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  1. Oh my fucking God. I hate to bring the Pit into this, but you have to see LessonInMachismo's take on Smackdown:


    "Another good show, though below the standard that was set in the last month, and not due to the overly exaggerated "Hell" comment. I mean, Orton's a heel, and in reality, there's just as much of a chance of Eddie being in Hell as his there is of him being in Heaven. Whatever."

  2. I thought that there was a CHANCE that Angle would beat Cena, and that it might be a good booking plan in order to rally the fans to get behind the Taboo tuesday concept (so that they could vote for Cena to get his rematch). But I would never be dumb enough to say that it was definitely going to happen. This JoeJoe gent's confidence failed him.