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  1. Really, I think one of the main problem's with the WWE writers is that they (much like Russo) want credit for the show. So, if Benoit and Angle have a great match, they know they can't get credit for that. But, if they write a backstage skit, it shows off their (the writers) talents. Thus, we get a large proliferation of skits and other ridiculous content.
  2. BUTT

    Video Game Gems

    Star Tropics for the NES. An awesome Zelda-like adventure which never got much respect.
  3. BUTT

    Hillary Regrets Gandhi Joke

    I think he's referring to Trent Lott and the Strom Thurmond quote. Edit: Oh, and it's Paul Wellstone.
  4. BUTT

    Question of identity

    Oh yes, the angle which lead to the unfortunate event of the word "hymen" being used on WWE television.
  5. Interesting that this sort of topic would arise, because in the Monday edition of the New York Post, there was an editiorial basically comparing Dean to Hitler. Some excerpts: Link: http://www.nypost.com/postopinion/opedcolu...mnists/4965.htm
  6. BUTT

    Regarding Name Changes

  7. BUTT

    The OAO Raw 1/5/04 Thread

    Seriously, what was Mae Young doing there? Did she just happen to stop at the arena to take a shower?
  8. BUTT

    The OAO Raw 1/5/04 Thread

  9. BUTT

    Regarding Name Changes

    Well, making the most of this limited opportunity, I would like to request a name change. I ask that my name be changed from prez to Prez
  10. BUTT

    The OAO Raw 1/5/04 Thread

    I bet the other team is gonna be Trish/Lita.
  11. Did prowrestlingnow.com get shut down?
  12. BUTT

    Don't Copy That Floppy!

    That wasn't the Nick Arcade guy. His name is Phil Moore. The guy in the video is named M.E. Hart.
  13. BUTT

    WWE weekend show previews...

    Are they going to be showing a classic match tonight on Confidential?
  14. BUTT

    .avi to .mov converters

    Well, the process of what exactly I'm trying to do is much too complicated to explain here, but actually my real problem is that when I play an .avi file, the video doesn't work at all. So I might just need a codec for that.
  15. BUTT

    .avi to .mov converters

    Does anyone know of any freeware programs which allow you to convert .avi files to .mov files? Thanks in advance.
  16. BUTT

    Video-editing type programs...

    You could always use Windows Movie Maker. Even though it is pretty crappy, the new one has a lot of new effects which bring it closer to iMovie standards.
  17. BUTT

    For those who like Bush...

    Well, there is a section on that claim in Franken's book (which apparently you own) on Page 113.
  18. I'm pretty sure there's a rule against bumping old threads like this, but I agree. It's really a shame that so many people are dedicated to this man's cause when there are people in jail out there who really are innocent and could benefit from even 1/10th of the publicity Mumia gets.
  19. I meant that I understand how breaking the dogs' legs fits their experiment, which deals with testing different ways in which their legs heal. I didn't mean I agree with the general idea of breaking their legs.
  20. I understand having to break the legs of the dogs to test new medical methods, but why do they have to be killed? That part really doesn't make much sense to me.
  21. Does anyone have or know where I could find the 5/17/93 Raw match where Marty Jannetty wins the Intercontinental title from Shawn Michaels?
  22. A few years ago I taped over a bunch of 1995 ECW episodes with a My So-Called Life marathon.
  23. BUTT

    Bon Jovi

    I liked the new version of Livin' on a Pryaer, although it really isn't that different from the last "new" version of Livin' on a Prayer, from Cross Road. Plus I don't see how having Olivia D'abo sing on it adds anything to it.
  24. BUTT


    Has anyone else heard the song "F**k It (I Don't Want You Back)" by Eamon? I have to say, this is a really good song, and I usually don't like R&B. It starts out like a normal R&B song, singing about how a girl broke his heart, then it really surprises you with the chorus: Fuck what I said, it don't mean shit now Fuck the presents, might as well throw 'em out Fuck all the kisses, they didn't mean jack Fuck you you hoe, I don't want you back It's pretty different from your typical R&B song and I guarantee you once you hear this song you won't forget it.
  25. BUTT

    Dusty Rhodes wants credit for Flair DVD

    I also believed that Yokozuna would be the third member of the nWo. Interestingly enough, however, my brother told me the morning of Bash at the Beach that he had a dream that Hogan would be the third man. I, of course, rejected that idea as ludicrous, simply because I figured it would be another wrestler coming straight from the WWF. I guess I was wrong.