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    New info and gameplay details: http://www.variety.com/article/VR111797601...d=1009&cs=1 "World Exclusive" feature coming up in the next issue of that POS-shill-mag-Gamestop-gives-away-with-their-discount-card: Since everything known so far seems to make the game look out to be a pretty shameless cop on Gears of War, it may be just an ok title with familiar gameplay, but lots of money is being poured into it.
  2. AndrewTS

    Sucker Punch's Infamous

    http://ps3.ign.com/articles/940/940036p1.html As a huge fan of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Crackdown, I've been looking forward to this year's Prototype and this title. Two comments: 1. This is one of the titles that makes a PS3 look like a very tempting purchase for me. 2. F*** KILLZONE 2!
  3. AndrewTS

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    There are action figures out with , so...yeah... Fuck this movie.
  4. AndrewTS

    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

    No, this is not a hoax. It's an actual crossover game (supposedly they're shooting for a T rating and little blood/no gore) featuring a sagging franchise desperately trying to be relevant...and...another sagging franchise desperately trying to be relevant but failing except for Batman. However, still--Unreal 3 engine! It should look good at least (in a gritty Gears of War way). Official site (just a splash screen for now) : http://worldscollide.com/ Anya is relishing the meltdown currently going on amongst diehard MK faithful.
  5. AndrewTS

    South Park Season 13

    This. If I had any idea why they hate Kanye West so much, I might've laughed, but I don't, so I didn't. And aren't we long past the born-on date for "Carlos Mencia steals jokes and isn't funny"? now? I thought even Joe Rogan was over that.
  6. AndrewTS

    South Park Season 13

    So you guys loved tonight's ep that much huh? Pretty much meh except for Cartman's fantasies.
  7. AndrewTS

    South Park Season 13

    I thought the Margaritaville was a fake product. I guess I should know better by now, but yeah--it's for real. I saw one for almost 300 bucks today.
  8. AndrewTS

    What will be the worst movie of 2009?

    Yes he did. Neither were WWE films, though. Plus, if you see a movie because John Cena is in it, you should kill yourself. Rundown starred Christopher Walken, the Rock, and the Rock punching Stifler in the face. Big difference.
  9. AndrewTS

    Old School Videogame Quiz

    , and I'm with you there. I tried to no avail. I remembered that often would be shown with the !, though. The people who missed obviously missed the new AVGN. I heard of it before, sure, but I didn't have to think of it. Huge props to everyone who did way better than me. Congrats, you're either older geeks than me or just way, way bigger geeks than me!
  10. AndrewTS

    Old School Videogame Quiz

    22/30. I hadn't seen before, I was blanking on because I always confuse it for Balloon Fight, I kept guessing the wrong name for , 's graphics are all way too abstract for me to remember, having only played them a few times on comps. I blanked on the name, and that seems like a really shitty screen shot for . I couldn't tell what the hell I was looking at.
  11. AndrewTS

    GDC 2009

    Remember like 2 games ago supposedly we'd seen the last Kojima MGS? Yeah... I'd rather hear of a new ZotE, but whatever. I suspect Kojima's bosses would boil his balls in oil if this were another PS3 exclusive.
  12. AndrewTS

    GDC 2009

    DS, at least according to the trailer. I wouldn't be shocked if they made it DSi-only to hock the new hardware, though.
  13. AndrewTS

    GDC 2009

    http://www.joystiq.com/2009/03/25/gdc09-wa...acks-in-action/ Trailer for the new DS Zelda. They got rid of the faggy green tights. So far so good! Now they need to make sure that there's no sailing, and that he fights a giant spider in the 3rd dungeon.
  14. AndrewTS

    Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

    I wasn't being a smartass (I think Mega Drive is a better name anyway, and don't care for American football either), I was just remarking how is Genesis is pretty much an "only in America/Canada" thing. And yeah, Sega is actually taking the cynical marketing ploy of sticking Sonic's name on a compilation, of which there is like 40 other games that have nothing to do with him. The 1up Retronauts podcast where the producer was interviewed made it clear they were aiming for the value-conscious Wal-Mart consumer, and was looking to sell on the number of games + nostalgia + if it works, Sonic. They cut out Shadow Dancer because of some crap with Germany having it being banned or something.
  15. AndrewTS


