but none of the Democratic candidates have it. Sadly, I think Dean has it more than any of his opponents (aside from the whole shouting thing, of course), and he really doesn't have a lot of it. I think Edwards has potential, though. I could see him becoming a strong Clinton-type if he chooses to run again in 2008. Truthfully, I think the main problem with the Democrats is that they have an identity crisis. None of them are really being themselves, and it shows. Modeling themselevs after JFK, as many of them do, is not going to work. But if they insist on trying to model themselves on someone else, I would really suggest they try to model themselves after Martin Sheen's character on the West Wing. I know it sounds stupid, but that is really the picture of what people think the ideal president should be.
  13. BUTT

    Looking ahead..........

    ...... *scratches head* Well, I don't want Bush to win but I know he will. He's too popular to be defeated now.
  14. BUTT

    Looking ahead..........

    I really don't think McCain has a chance of being the nominee. He really isn't in too good with the party establishment, and plus, Bush doesn't like him, so it's not like he's going to be out there campaigning for him (well, he might, but he probably wouldn't put a lot of effort into it). The Republican nominee will be, in all likelihood, either a member of or someone with close ties to the Bush administration.
  15. BUTT

    Fun Pictures of the Debate

    I know it's in poor taste to include a picture of President Bush on 9/11 as part of joke, but what does it say about his fundraising efforts when he actually sold that picture at one of his fundraisers in order to raise money for his campaign?
  16. I was just wondering, is there a way to delete a name from your buddy list on AOL Instant Messenger? I've tried to find a way but I can't. I'm not talking about blocking a name, I'm talking about removing it from the list. Can it be done?
  17. BUTT

    Fox News Exit Poll

    They're using percentages, not totals.
  18. BUTT

    Old school horror 50 movie pack only 29.99

    Blood Sucking Freaks belongs on that list.
  19. BUTT

    Guliani to replace Cheney?

    Clinton? That wouldn't be legally possible, would it?
  20. BUTT

    Nintendo's "mystery machine" uncovered

    I don't know about that. N64 was much more successful in the US than Japan. By the way, does anyone know the approximate cost of running an online console gaming network? I'd imagine Microsoft and (especially) Sony aren't making any profits from it.
  21. BUTT

    Gamecube emulator released

    Interesting, but how would someone actually go about ripping the game from one of those tiny discs? As far as I know, they're incompatible with PCs.
  22. BUTT

    The Guy Game

    http://xbox.ign.com/articles/474/474315p1.html Yes, after the enormous success of BMX XXX, another company is taking a chance on a porn game, only this time it will be paired with..a drinking simulator? I find it interesting that this game is being developed by a team headed by the founder of Retro Studios, the company that created Metroid Prime. I mean, how can you go from that to this? I like naked chicks as much as the next guy, but this game has crap written all over it.
  23. BUTT

    100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists Of All Time

    How is C.C. DeVille above Steve Vai?
  24. BUTT

    100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists Of All Time

    Well lets just say that when a list of the greatest guitarists ever has Kurt Cobain at #12, Jerry Garcia at #13, and Jack White at #17, and then has Eddie Van Halen at #70, Randy Rhoads at #85, and Angus Young at #96, I kind of lose faith in that magazine. And Tony Iommi, #1 on this list, was #86.