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  1. Tal Bachman- She's So High

    Duncan Sheik- Barely Breathing

    Fastball-The Way


    And to respond to BUTT, I think the aim is to balance nostalgia and quality. Nobody will be happy if Neutral Milk Hotel wins the damn thing and nobody will be happy if Vanilla Ice takes it all. It's all about finding a happy medium as with any of these tournaments and countdown lists. Nobody should get their panties in a knot over this, although someone certainly will.

    I would. Hard to Swallow is an album that's accessible to everyone.

  2. Twiztidmind is breaking unwritten all-you-can-eat-buffet rules. Don't think this won't matter in the other tournament.


    It is a good list, though, and captures what is, in my view, the spirit of the tournament very well.

    What exactly IS the spirit of the tournament? Are we voting for songs we like now or songs we liked when they came out? Is this just a nostalgia tournament? Because if I'm supposed to vote in character as The Ryan Of 1997 I'm pushing "Falling In Love (Is Hard on the Knees)" to the top 8 and nobody wants to see that.

  3. I didn't bust on the recent Miyamoto interview where he smugly declares how he'd rather make the type of games coming out on the Wii rather than more 'traditional' projects.

    So because he's designing games that sell millions instead of his Gamecube games which sold hundreds of thousands in his home country, that makes him arrogant? He has always designed games for the masses, but he hasn't always been so successful. Maybe he's just at a different point in his life. He's 56 now. He wants to make games for families. Wii Music is still bad, though.

  4. Any other tyrants need praising? We could go for four in a row! Say what you will about the land deals, but George W. Bush did a lot of good by building the Ballpark in Arlington.

    Don't you have some psycho bitches to lobby reinstatement for? Piss off.


  5. Tina now resides in jail for killing her 3 year old daughter

    That case itself is suspicious as hell, as her boyfriend was alone with the girl when she died, and admitted to the court that he had previously sodomized and hit the girl. But she got charged with murder because she didn't bring the child to the hospital fast enough, despite the fact that the kid was already dead when Tina found her.