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  1. If we're banning people for idiocy... http://forums.thesmartmarks.com/index.php?...30&start=30 Now if you don't want to read that awful thread, I can sum it up


    I don't know if Benoit is guilty of killing Nancy and Daniel


    Raceman Sposs is okay with me compared to this out of touch "professional wrestling expert"


    Yes, that stupid list... I almost axed him today but didn't want to face repercussions.


    People are just plain retarded now, posting comments that have warranted threads in general chatter then getting mad that I moved it. I think it's time to leave this town.



    That's his whole act, dude. I mean, check out this video:



    If Funkenstein gets banned, I'll quit this board. OTOH if YOU quit the board I'm lobbying to get your mod spot.

  2. Spaceman Ross isn't that bad. For some reason Venkman has a hard-on for him (not literally I hope!), but nobody would have noticed him if our wrestling mod hadn't made such a stink about him appropriating the "Spaceman" name. If you're gonna ban him out of all people, you're wasting your time.

  3. When JR used to open Raw by calling it an action-adventure show.

    I only remember Michael Cole doing that, and it was the once.


    "Welcome to the hottest action-adventure program/show on television."


    For some reason that particular show opening stuck with me. Probably because it sounded so stupid.

    You're right, it was Cole, and it was during the period when Ross was out with Bell's Palsy. I think they said it more than once.

  4. I remember back in 2000/01, around the time The Producers was the hot Broadway show, they did a skit on Heat where they interviewed people coming out of the theatre and asked them "what did you think of the big show?" and we were supposed to laugh because hey, that's a wrestler's name. I suppose I should just be impressed that they took such a comparatively highbrow route considering they could have done the same skit outside a Dick's Sporting Goods store, but I still don't know why they did it.

  5. That too. Czech is my buddy and I didn't want to undermine his power to act unilaterally, considering that he's the de facto leader of the board in most situations. If I'm not in his good graces, how am I ever going to work my way into a mod spot once CWM and Agent are ousted in the coup of the century?

  6. How did this beef between you and I start, EHME? I already told you it's my policy not to take a public stance on matters of bannings. Had I voted you back in it would have violated that policy and the whole natural order of TSM would have been disrupted. Besides which, you won. No need to complain.

  7. This is a long one, but it will be worth it.


    Last season I ended this by going in great detail about meeting Kristin Davis. She was my favourite celebrity that I met last summer and this year that title goes to Hilary Duff.


    I had become a Hilary fan like many people my age and sex- I thought she was pretty hot and when I found out she was only 15 I was a bit surprised. After watching the So Yesterday video a 1,000 times and spending more time in the Lizzie McGuire Sears section then anyone really should- I become a fan of the girl. Her songs were fun to listen to and she was very nice to look at. And no- she is not f-t. Plus the Hilary v. Lindsay feud made reading In Touch and US Weekly a lot of fun. I of course supported Hilary a 100%. Then Come Clean came out and my love for Hilary intensified since that song kicks tons of ass. In fact- I’m listening to it right now.


    Discovering Lizzie McGuire made my love for Hilary intensify. Lizzie McGuire is one of those shows that I wish had aired when I was a kid- even though I probably would’ve laughed it off as a girly show and moved on. Here was a show for teens and pre-teens that actually accepted the fact that its audience (GASP!) might have a brain. While the storylines weren’t groundbreaking or super intelligent- the show was smart, fun and had many very well crafted episodes. This was a show that people could watch and relate to. The show had lessons but they really didn’t shove them down your throat- you picked them up as the episode went along. And no joke- the Gordo-Lizzie storyline was some of the most compelling TV I’ve seen. And people who say Hilary has no talent are full of shit- the girl has this ability to despite her fame and beauty- to come off like a regular teenager going through the same problems the audience is. The naivety and earnestness her character conveys made every episode a lot of fun to watch. Even though I was 19, and out of the demographic for the audience of the show, I could relate a lot to that show and a lot of the storylines really struck a chord with me and made me think.


    I hadn’t had the best of luck to start the summer. I had to deal with the death of my two dogs and worked at a job that I hated. Hilary helped me get through all that- her music always made me feel better and for a limited time gave me a positive outlook on life. And watching an episode of Lizzie always put a big smile on my face. Even though there were a lot of dark clouds circling in my life- Listening or watching her always helped brighten up my day- if only for a little bit.


    Hilary was my goal person to meet for the summer. I knew she had a movie coming out July 16th and I hoped she would do New York media appearances. One night while surfing her site I found out that Hilary would be doing Letterman on July 14th. I asked off for work that day and hoped another Letterman miracle would occur. I bought a card for her- I realised I wouldn’t be able to say everything I wanted to if I met her at a talk show- so I got a card and wrote her a letter basically saying everything in the above paragraph. That meaning her meant a lot to me and that she was always there to make me feel better. My goal was to meet her, give her the card and get an autograph. I would not be denied.


