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    Is Soulseek down for everyone?

    A-ha! Thank you very much! And, after 17 months, I finally have 100 posts! Woo-hoo!
  2. For anyone who uses Soulseek, is it down for you too? I haven't been able to connect for almost the whole past day. Is this something that's happening for everyone or could it just be a problem with my computer?
  3. BUTT

    Where Is Mario?

    Speaking of gimmick posters, what was the name of the one who pretended to be a cop?
  4. BUTT

    The One & Only "Dean Using Religous Speech" thread

    Is it really a good idea to come out and say that you are going to "increasingly include references to Jesus and God in upcoming speeches"? I think Dean is a good guy and he may really mean it, but it seems like saying that might make him sound a bit insincere.
  5. What about when HBK's pants fell down when he was the ref for HHH-Booker? And does anyone know where one could find a video clip of this "Worst Case Scenario" thing?
  6. BUTT


    Actually, in the last episode it turned out that the whole series was just stories from a book that Roseanne was writing. It was supposed to have been based on her life, so she was actually writing about her life, but many of the situations were changed (i.e. David was really with Becky and Mark was really with Darlene). I know, it's very confusing, but it kind of makes sense once you watch it.
  7. BUTT

    Best and Worst.

    Yeah, when I first saw Royal Rumble I thought it was the coolest game ever. Since graphics and sound were pretty much everything to me back then (I was only 8), I was especially impressed with the theme music (some of the themes sounded pretty close to the real things) and the huge digitized pictures at the player select screen (except in Lex Luger's picture, where he appeared to have gray hair). And to Ground Zero: is it possible for a game to be worse than Thunder? I rented it once and I swear to God I could not figure out how to play it at all.
  8. BUTT

    Just picked up a GameCube...

    It's called the Memory Card 251.
  9. BUTT

    Best and Worst.

    Best: No Mercy Worst: WWF WrestleMania Steel Cage Challenge (NES) Truthfully, I really didn't think Steel Cage Challenge was as abysmally bad as every reviewer on the 'net said it was. But it's definitely the worst wrestling game I've ever actaully owned.
  10. BUTT

    Soldier writes letter to Michael Moore

    Could someone explain how he lied in Bowling for Columbine? Not that I'm arguing that he didn't, but it would help if someone could actually name specific things he said which were not true.
  11. BUTT

    Just picked up a GameCube...

    Actually, the new Final Fantasy game for GC (Crystal Chronicles) is playable without the GBA, but only in one-player mode. It is not a proper FF game, but rather an action-RPG spinoff developed by a new team called Game Designers Studio. It hasn't exactly been getting great reviews, but it hasn't been regarded as horrible either. For some reviews of the game you can go here.
  12. BUTT

    Uh, WTF

    Just for the record, here are the ECW games sales figures (as of January 2003, you have to figure not too many copies have been sold this year): Hardcore Revolution (PS): 201,511 Hardcore Revolution (N64): 150,686 Hardcore Revolution (DC): 89,943 Anarchy Rulz (PS): 52,988 Anarchy Rulz (DC): 4,990 Anarchy Rulz was the worst-selling game on Dreamcast, by the way.
  13. BUTT

    Just picked up a GameCube...

    Yes, you need the memory card to save all games for the Cube. I would recommend getting the Memory Card 251 (251 blocks). There are some third-party memory cards which have over 1000 blocks, but they are not always known to work correctly. The number of blocks which a game takes on the card varies greatly. For example, Metroid Prime takes up just 2 blocks, while NBA Live 2004 takes 209! For the record, LOTR:ROTK takes 6 blocks. If you want to know how much space on a memory card a game takes, go to nintendo.com and they'll have the information for most games. As for games, the GameCube has a lot of great exclusives. Some of the best are: Super Mario Sunshine The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Metroid Prime Eternal Darkness Resident Evil Resident Evil Zero Super Smash Bros. Melee Star Wars: Rogue Leader Viewtiful Joe F-Zero GX Also, Mario Kart: Double Dash and Star Wars: Rebel Strike are out, but I have played them so I have no idea how good they are. I've seen both good and not-so-good reviews for them. I don't own any peripherals for them, but supposedly the Wavebird controller is really good. It's a wireless controller that supposedly has an incredible distance range from which you can play. I guess that would probably be a good buy, as long as you're willing to have a controller that doesn't rumble.
  14. BUTT

    PETA Takes On Playboy

    I think they're just protesting the fact that he has a pet monkey, rather than the fact that it wears diapers.
  15. BUTT

    Freeware karaoke programs

    I was just wondering, does anyone know of any karaoke programs for the PC similar to the Xbox Music Mixer, where you can remove the lyrics from songs? I don't mean midi files, I'm talking about .mp3 or .wma files. Particularly, does anyone know of any such programs that are free to download? Thanks in advance.
  16. BUTT

