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  1. Sometimes you get the distinct feeling that you missed something. (Willy Aybar was like that for me.)


    Thank you. I even went so far as to use the search engine to try and figure out the origin of this joke, but to no avail. So, at long last, someone please explain to me what the deal is with Willy Aybar and why his name is in the subtitle of almost every thread in the sports folder.

    I was going to say exactly this.

  2. That post always perplexed me. 8-year-old girls dating 18-year-old guys? That doesn't happen outside of the Middle East.


    Anyway, the ultimate in TSM rants:




    I'm tired of this thread, which says a lot because I wasn't actually involved in this banning.


    You people need to fucking grow up and get on with your lives. An e-personality was restricted access from a message board that you have no power on, and you're throwing a shit fit, for some reason. This is sad for a lot of reasons, and all you really have to do, you putrid piles of shit, is look in the mirror to figure them out.


    Couple things.


    1.) Kotz was not made a mod as a joke, and if he was, he would have been cut when I cut the majority of the useless mod staff. He was kept on because he does a good job, and if you think for one minute that he doesn't, you're a fucking idiot who's probably illiterate.


    2.) On the subject of illiteracy... Kotz didn't ban Mike. HTQ did. So, the whole "THE MOD AS A JOKE IS THROWING POWER AROUND" schtick doesn't really work here, and you need to shut the fuck up.


    3.) The cost of the most recent server upgrade and maintenance exceeds your weekly allowance (I believe the hardware upgrades were in the range of $1,000 to $2,000, and a monthly cost of $100), and thus when it comes to the decision making, you have no say when we want you to have no say. Period. Deal with it. Feel lucky that this thread actually got to last 15 of the most painstakingly awful pages I have ever seen in my history as part of this message board, and that includes a great deal of posts from a great deal of idiots.


    4.) MikeSC was a cancer to this board, and if you don't think so, you probably need to be slapped in the fucking face with a taste of reality, because you're so deluded that common sense is the most foreign concept you've ever experienced. Never, ever in my entire history of modding messageboards have I seen one person cause so much strife and bullshit and get away with it.


    5.) Quit crying for Dr. Tom. He's not going to bring your "BRINGER OF THOUGHT" back because he doesn't give a shit. I'm sorry to have to break it to you that way, but that's that reality thing again. I'm afraid you are all going to have to exist on your own, without Mike feeding you every conservative thought imaginable. You'll live, I'm sure, you crazy impressionable youngsters you.


    Finally, get the fuck over it. You are all above the age of 12, I hope, so this is not the nefarious mindcrime you would have everyone believe it is. You will all go on your merry way, and this stupid bullshit will blow over like it always does, so quit your fucking crying and go outside or something. Oh by the way... Just to throw some food for thought. INXS was also banned, but oddly enough... that got ignored. Surprise.


    I'm going to lock this thread now, because it offends the hell out of me, and proves everyone who's ever said anything bad about TSM right, because of how stupid you all are acting.


    If you've got a problem with that, I honestly don't give a fuck.


    Get a fucking grip, you pieces of shit.



  3. I just remembered that I once started a thread about early 2004 one hit wonder Eamon and his hit "Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)." I still have a little bit of affection for that song, awful as it was, but I'm not proud of posting about it here. I only ever really cared about it because I knew a dude named Eamon at the time. That guy, Eamon (the singer, not the guy I knew) used to claim his genre of music was called "ho-wop." HO-WOP! What's that?

  4. Spaceman Ross isn't so bad.

    Evidence to the contrary from tonight's Raw thread:

    Oh Jesus....


    I'm smoking some nugs right now and I've done none of those things. In fact, if anyone tried to draw on me, I'd shove a leaking 9 volt battery up their urethra.

    ...what? Don't bother looking up the post itself, hoping that the context of the prior posts will help things make sense. Everyone's just talking about the Edge/Cena match, and BANG our young Spaceman hits that outta nowhere. Usually I can make out what someone is trying to say, the general gist of their communication, no matter how poorly it's stated. But this?

    Reference to an anti-weed commercial.