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  1. Might I suggest that the show's failure may have been owed in part to placing Ileana Douglas in a starring role? I'm sorry but that woman is OOGLY
  2. That someone is Les Moonves and he's the greatest programmer living today so shut your mouth. I don't even watch anything on CBS but I greatly admire the empire he's built. I don't know who was running CBS before him but dear God they ran out of steam in the early '90s. Ever look at the schedule he inherited during his first year, the fall season of 1995? Remember New York News, Courthouse, Dweebs, Central Park West, Almost Perfect, If Not For You, Bless This House? Holy crap was that a bad schedule. Has anyone here read Desperate Networks? It's full of all kinds of network exec crap and cool stories and such.
  3. Overexposing Millionaire was a smart move. That show was going to flame out anyway, so they made as much money from it as they could. Bringing back Joe Millionaire for a second season was one of the dumbest things a network has done this decade, and it bumped Boston Public to the Friday night death slot. I'll never forgive Fox for that.
  4. Well I have had no problem at all with Mr. Blissful's sig stretching my screen. Observe.
  5. BUTT

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    I'll have you know I stopped making Czech/Smiths jokes over a year ago.
  6. BUTT

    Pictures I Like

    You know her personally?
  7. Actually it was inspired by seeing topless pictures of Bob Geldof's skanky daughter last week. She's not too attractive, although leaps and bounds better than Winehouse. But who isn't?
  8. I'll never quite understand British women's nonchalantness towards going topless in public. They're every bit as boob-obsessed a culture as we are and yet go to any beach there and you see tits everywhere. God I was born in the wrong country.
  9. BUTT

    Our members have made 2,771,031 posts

    How does that make sense.
  10. BUTT

    Our members have made 2,771,031 posts

    And yet this post is #2853945
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    Personal Attacks on Jingus.

    Oh man, Bix is in that thread. I haven't seen him use the Verne Gagne situation to get himself over on message boards, so I think he's a little off his game.
  12. BUTT

    Personal Attacks on Jingus.

    Jingus passed up a chance to call someone a misogynist? It boggles the mind.
  13. BUTT

    2009 Oscar prediction contest

    Not Oscar-related, but I was just watching the Spirit Awards on IFC and the guy who played Coach Kevin Riley on Boston Public won for best director (The Visitor). That's just plain wacky.
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    Oh fuckin' fuck am I going to regret that post. All true, though. You can't choose what you dream!
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    I had a dream about TSM just last night. Take this for what it's worth, but I dreamed that Inc and Byron were hanging out in my basement talking about books or something and I came down after showering to get some clothes. For whatever reason I dropped my towel and Inc turned around so he didn't have to looked at my ass, but Byron kept facing me. Strangely, they didn't look how Inc and Byron actually look. Couple this with the dream I had a few years ago about Kotz making out with my college roommate and you better believe TSM has turned me into a latent very attractive in a way that I can't explain.
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    The mods can say whatever they want about you. If you don't like it, start your own board. SUCK MY DICK
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    I once asked him that and he said "I do not like the name." That answer would imply that he would like the system's name if it were called "W!!", which doesn't make much sense to me.
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    13 year old Father.

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    I only played the demo of Dead Rising on 360 and I found the giant swarm of enemies to be annoying, so the Wii's technical limitations could make this a better game, at least in my view. I enjoyed RE4 on Wii and this uses the same engine. Really, DR appeals to me as an action game set in a mall because I wanted to see one of those for years before Capcom actually made one. They took out photography, which would have been perfect for the Wii controller but taking pictures in games isn't any fun so whatever.
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    Your guilty pleasure of the moment

    I think that last picture is a fake.
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    Another Night in Chyna

  22. BUTT

    Vichy TSMers

    How would you like it if someone said "Man, that's so 30-year-old Floridian Schwimmer lookalike?" When you say "That's so ga.y," do you realize what you say? KNOCK IT OFF
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    Bah, it's on rails. FUCK DAT
  24. BUTT

    Sirius XM: Bankrupt?

    Czech, you know you're my e-bud and all, but one of these days you're going to have to learn that not everyone on this board is from Chicago.