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  1. I like the way they infuriate fundamentalist Christian conservatives.
  2. BUTT

    Friday The 13th (2009)

    So was I, Bob. So was I.
  3. BUTT

    Anybody here seen "The Wrestler"?

    I gave my friend Andrea the freakin businesss/i] when she invited me to see this. Anyone remember that Simpsons where Skinner tells Apu about Billy and the Cloneosaurus, and Apu goes off on him? That was me. Does she pronounce her name Ann-dree-uh or Ahn-dray-uh? I know the latter is "classier" but I like it better the first way.
  4. BUTT

    Arrested Development: The Movie

    If he doesn't want to be typecast maybe he should learn how to play more than one role.
  5. BUTT


    IGN gave Dead Rising a 6.9. And that's about as low as they go!
  6. I told you, I didn't respond to it. Talking to a fictional character one-on-one is a little too bizarre for my tastes. I did talk to KaneRulesFan once on AIM, but he's much more fun than Peter.
  7. Be a man, Cheech. Fight me!
  8. BUTT

    Faith No More Are Back!

    cmon man
  9. VSTI's, I think so. Are audio units a Mac thing? There's no Mac version of FL. I like it because it offers a fuckload of virtual instruments and the piano roll is easy to navigate, unlike GarageBand. I should mention that I don't do any actual recording, just sample sequencing. Of course if you're recording vocals or live instruments FL is not the best choice.
  10. BUTT

    Anybody here seen "The Wrestler"?

    Those damn frogs like Saddam more than George W.
  11. This Tom Rothman guy sounds awesome. He knows how to make money.
  12. BUTT

    Pictures I Like

    "I only associate with high-class weed and grass."
  13. BUTT


    Does she not play the 60ish mother of Akerman's character? I could see her looking silly in that role. She's so beautiful.
  14. Byron, are you a Fruitylooper? I lost a bunch of my best stuff when my computer crashed a few months ago. I only have the demo version (too cheap to shell out for the real thing), so I have to create a whole song in one session without being able to save. This results in me leaving my computer on for days at a time, and by the end the damn thing is working as fast as a Pentium I.
  15. Oh crap, I forgot to save that before I shut my computer down. I was going to make an avant-garde audio recording of myself reciting the "fuck the world" monologue so I was composing a Yanni-esque backing track to serve as support. That dream is on hold for now.
  16. BUTT


    Oh, this is happening. It appears to be harkening back to the style of the original NES game and the first SNES one, while I strongly prefer the style of Adventure Island II and III.
  17. BUTT


    BUT(T), since Alan Moore seems like kind of a dick and the existence of this movie upsets him, I'm all for it.
  18. BUTT


    Yeah, I was going to give this a chance since all the fanboy hype at first seemed to be hailing it as the next Dark Knight. But this is like, well I don't want to say Schumacher's Batman, but the absolute cheesiest aspects of Burton's.
  19. More Than Just Butts: The Odyssey of SJK
  20. Nah, that was just me pasting my screen grab. I messed it up the first time so I had to do it again.