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  1. I'm sure they'll talk to Bischoff and Watts. As for who works for WWE that worked for WCW, there's also JR, Teddy Long, HHH, Goldust, Duggan, Noble, Rey, Regal, Helms, Yang, Finlay, Dusty, Hayes, Malenko, Atlas, Rotunda, Charles Robinson, Scott Armstrong, and Mean Gene. They certainly have enough people. Don't be surprised if we also get the fabulous insight of outsiders like Steve Lombardi and JBL.

  2. Ffom one rumored survival horror remake to another...




    Keep in mind, the quote from the Capcom dude didn't necessarily say it would be a remake. It could be a sequel. Or it could be a cheap port like they did with RE1 and RE0 in Japan. Hopefully not. Since I've never played Code Veronica, I wouldn't mind a remake, but I'd rather have something new, OK?




    Ugh. Another on-rails shooter. Just what we all wanted.