    Yes. I still like my DS and I'm open to get a Wii again later. Hell, I've currently got my fourth Gamecube after a series of buying progressively cheaper ones, running out of games, selling them, re-acquiring, etc. I just really, really hate the direction the company has been moving in for the Wii. Also, GDC is more than just Nintendo, anyway. Still, as mentioned, SD card support should have been available Day 1 of WiiWare being available, especially since stuff worth buying is coming out more often. Plus, I look forward/dread when WayForward announces a new Shantae, as I probably won't have the hardware to play it (I worry it may be DSi or WiiWare).
  16. AndrewTS

    Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

    Basically, if your idea of "football" is played with round balls then you call it a Megadrive, but otherwise it's a collection of Sega Genesis games.
  17. AndrewTS


    For right now at least the Wii has access to respectable amounts of storage and will be able to d/l arcade games. Welcome to 2007, Nintendo! We've been waiting for you to catch up! Link's on a Train should probably interest me more than it does, but anytime I that cel-shaded Link in a game outside of Brawl, I've found I have not had fun playing his new game.
  18. Ok, imagine you're Ubisoft. You have this TMNT license (which in the right hands is bleepin' golden). You enlist the creative efforts of some Team Ninja ex-staffers (known for 2 of the greatest action games ever, and a decent fighter series starring giant breasts), and GameArts (best known for RPGs like the Lunar games, and recently ninja-developing Smash Bros Brawl.) to work on your new game. Do you make: a) A turn-based RPG featuring over the top gore and giant breasts? b) A wicked 3D action game with co-op multiplayer and gorgeous art design? c) A one-on-one 3D fighter with many anime overtones (with giant breasts)? d) A lame ass Smash Bros clone. On the Wii. e) If you prefer any other option than b and *maybe* a, I want to punch you in the fucking face. Well, if you're Ubisoft, you picked d. Meaning there's an Ubi exec somewhere I want to pu--nay, take a hockey stick to. http://kotaku.com/5107095/ex+team-ninja-an...fighter-for-wii (pause for laughter on the online play) Maybe I'm missing the logic, but I fail to see why the TN guys would be well utilized at all. I mean, they worked in a fighting game series, but we know the primary reason(s) for its success (it has nice gameplay, of course). Also, when has a TMNT fighter been anything more than a above-mediocre concept for a game? Tournament Fighters was ok, but that was a long time ago when any TMNT game would sell. Mutant Melee was garbage: http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/...tmntmutantmelee Also, I thought we've gotten to the point where developers should realize that cloning Smash Bros does not a hit game make. See: Dream Mix TV, Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble, Evangelion Battle Orchestra, or any number of other half-assed ripoffs. After the conceptually-solid but buggy mess that was the TMNT console game (and the awesomeness of the GBA title), I'd have hoped if anyone would go back to this well they'd realize a well-crafted action/beat 'em up game from experienced developers would be the way to go. (also, to fill my quota: Fuck Nintendo and the Wii)
  19. AndrewTS


    Yeah, we need Rabbi Uppercuttawitz and Pope-A-Dope. Also, pay Capcom whatever they want to get Sheva as a ring girl in her tribal gear, shaking a spear.
  20. AndrewTS

    Marvel Animation

    Hulk Vs. is awesome if only for Deadpool. Freakin' hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt2UM5jNgAU Also, somehow I missed this Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon back when it originally aired, but now I'm getting to see it and it's pretty damn good (GREG ****ING WEISMAN!!!).
  21. I'm prone to Nuking the Fridge, myself.
  22. AndrewTS


    Um, there's a trailer for the new Punch-Out , on sites where they have trailers for games. So if your computer happens to be on and you know where to go, and you have a few minutes, it wouldn't kill you to watch it. At least for a little while. So, yeah.
  23. AndrewTS

    Teenage Mutant Team Ninja Turtles Bros Brawl

    Marketable!! I hadn't actually considered that route. Granted, it is done more and more frequently, it seems.
  24. AndrewTS

    Let the music set the mood...

    Speaking of Yuzo Koshiro, I recently played through Actraiser, and I ran across these tracks on Youtube... Actraiser Symphonic Suite - "The Beast Appears" and "Formidable Foe, Satan" Some guitar versions: a kick ass Medley
  25. AndrewTS