    Genesis/SNES Games

    To mention another game: Even though they weren't exactly the same game, since they were made by different companies, Aladdin for the Genesis was much better than Aladdin for the Super NES.
  17. BUTT

    Genesis/SNES Games

    I think the reason why MK was so messed up on the SNES was because Nintendo forced Acclaim to remove all of the blood and other elements from the game, and there were several glitches in the game code as a result because of the developers having to quickly change the game to make it conform to Nintendo's standards. Still, though, I (unlike just about everyone else on the planet) preferred the SNES version to the Genesis version because I was a huge Nintendo fan back then (well, actually, I still am) and I thought graphics were everything. Now, I like them about equally, with the positives and negatives of each version cancelling out the others. Truthfully, the blood was never that important to me, and I still think Sub-Zero's SNES finisher was a lot more fitting for his character than simply ripping someone's head off (which, as cool as it may have been, in my opinion wasn't really that creative and got old pretty quick). Of course, that's just my opinion, and I probably won't find too many people who agree with any of my opinions on the game.
  18. BUTT

    Fox Cancels 'Wanda at Large'

    What did he tell her? She was doing interviews in the crowd, and she was talking to Larry David, who was seated near Cosby, mentioning that Curb Your Enthusiasm was unscripted, and then she turned to Cosby, and said "The Cosby Show was always scripted, right?" and he said "Yes, we spoke English". I'm not really sure if it was directed to Wanda or not, since I remember reading somewhere on the net that he may have been referring to the amount of profanity found in Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  19. While I am not exactly a Microsoft fan, I don't really think it's fair to blame Microsoft for "fucking up" Panzer Dragoon Orta or Capcom vs. SNK 2. They didn't develop or publish either game and therefore are not responsible for how well they did. Why PDO did so bad I don't know, since it had great graphics and was heavily promoted (I saw the commercial for it a lot). I really though Sega had a big hit on its hands, but I guess not. CvS2, on the other hand, was sort of destined not to be a big seller, as 2D sprite-based games on consoles haven't been big sellers in years, online or not.
  20. Last night I saw Andrew W.K. live at the Crocodile Rock cafe in Allentown, PA. It was the most awesome experience I've ever had. The first band that played was this strange nu-metal band called Stick Figure. Their lead singer had his face painted red and black and they had a fat guy only wearing boxers playing guitar. They didn't sound that bad, but their singer was pretty annoying as he kept trying to prove he was hardcore by trying to incite violence in the crowd and making pathetic attempts to get over through patriotism saying stuff like, "How many of you are proud to be American? How many of you hate those fucking camel jockey terrorists? Well then you'll like this song, it's called the Osama bin Laden Death March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then the next band was another nu-metal band called Olvo. They were a little more conventional than Stick Figure, but unfortuantely they were also pretty boring. They weren't that bad though. During their set, my friend got kicked out for fighting. There were a lot of hardcore heavy metal kids starting mosh pits, and whenever they came near my friend, he would push them away because he didn't want his girlfriend to get hit. So there was one kid who got pissed off when my friend pushed him away, and tried to challenge him to a fight. My friend tried to ignore him, but when the kid came over again, they started beating the shit out of each other. They both got kicked out for that. After Olvo was done, there was a long wait while they set up the stage for Andrew W.K. After what seemed like forever, the lights went out and heand his band took the stage. The crowd went fucking crazy! He started with Victory Strikes Again, and then went into It's Time to Party. From there, he played (I'm not quite sure of the order, but I know he played all these songs) Take It Off, Girls Own Love, She is Beautiful, Ready to Die, Your Rules, Never Let Down, Party 'til You Puke, and We Want Fun. Then he played Party Hard and about thirty people from the crowd got up on stage with him. Unfortunately, I was one of them, since I couldn't get to the front fast enough. He finished with I Get Wet with all the people still up there. After the show I shook hands with his bass player, Gregg, but I didn't get to meet Andrew. I'm sure if we had waited around I would have been able to meet him but everyone else wanted to leave and I really didn't have any choice. The headliners for the night were a band called Ill Nino that a lot of people were there to see but I didn't stick around to see them. Anyway, it sucked that I didn't get to meet him but it was still great to see him live.
  21. BUTT

    Vince Russo's Video Store

    I don't know about his video store, but I know he opened a CD store after he was in WCW.
  22. BUTT

    Micheal Kamen Dead

    That's really sad. He also arranged the orchestra on "Who Wants To Live Forever", one of my favorite Queen songs of all time. He truly was a very talented man.
  23. BUTT

    Michael Jackson Makes A Startling Announcement

    For those of you who believe the pedophilia allegations, I think you should read this article: http://www.buttonmonkey.com/misc/maryfischer.html