    Why Not

    Take a crazy chance

    Why Not

    Do a crazy dance


    I was ready on July 14th- I had my magazine in hand and I was hoping this would work out. I didn’t think Hilary was that big and figured not many people would be there. I had forgotten the rule I learned from Avril and the Olsens that applies to meeting jailbait:


    The problem with meeting teenage stars is that presumably they have just become famous and just starting to get hot. So they are starting to make media appearances for the first time and autograph collectors and dealers don’t have their autographs yet. And these people want their autographs and will not pass up the opportunity in the event the star’s celebrity flames out shortly after. (See the Olsens). So that means every collector and dealer will be there trying to get the autograph. And that’s unfortunately what happened with Hilary.


    Even though me and my friend got there around 1:30- there was already people there and pretty soon the place was packed. There were more people for her then Will Smith. That’s sad. There was also a family who brought their two kids. I don’t think they knew how much of a zoo Letterman can be. We waited all day in the hot hot hot sun. I passed the time by writing my card to Hilary that I hoped to give her. Finally Hilary’s car pulled up and she got out. She looked so beautiful and I instantly could not believe that Hilary Duff was right near me. Autograph collectors and dealers are assholes and if they don’t get their autograph then no one will. So they began shoving people and going crazy when Hilary came out. Understandably her bodyguard got a bit nervous and I would’ve too. He yelled that we lost our chance and Hilary ran inside. I don’t blame her at all. If three years ago I was watching people shove each other and go crazy just for my autograph, especially when most of these people were middle aged men who had never seen anything I’ve ever done, well then I would’ve ran in too.


    Let the rain fall down

    And wake my dreams

    Let it wash away

    My sanity


    I heard that rain was in the forecast for that day and I was worried since even though I had had one miracle in the rain- I don’t think Hilary Duff was the type to sign in pouring rain. After Hilary went in- the floodgates opened and the rain fell. Hard. In some weird way I was paying my dues to meet her I guess. We all sang Come Clean as the rain fell. It felt appropriate. The sun came out (Everybody’s waiting for a day in the sun) and I was sure Hilary would figure out our devotion, stay and sign and everything would be great.


    In a moment everything can change


    Hilary came out but she was in a rush and could only sign for a few people. I was not one of them. She got into her car and left, taking my dreams with her. I wasn’t too upset- I know there’s always a risk in your dreams not coming true and seeing her up close was AWESOME as she looked really good.


    I still wasn’t as upset as I should’ve been about missing Hilary. Seeing her up close was still keeping my spirits up but then I had to take the dreaded subway. The subway is famous for killing any good spirits you might have. I had nothing to read so I read my Teen People I brought for Hilary to sign. When I turned to that page with the A Cinderella Story ad- it started to sink in. I had failed. I was a loser. My mission was to go meet Hilary Duff and get her to sign something for me. I still had not met Hilary Duff and I still had not gotten anything signed. All I had to show for it was two metrocards.

    So I won't give up

    No I won't break down

    Sooner than it seems life turns around

    And I will be strong

    Even if it all goes wrong


    Hilary hadn’t left New York yet and I hadn’t given up. Thursday she was scheduled for appearances on Live with Regis and Kelly, a signing at Toys R US and TRL. Live was out due to it being on so early and it being too hit and miss. The signing at Toys R US was risky but maybe I could somehow meet her. I had no idea how to meet anyone on TRL. But I was determined to make this work.


    I got to Toys R US around 12 and waited for her to come in. I saw a long line of people who were going to meet her at a signing and instantly hated every single one of them. I waited around for a bit and saw her black car pull up. It went around the side and I followed suit. I saw it go in an open garage and Hilary got out. I didn’t run into the garage cause I didn’t want to die but we locked eyes and she waved to me. I waved back. So I had gotten a wave. But I still hadn’t given her my card and still hadn’t officially met her. Time to go into Toys R US to see what I could do.


