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  1. Pretty much meh except for Cartman's fantasies.

    This. If I had any idea why they hate Kanye West so much, I might've laughed, but I don't, so I didn't. And aren't we long past the born-on date for "Carlos Mencia steals jokes and isn't funny"? now?


    I thought even Joe Rogan was over that.

  2. 18/30


    I can't even remember what the game was called on there, but I knew it as





    , and I'm with you there. I tried

    Breakout, Breakout!, Break Out, and Break Out!

    to no avail. I remembered that


    often would be shown with the !, though.


    The people who missed


    obviously missed the new AVGN. I heard of it before, sure, but I didn't have to think of it.


    Huge props to everyone who did way better than me. Congrats, you're either older geeks than me or just way, way bigger geeks than me!

  3. 22/30.


    I hadn't seen


    before, I was blanking on


    because I always confuse it for Balloon Fight, I kept guessing the wrong name for

    Moon Patrol


    Missile Command, Centipede, and Defender

    's graphics are all way too abstract for me to remember, having only played them a few times on comps.


    I blanked on the name, and that seems like a really shitty screen shot for


    . I couldn't tell what the hell I was looking at.

  4. Remember like 2 games ago supposedly we'd seen the last Kojima MGS? Yeah...


    I'd rather hear of a new ZotE, but whatever.


    I suspect Kojima's bosses would boil his balls in oil if this were another PS3 exclusive.

  5. Something I just thought of, did they specify if the new Zelda is going to be DS or DSi? Because sure I'd upgrade to the DSi for Zelda, but I'd rather not have to.


    DS, at least according to the trailer.


    I wouldn't be shocked if they made it DSi-only to hock the new hardware, though.

  6. Yeah, in England where we're obviously 20 years behind the times. But I know what a Sega Genesis is. I just didn't know why your version has Sonic in the title.


    I wasn't being a smartass (I think Mega Drive is a better name anyway, and don't care for American football either), I was just remarking how is Genesis is pretty much an "only in America/Canada" thing. And yeah, Sega is actually taking the cynical marketing ploy of sticking Sonic's name on a compilation, of which there is like 40 other games that have nothing to do with him. The 1up Retronauts podcast where the producer was interviewed made it clear they were aiming for the value-conscious Wal-Mart consumer, and was looking to sell on the number of games + nostalgia + if it works, Sonic.


    They cut out Shadow Dancer because of some crap with Germany having it being banned or something.

  7. Ah you reading the GDC reports too, Andrew?


    Yes. I still like my DS and I'm open to get a Wii again later. Hell, I've currently got my fourth Gamecube after a series of buying progressively cheaper ones, running out of games, selling them, re-acquiring, etc. I just really, really hate the direction the company has been moving in for the Wii.


    Also, GDC is more than just Nintendo, anyway.


    Still, as mentioned, SD card support should have been available Day 1 of WiiWare being available, especially since stuff worth buying is coming out more often.


    Plus, I look forward/dread when WayForward announces a new Shantae, as I probably won't have the hardware to play it (I worry it may be DSi or WiiWare).

  8. For right now at least the Wii has access to respectable amounts of storage and will be able to d/l arcade games. Welcome to 2007, Nintendo! We've been waiting for you to catch up!


    Link's on a Train should probably interest me more than it does, but anytime I that cel-shaded Link in a game outside of Brawl, I've found I have not had fun playing his new game.

  9. Um, there's a trailer for the new Punch-Out , on sites where they have trailers for games. So if your computer happens to be on and you know where to go, and you have a few minutes, it wouldn't kill you to watch it. At least for a little while.


    So, yeah.