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  1. How did this beef between you and I start, EHME? I already told you it's my policy not to take a public stance on matters of bannings. Had I voted you back in it would have violated that policy and the whole natural order of TSM would have been disrupted. Besides which, you won. No need to complain.
  2. I know, that's what makes it so amazing. Bonus points if you cue up the Hillary songs quoted therein at appropriate moments.
  3. This is a long one, but it will be worth it.
  4. BUTT

    The Truthiness is a fucking stinky twatfart

    I think it was The Satanic Angel.
  5. BUTT

    I will suck your dick if:

    On your knees, Gene-o.
  6. BUTT

    The Truthiness is a fucking stinky twatfart

    Thank you. I even went so far as to use the search engine to try and figure out the origin of this joke, but to no avail. So, at long last, someone please explain to me what the deal is with Willy Aybar and why his name is in the subtitle of almost every thread in the sports folder. I was going to say exactly this.
  7. BUTT

    Lil Wayne is releasing a rock album

    But he's the best rapper alive! He says so!
  8. BUTT

    Lil Wayne is releasing a rock album

    I figured you'd have been all over this months ago, Bryan the Bud. That song blows so much ass. It's not fun-bad, it's just bad.
  9. It was some kind of disciplinary action. That's all I know. I used to have the Observer which reported this, but I don't anymore.
  10. BUTT

    WCW SuperBrawl III

    Soon enough he switched to a black t-shirt and shorts while wrestling. I didn't much like his generic theme music, as I think it really would have gotten him over to just play guitar on the way down to the ring like he did at Beach Blast '93.
  11. On the left! It's Will Smith's 10-year-old son! Fear does not exist in this dojo! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/11/11/j...a_n_142907.html
  12. That post always perplexed me. 8-year-old girls dating 18-year-old guys? That doesn't happen outside of the Middle East. Anyway, the ultimate in TSM rants:
  13. BUTT

    Sublime Re-Unite After 13 Years...

    This will no doubt delight the douchebag bros who sang "Date Rape" at karaoke every week in college. Fuckin' dreadful song.
  14. I just remembered that I once started a thread about early 2004 one hit wonder Eamon and his hit "Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)." I still have a little bit of affection for that song, awful as it was, but I'm not proud of posting about it here. I only ever really cared about it because I knew a dude named Eamon at the time. That guy, Eamon (the singer, not the guy I knew) used to claim his genre of music was called "ho-wop." HO-WOP! What's that?
  15. Please do the Venis rant soon. It would be nice if you had his theme music playing in the background while reading it.
  16. Only if the blue board changes Current Events to Fear of the Vagina.
  17. http://www.joystiq.com/2008/12/01/redstone...for-about-100k/
  18. BUTT

    WWE Folder sucks dick

    Evidence to the contrary from tonight's Raw thread: ...what? Don't bother looking up the post itself, hoping that the context of the prior posts will help things make sense. Everyone's just talking about the Edge/Cena match, and BANG our young Spaceman hits that outta nowhere. Usually I can make out what someone is trying to say, the general gist of their communication, no matter how poorly it's stated. But this? Reference to an anti-weed commercial.
  19. BUTT

    (new feature) BUG JAR I

    Now Marv can confine all his posts to TCS and he'll never be banned.
  20. BUTT

    Covering Coverage

    Rig the economy, eh?
  21. BUTT


    Is your password still "password"?
  22. BUTT

    Personal Attacks on Jingus.

    This is like the third time you've claimed that Jingus wears sandals.