    At Toys R US, Hilary and skater Tony Hawk were hosting some promotion for something called Video Now. Hilary would be presenting it, speaking for a few minutes and then going off to sign autographs for lucky bastards who had gotten tickets. I didn’t even know about this. But still- I wasn’t giving up. I went and got close to the front and waited a while to see Hilary and Hawk come out. They did and did nice little presentations. Hilary and I locked eyes again and again we waved at each other. Hilary then had to go leave to sign autographs- I tried to get her but there was too many people. So no card, no meeting- still just two waves. Toys R US had failed. I was leaving and noticed two collectors standing in line that I recognised. They were nice guys so I didn’t hate them like I do other collectors. I informed them of my sad plight and how all I had left was TRL. They were very helpful and told me where to go to meet people on TRL. They warned me it was very hard and probably not going to happen due to overzealous security but I wasn’t about to pass this up…


    Before I walk away

    and I blow the ending


    I went over to where TRL was and ran into some Hilary fans. Some I remembered from Letterman, others had told me about when they went to her hotel. I could’ve done all that but I think going to meet a 16 year old girl at her hotel is kind of creepy I didn’t want to come off like. I have no problem meeting celebrities at talk shows and other public events but a hotel is a different story.


    So anyway- I was at TRL and I was so nervous. I hadn’t eaten anything all day and I was really feeling the effects. My stomach was queasy and I was on edge. If I ate something I would probably have a hard time swallowing it. I was hanging around talking about TRL and I learned that the cops usually make us wait across the street and then when the celeb comes in- it’s a free for all. This was not looking very good but I had faith. I prayed to God and hoped a miracle would occur.


    Hilary’s security guard came up to us and told us to wait up against a wall and if we were calm, Hilary would be nice and she’d sign for us. We all went up against the wall and I felt a tinge of optimism. Then the cops came and I felt pessimistic again as they told us to go across the street. We informed them what Hilary’s guard said and they were cool with that. We would wait against a wall, Hilary would come by and if she wanted to sign- she would.


    As each minute passed, Hilary’s arrival became closer and much more anticipated. Her bodyguard once again told us to behave and act calm and things should be fine. Don’t shove or shriek- if we give them no reason to be worried- she has no reason to not be nice. I told the girls next to me just to be calm when Hilary arrived and they can freak out as much as they want if they meet her. My heart was beating so fast at that moment- I felt like I was watching a Game 7. And I don’t like Game 7s. Right before Hilary came in her guard noticed some collectors/dealers who had been at her hotel a lot and had harassed Hilary and her mom in an attempt to get signatures and pictures. He ordered them to leave and said if they didn’t he would pull Hilary right in. And there was my caveat- I knew something had to come and screw it up. I think the collectors knew we would kill them if they stayed and by a miracle of God- they left. Everything was in motion. We had done everything they asked. All we had to do was wait.


    I can't wait for the world to spin

    I can't wait to be happenin

    Ooh, What's it gonna take


    I can't wait for the time to come

    When I'll be shining like the sun

    I can't wait (I can't wait)


    Hilary showed up looking as beautiful as ever. I was towards the end of the line so I had to wait while people got their autographs. I kept waiting someone to screw it up. Someone to shove someone, someone to get pushy- these were autograph collectors and dealers. They were not known for being well-adjusted people. I asked the cop if Hilary would sign and he said yes. Don’t screw it up.


    Then the moment occurred. Hilary Duff approached me as I stood up against a wall. I asked her to please sign for me. She said sure and I said “Thank you so much. This means a lot to me.” She smiled back and then I remembered my card. I said “Hilary- I wrote you this card and I really want you to have it.” A big smile came across her face and her eyes lit up. She thanked me and took the card. My two goals had been set. She kept signing but no one seemed to talk to her. So I kept talking to her. I told her how I enjoyed Lizzie McGuire and mentioned how I love her singing and how I looked forward to seeing A Cinderella Story. I don’t remember exactly what I said but she kept smiling at me and thanking me for being a great fan. Her bodyguard was trying to pressure into going in but Hilary refused as she said she wanted to and was going to sign for everyone. I thanked her for being such a nice person and again- she smiled at me and acted like it was nothing. I watched Hilary make a few more fans dreams come true and then she went into TRL.


    I ran down the street in happiness. I kept saying, “I met Hilary Duff. I met Hilary Duff.” I called everyone I could and one of my messages ended up being saved on a friend’s voicemail for a long time because I was so happy and excited. Is it sad that I needed to meet a 16-year-old pop star/actress to turn my summer around? Maybe. But I don’t care. I met Hilary Duff- it took me a long time, I endured all different kinds of weather, all different kinds of heartbreak and nervousness but in the end I got to give her my card and Hilary got to know how her work deeply touched one of her fans. On July 15th- Hilary made one man’s day and more importantly- she helped give me a positive outlook on life and made me realise that dreams can come true. That subway ride back home- was a lot easier this day. I mean- I met and talked to Hilary Duff.


    Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?

    I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright

    When i see you smiling, I go

    oh oh oh

    I would never want to miss this

    Cuz in my heart I know what this is


    Hey now

    Hey now

    This is what dreams are made of

    Hey now

    Hey now

    This is what dreams are made of

    I've got somewhere I belong

    I've got somebody to love

    This is what dreams are made of