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  1. BUTT

    100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists Of All Time

    I was joking. I was trying to make reference to Rolling Stone's horrible list they did a few months ago.
  2. BUTT

    100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists Of All Time

    I don't see how they can put Van Halen above Hendrix. I mean, Hendrix is the greatest of all time, whereas Van Halen is only the 70th. Right?
  3. BUTT

    GameSpy's Most Wanted of 2004

    I would think that Metroid Prime 2 should be up there, but only the Zero Mission page it says that a sequel to Prime has been "rumored" even though it was confirmed almost a year ago and they showed footage at the last E3. Oh well, I guess nobody told Gamespy.
  4. BUTT

    The Guy Game

    You forgot the sarcasm tag. BMX XXX was a huge commercial failure. Yeah, I know. It was meant to be sarcastic.
  5. BUTT

    Bush remarks in a restaurant in Roswell

    Not to hate on Bush or anything, because he seems like a genuinely nice guy, but this interview makes him sound like an asshole. Is the whitehouse.gov web site obligated to post every comment he makes?
  6. BUTT

    Live from Iowa...

    You know, I have to admit, it's kind of nice to have a politician who actually seems to be excited, rather than Bush's sleep-inducing speaking style.
  7. BUTT

    Nintendo's "mystery machine" uncovered

    They haven't released any screens yet, but this doesn't seem like a really good idea. It sounds like this is the sort of thing that would directly compete with the GBA. Plus, this thing was supposed to be "not quite hardware and not quite software". I'll admit, details are a little sketchy, but...sounds like hardware to me.
  8. BUTT

    Live from Iowa...

    It wasn't exactly a "Rarrr!" I'd say it was more of a "Yaaa!"
  9. http://jobs.wwe.teamworkonline.com/teamwor...e=Entertainment Jeez, can't they just find guys from the indies? It's not like there aren't a thousand guys out there that would do anything for this opportunity. Are they really going to find a better pool of talent by soliciting wrestlers online?
  10. BUTT

    Mystikal Sentenced to Jail

    I remember when he was first arrested there was a thread about this here and someone mentioned that he actually plugged his album while he was being led away in handcuffs.
  11. BUTT

    Friday The 13th series...

    While we're on the subject of the F13 series, does anyone know where I could find an MP3 (or any other sound file) of the music that plays at the end of the first one when Alice is in the boat before Jason pulls her under? I always loved that music, but I could never find it anywhere.
  12. BUTT

    Spanky quits WWE

  13. BUTT

    WWX: Rumble Rose

    Well, it's being developed by Yukes, the developers of the Smackdown series, so if you like that engine, you might like this one.
  14. BUTT

    Michael Savage calls for impeachment of Bush

    Does this make Bush a "red doper diaper baby" or whatever he calls people?
  15. This isn't really surprising. While I agreed with getting Hussein out of power, I think it's pretty obvious that he had been planning the war with Iraq for a long time. http://www.gvnr.com/71/editorial.htm
  16. BUTT

    Wayne Brady Yanked?

    Yes indeed he did.
  17. BUTT

    Wayne Brady Yanked?

    Wayne is a pretty talented guy, but I can understand if his show isn't getting good ratings, it's going to get cancelled. However, I don't think Tony Danza is the right guy to replace him. I like him, but these "celebrity" talk shows rarely get good ratings. I mean, if Martin Short couldn't get ratings, I don't see how Tony Danza could.
  18. Isn't that pretty similar to the new reality show where a woman has to convince her family that an obnoxious man she just met is her fiancee?
  19. BUTT

    Democrats finally figure out why

    Of course there are extremist liberals who make stupid comments. That doesn't mean that there aren't people like that on the conservative side. I give you these quotes: "A half-ass, middle of the road, agnostic moral attitude betrays what is good, Conservatism, and furthers the cause of evil, Liberalism." "Liberals will now be known here......as “Lesions.” The scabby, infectious sores thread through the fabric (skin if you want) of our society exposing America to dis-ease." "While liberalism -- although at one time meaning man created freedom for himself by using his mind and thinking to better his life -- is, today, simply at its basest, most despicable bottom line, a calculated, sophistic and baneful assault on the Creator as the Highest ideal and man’s ability to think and provide for himself." Who is responsible for these quotes? Limbaugh? Coulter? Hannity? No.............. Don't think that one person's opinion represents an entire political party.
  20. BUTT

    Democrats finally figure out why

    Where did the study come from, then? The only time I ever really heard about it was on Howard Stern (which probably should have been a clue right there).
  21. BUTT

    XXX ... in a Tom Clancy game?

    Just wondering, not because I want to go to it or anything but what is the URL? Because if the web address actually has something to with the game, I could understand that they might have a legitimate case for cybersquatting. But, if they just made up a web address, and thought that it could get by without anyone noticing, that was a pretty stupid move.
  22. BUTT

    Democrats finally figure out why

    That study of the Presidents' IQ's was based on their public speeches. Clinton was obviously much better in that area than Bush. Therefore, if we were to assume that Bush's misstatements and mispronouncemens were representative of his intelligence as a whole, it would be very easy to assume that he has a low IQ. Truthfully, however, I don't think he is a stupid man. I just don't think he's very good at speaking when all his words are scripted for him.
  23. It wasn't Russo/Nash when Russo won the title, it was Russo/Booker. Booker had won the title the week before from Nash.
  24. BUTT

    Monday Night Wars DVD Trailer

    No, it looks like a recap of the real Monday Night War. The trailer shows all kinds of old Raw and Nitro clips, plus interview clips with Bischoff, Okerlund, Cornette, Brisco, etc.
  25. BUTT

    Monday Night Wars DVD Trailer

    Yeah, but remember, Ric went out there all those years saying "NWA is number one", and he was lying, he really just wanted to be in the WWF. So really it's not that surprising.