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  1. AndrewTS

    21 States Claiming Sovereignty

    Who else clicked and expected it to be all overwhelmingly "red states"?
  2. AndrewTS

    Comic Chatter

    http://mightygodking.com/index.php/i-dont-...your-civil-war/ JJ: I bet Spider-Man made that woman cry!
  3. AndrewTS

    Batman: Akham Asylum

    Joystiq preview: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/02/02/joystiq-...-arkham-asylum/ Also, Arleen Sorkin confirmed for the voice cast--yes, Harley Quinn. Although based on the trailer, it doesn't look like Bob Hastings' Gordon made it.
  4. AndrewTS

    Worst Presidential Candidates

    I don't agree with this. First off, Palin was doing the attacking (usually the VP pick's job anyway), the campaign always *stopped short* of actually making their point with it (that he was a radical black militant and possibly a terrorist sympathizer)--and that point was utterly ridiculous anyway, and lastly, the weeks leading up to the election the voters wanted to hear about only one thing: what will you do about the economy? The "fundamentals" comment really killed, him, and the spin control was terrible ("I meant the American worker!"). Now it's being parodied for freakin' Wendy's ads, for crying out loud. The Palin rallies and even the Republican convention were just terrifying. It really made the R base look like ignorant bigots and racists. I also remember them all but wheeling a golden idol of Reagan and worshipping it.
  5. AndrewTS

    OAO Anime/Manga Thread

    Would be interesting to see Detective Conan not have shitty animation. The biz isn't so kind to self-contained episodes/storylines, however Gainax is particularly guilty. They're pretty much synonymous with mind-screw endings. Remember, true art is angsty, and sometimes ya gotta kill 'em all.
  6. AndrewTS

    Tax raises?

    He said many times he'd roll back the Bush tax cuts for those making 200K + to Clinton-era levels.
  7. AndrewTS

    Xbox 360

    Shame that the gameplay is pretty limited, and the story and dialogue are somewhat irritating. Do not play it with English dub, should you try it.
  8. AndrewTS

    Barack Obama's Inauguration

    His face and figure is perfect for it, though!
  9. http://kotaku.com/5133478/sonic--the-black...-rock-tradition Apparently he's joined forces with an elven mage. Or a Hylian. Whatever. Gameplay looks to move fast at least, and we don't really see any familiar old crap friends right now. Sonic Cycle continues!
  10. AndrewTS

    I need to vent about Sarah Palin.

    That, her liking guns, and possessin' good ol' Christian family values is basically what the R's wanted you to take away about her. She's like one of those blond, identical looking Stepford Republicans that Fox News uses as anchors and occasionally pundits. It's funny how she whines about those "losers in their parents' basement" writing LIES AND SLANDER on blogs about her, when she really owes her time on the national stage to a blogger pushing the McCain camp to pick her. Although she makes a good point. It's not like there were lies and slanders published about Oba--oh, right. There were. And they created a website dedicated to refuting them, while Palin repeated lies like "I stopped the Bridge to Nowhere" ad nauseum. Classy.
  11. AndrewTS

    Xbox 360

    I didn't really like FPS games much either at the time. A combination of Bioshock and Metroid Prime changed that.
  12. AndrewTS

    Xbox 360

    Also, Square gets to prep bonus content to add to the game *after* the English release so they can make an International edition to sell back to Japan. Does she like story-based FPSes? Because I can think of few experiences that are going to beat Bioshock in that regard.
  13. AndrewTS

    Thoth's untitled video game show Episode 1

    Classy crowd here at TSM.
  14. AndrewTS

    Peace out EGM

  15. AndrewTS

    Thoth's untitled video game show Episode 1

    *Fists the Time Crisis 4 machine* "WHERE'S THE GUN?!?!" Cruisin' USA! "I don't think he can hear my joystick!" (I'm a joypad player myself, sue me. I'm not any good either, though.) Liked Odin Sphere; too bad about the dullness of the planting. I think it's the closest to a new real Mana game that we're going to get.
  16. AndrewTS

    The OAO Strategy RPG Game Thread

    I heard it took out the English dubbing, which was too bad because it appeared to be hilariously awful.
  17. AndrewTS

    Peace out EGM

    Because some magazines have exclusive previews/info that are available before they hit the internet. That's why sometimes the first time a story breaks it may be somebody uploading the info (and sometimes scans) from mags like Famitsu, Nintendo Power, etc on NeoGAF that a subscriber got. Unfortunately, that is mainly for Game Informer. =/
  18. AndrewTS

    The OAO Vs. Fighting Game Thread

    On MK--make sure to use a 6-button pad, and remember that the moves aren't SF-style. It seems that the tap-tap motions are working fine for you. So when you see a move that's like "down, toward" do the same. Or maybe even use down-toward (it works for the new games at least!). I've never played the Saturn fighter, but had played a few of the beat 'em ups. There's actually a Beats of Rage-derived pair of beat 'em ups that are actually pretty good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITf5ldVroR0 (gameplay begins at like 5 1/2 minutes).
  19. AndrewTS

    Peace out EGM

    I don't think anyone read NP for their unbiased coverage. It's always been their maps, strats, cheat guides, etc. that were worthwhile.
  20. AndrewTS

    Thoth's yet untitled video game show

    "A man shamelessly riding on Yahtzee's coattails!" LOL I'm guessing he thinks your face is a little cherubic. To this day I picture you as a green fire elemental, though.
  21. AndrewTS

    Let the music set the mood...

    I bought the soundtrack for Shadow of the Colossus (after "making" my own, I still wanted an official one). The best part is how it changes with the actual events in the game. Getting a good stab in and having the music suddenly change often gives me chills. The Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core soundtrack is also really good. While the FFVII soundtrack has its detractors, the worst part about it was how sounded relatively assy compared to what it should have been. CC remixes everything and it sounds marvelous. There's a medley that includes the overworld themes that are just great stuff.
  22. AndrewTS

    Peace out EGM

    At least I have a free subscription to EGM so I'm not out any money. Who reads UGO anyway? Seriously?
  23. AndrewTS

    Wolverine and the X-Men on Nicktoons Network

    What? I just stated it wasn't first.
  24. AndrewTS

    Wolverine and the X-Men on Nicktoons Network

    The 90s one on Fox? Because there were others first.